Modern Day FantasyOctober Mayfair

A normal young woman with a very abnormal sleep issue.

a character in “Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self”, as played by Sannasan

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Normal Side's Name: October Mayfair
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Femme Fatal
Appearence: Image
October stands at about five feet, four inches with a very curvacious figure. Her hair falls at about hip legnth and is a vibrant indigo.
Profession: College Student, Aspiring Model
Personality: October is vivacious and flirtatious, just like any college age girl should be. She loves to party, she loves to drink, and she loves older men. She has not a care in the world except for when she gets her pay check. . . oh and that guy she turns into when she sleeps. She rarely thinks about her Alter and prefers they live their lives separately.
Bio: October lived a normal life until her sweet sixteen. When she woke up, there was a naked woman next to her in bed and another one in the bathroom...with her throat slit open. Sasha left a note for her in blood on her bedroom wall that explained his presence. She’s been approached by both organizations but prefers to not acknowledge her alter and instead ignores him

Alter's Name: Sasha The Red
Gender: Male
Appearance: Image
Sasha is a tall, intimidating man with broad shoulders and a very cut frame. His eyes are a peircing dark red while his hair is pitch black.
Abilities: Sasha is capable of completely releasing any control over his mind or body, allowing him to fall into a berserk like frenzy in which he feels no pain or fatigue. His strength and speed are doubled when in this form, adding to his already fearsome stats. He is a very quick healer and very skilled with a blade.
Side: Not yet decided
Personality: Sasha is a sadistic, blood thirsty man with an appetite for gore. He kills simply for the act of killing and has no sense of a conscience. Despite this he can be very charming and quick witted, some suggesting his Russian accent and dark good looks make his tongue silver. He has a small, defined set of morals he’s created for himself, similar to a pirate’s code. He has no respect for authority figures and is damn good at getting himself out of trouble. He’s no one to fuck around with, not with a temper like his. He is easily agitated and agitation quickly turns into rage with Sasha. His most favourite thing in the world in a glass of vodka on a cold night.
Bio: Sasha has been with October since she was sixteen, making for some very confusing sleepovers. He took to wandering about in the night like Jack the Ripper, killing any who caught his fancy. Of course his other half was never suspected as it was clear a large man committed the grisly murders, not a young girl. He often writes her eerie little notes, which leaves poor October in a tizzy.
Theme Song: Hysteria-Muse

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October Mayfair's Story