Modern Day FantasyIzack Daneils

[quote]The ultimate game of cat and mouse has just began[/quote]The worlds finest cop with the alter of the worlds finest serial killer

a character in “Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self”, as played by Dante215

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Normal Side's Name: Izack Daneils
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Appearence: He is a rather tall man, with thick, dark brown hair, with steel silver streaks running through it and brown eyes. He is semi well built with a pale skin tone. He seems as though he is in his early to mid thirty's, simply due to his face and eyes. He isn't very well kept and thus has a scruffy appearance to him. He wears a dusty brown cloak, a black shirt and a pair of denim jeans.
Profession: CIA, FBI and Police murder investigations operative.
Personality: He generally likes to think of himself as though he is never wrong and generally isn't. He is a brilliant strategist and can devise plans and traps with ease. He is willing to risk everything on his hunches and does so frequently. He is rather irritable however and thus bites easily, particularly if somebody tells him he is wrong. When he is relaxed he is usually quiet but he can be loud when he wants to or needs to be. He is rather protective of his friends and family and will go out of his way to harm any who harm them. He loves puzzles which is the main reason why he joined the police force.
Bio: From the age of ten he was known as a child prodigy where he was taken to a large building and tested. At the age of sixteen he joined the police force and cracked his first murder investigation within three days. From that stage he worked his way up into the CIA and the FBI Special Forces unit and is currently known as one of the best investigators that has ever been known. He is currently investigating a string of murders that have occured due to his alter ego, Dean.
Theme song: System of a down-Mr. Jack

Alter's Name: Dean Errinel
Gender: Male
Appearence: Of a slightly smaller build than his his alter Izack. He generally looks about 21 years of age with short but thick dark brown hair and crimson red eyes. He is rather thin though he retains his alters height, however, he looks slightly more looked after than his alter did and he does not look so old within his facial features. He usually just walks around in public in a black shirt and black pants.
He maintains the intelect of that of his brother, meaning that he is pretty much a genuis. He has the ability to move almost silently and can blend into the shadows easily. Due to his intelectual capacity he can remove all traces of himself from an area he has been to, meaning that it is almost impossible to catch him.
Side: Nemesis
Personality: A madman, a megalow maniac, a mad genius. All of these describe him perfectly and yet there are probably a dozen more things one might call him. He is the shadow of his alter, the opposite. Where as his brother likes to put the peices together he likes to make them fall to bits. He sees life as ultimately, one big game of chess and thus, plays people like pawns in the main scheme of things. He builds the puzzle that his alter is trying to solve, slotting in hints and then tosses them to the wind, keeping his alter playing his game. He enjoys toying with people and making them do as he will. He is generally great with people, though he only seeks to use them ultimately. As I said, a madman, a megalow maniac, a mad genius and so much more.
Bio: He was created out of his brothers mind as his mind grew tired of it's existence and decided it needed a new challenge, a new test to it's skills, the ultimate opponent. He rose to the surface about a year ago, just after solving his latest case, he sighed, rather bored of his plain, dull existence. There seemed to be no thrill anymore, no challenge that he could not over come. That night he fell to sleep and his mind created this image within it. It began to slaughter people at random, leaving no strings and no signs of a pattern. It left the cops baffled as nobody could find the murderer and thus, nobody could convict him. About a week into it they called in the Police murder investigation agency, then the CIA before calling in the FBI. It had all of them baffled and then they called in his alter who to this day has been working on this case with some of the worlds finest investigators.
Theme Song: Disturbed- down with the sickness

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