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Sparks are a race that are born with the sole reason to fill a vampire's appetite. Once a vampire tastes their blood, they are immediately bound. Sparks are look down by humans. The vampires, they're as valued as refrigerators.

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"Hey, my names Saitou, yours?" Gabrielle looked up at him with an almost smile "Gabrielle Hart" She tilted her neck up to show her collar just in-case he happened to not notice it. "Can I tell you one of the other Sparks names or something?" She tolled her eyes and looked away from him. She fought not to lock her eyes back to his, even though that was all she really wanted to do. She checked him out her ice blue eyes lingering on his. She felt a flame burst to life in her chest her eyes widened slightly, before she composed her face. She moved closer to him "How can I help you Vampy." Her tone was cold but her heart was pounding against her ribs.