Modern Day FantasyAmy Williams

A terribly shy girl whose best friend is her Alter, Madame Rose

a character in “Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self”, as played by Queen of Ice

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Normal Side's Name: Amy Williams
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearence: Image
Profession: Student
Personality: Often referred to as the shyest girl in school, she doesn't talk to anyone. She would be very nice... if she actually ever interacted with anyone. Even though her pink hair suggests she might be a little more outgoing, she's been known simply to run away from stressful social situations.
Bio: Amy was so used to being alone, she was quick to discover the presence of her Alter when it emerged at age 15; the feeling of solitude she had embraced for so long was suddenly disrupted. Though she tells herself that what her alter does is horrible, she can't help but secretly love and admire her for both having the braveness she lacks and making her feel less alone. She became quite content to be friendless at school once she found out about her Alter, and she sometimes attempts to talk to her as though she were just a little friend living inside her.

Alter's Name: Madame Rose
Gender: Still female
Appearence: Image
Abilities: Rose is not only a perfect shot with her signiture gun, "Thorn", but is also a powerful psychic. She can use telekinesis and also levitate. She cannot levitate more than about 10 feet, however.
Side: Nemesis
Personality: Rose is basically the opposite of Amy- where Amy is quiet, withdrawn, and conservative, Rose is loud and outgoing. Rose comes off more as someone you might like to hang out with rather than a ruthless killer. She's really very kind... unless of course she wants to kill you.
Bio: Within a few days after Rose emerged within Amy, she began to find little notes attached to the door addressed to "Whoever you are". At first she ignored them, but soon she became interested in the other girl. She read through her diaries and began to take the notes down as a sign that she ahd indeed gotten them. And as time went on, the tone of the notes became happier and happier. The sad and lonely girl had found a friend in Rose. Seeing how much happier she'd made Amy, Rose came to believe everyone deserved an Alter. There were so many miserable people... if they just had an Alter, maybe it could help them like she had helped Amy. With this reasoning she joined Nemesis, sure she would make the world a better place.
Theme Song: "Are You Satisfied?" by Marina and the Diamonds

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