Modern Day FantasyDarius Nevv

A kid containing the Alter "Possibility".

a character in “Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self”, as played by Souseiki

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Normal Side's Name: Darius Nevv
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Profession: Student
Darius wouldn't be the guy you'd see quick to befriending other people. And no, he's not antisocial either. His personality is one to be cautious around mostly everyone he hasn't met or been introduced to before, so in other words he won't have anything to do with you unless the couple friends around him are friends with you. He's the kind to only accept others when others first reach out a hand. However, when he does know you and registers you as an ally, he's often described as more of a child. His mood changes sometimes constantly though, but he's gullible more than anything.

A year ago, or when Darius was turning 15, he found that every once in a while he would wake up in a random time of the day and find his outfits often dirtied with some red substance. In fact, those times he always ended up lying around places he sometimes never knew or went to. These abnormal happenings continued for a month, before a slight change on the mental side. You see, it was a voice. Fearing for his sanity, Darius made an attempt to pay a visit to the local doctor, but that attempt brought forth a member of Aegis. And upon hearing his explanation, he played along and joined for lack of other choice.


Alter's Name: Markus, the changer of 'Possibility'
Gender: Male
Probability manipulation. The power to cause unlikely things to happen or likely things to not happen. Because this ability has many ways to overpower other beings, Marcus himself imposed 'rules', to say, in order for it to work: Marcus must insert a 'program' into the possibility, meaning he must create a plausible way for any impossibility/possibilities to work in reality. Because of that, the event must have happened before. For every time he uses this ability, direct the movement of the object with his own hands, for example if a car was to fall from the sky, he'd have to work a downwards motion with his arm indicating where it should land and to fall for how long. He himself can imagine scenarios in times even before an encounter of any kind, but his directing must be done at the moment of use. Markus' ability doesn't include people causing the improbabilities, but rather inanimate objects.
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Side: Aegis
Markus is rather a lazy person of nature, he uses old programs he thought of before and keeps it to use no matter how many times it is. He doesn't appreciate wearing himself out, so when he confronts others to kill he won't be the murderer standing in front of you as the last person you see. At most, he'd be on the roof of whatever building it is. Markus finds it tiring when people insult him for anything, and knowing the truth he'd sigh and simply walk away. Towards Darius, he perceives him as kind of like a little brother, and helps him when Darius needs it.

The first time Markus appeared was the eve of Darius' 15th birthday. He killed mostly to view the limits of his power and how to contain it, as well as for money for Darius' crumbling standing.

Theme Song: Crystal Skies - Exotec

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