Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self

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You are classified as insane, mentally unstable, a danger to society. They have no idea...

Character Portrait: Isaac Crowley A student with the Alter known as "The Trickster"
Character Portrait: October Mayfair A normal young woman with a very abnormal sleep issue.
Character Portrait: Matthew Todd A scruffy young man with the Alter Syde the Nightmare Muse.
Character Portrait: Darius Nevv A kid containing the Alter "Possibility".
Character Portrait: Mabel Winchester An unsuccessful journalist with the Alter "Buster-chan", a very successful buster.
Character Portrait: Bruce Lawson A soldier-turned-loser with an Alter known as "The Drifter".
Character Portrait: Amy Williams A terribly shy girl whose best friend is her Alter, Madame Rose
Character Portrait: Don Treader A timid guy with a dangerous alter
Character Portrait: Roth Lee Adrenaline, Sex, Chocolate...Go nuts!
Character Portrait: Izack Daneils [quote]The ultimate game of cat and mouse has just began[/quote]The worlds finest cop with the alter of the worlds finest serial killer
Character Portrait: Roric Crane A young buisness man with the Alter known as "The Unyielding Force"
Character Portrait: Moriko Tanaka (Mori)"I want to be something that has to do with the law, so I'll study hard. That's all I have to do!" A smart girl her Alter is known simply as "Mana"
Character Portrait: Haruka Kiseki "Again untill you get it right." A martial arts teacher who's alter is known as "Bells." A very ruthless killer only once beaten in a fight, by one of her students Alters, Mana.