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Sparks are a race that are born with the sole reason to fill a vampire's appetite. Once a vampire tastes their blood, they are immediately bound. Sparks are look down by humans. The vampires, they're as valued as refrigerators.

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Merecedes Cordova

"Um not really." Sadie looked up at Kyle. He was looking off to the side and looked like he was remembering something or maybe he was just trying to ignore her. She noticed him rubbing his shoulder, and she wondred if it was just habit, a subconscious action, or he was hurt from something. "I was taught to be a gentlemen in front of a vampire and show respect to them. I'm sorry if it was a shock, but this was how i was raised." She was taken a little aback, now she knew how cold the black collars really were. She wondered why the Sparks would be taught so harshly.
She remembered that she always got want most of what she wanted, though her parents and their friends didn't always approve of some of the choices she had made. She messed with the edge of her seeve, she had been grounded for several months when she had come home with the tattoo, and yelled at with no end because of it. But they came around and ended her punishment early.
She looked at his eyes and noticed they were still cold, like before, but they were also angry, had she made him angry? she didn't intend to, she just wanted to get to know him a little, before she made her decision. Then she noticed they also had a hint of sadness behind them. She wondered where that sadness came from.
"It's not that shocking, just....unexpected."She didn't know how to continue, she chewed on her lip a little, her fangs sliding along her lip. "I just didn't remember......" She thought back to the Sparks that her parents always kept, they were left to roam by themselves, aslong as they were there when they were needed her parents let them be. It seemed like a lonley way to live to her.