Modern Day FantasyHaruka Kiseki

"Again untill you get it right." A martial arts teacher who's alter is known as "Bells." A very ruthless killer only once beaten in a fight, by one of her students Alters, Mana.

a character in “Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self”, as played by Evil But Cute

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Normal Side's Name:Haruka Kiseki
Appearence: Image
Profession: A martial arts teacher as well as kendo and Kyudo.
Personality: Haruka is a very composed person, never showing much emotion show. She's mysterious to put it simply.
Bio:Haruka is the teacher at a martial arts/kendo/kyudo school she owns, one of her students is Moriko Tanaka. Having helped Moriko a few times after she was beaten by her parents letting her stay over a night or two. She seems very dedicated to her work and her own martial arts studies. Not much else is known about her like where she came from or much of anything else.

Alter's Name: Bells
Gender: Female
Appearence: Image
Abilities: Controlling sound at high frequencies to cause various proublems with the enviorment or enemy.
Side: Nemesis
Personality:Bells, is simply put insane. She only wants to see blood, she wants to hear the screams of her victims the sound of it giving her pleasure.
Bio:Bells was born from Haruka's darker side, loving to see and hear the pain of others. A acomplished fighter just like her other self. She has never been beaten in a fight, except by Mana. Who she doesn't know is Moriko.
Theme Song: Gackt "Jesus"


Duffel bag filled with
Change of clothes and bottled water
Katana disguised as a practice sword.
Golden bells (Two). (They double as a weapon because the thin metal thread almost impposiable to snap unless you know the trick.

So begins...

Haruka Kiseki's Story