Modern Day FantasyRoth Lee

Adrenaline, Sex, Chocolate...Go nuts!

a character in “Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self”, as played by right_is_wrong

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Normal Name: Roth Lee
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Roth is a medium sized man, standing 5'10. His body build was that of an active young man, his slim and toned form giving him a rather attractive look. By simple glance one could tell he kept himself well taken care of for a "Sales Representative". His strawberry-blonde hair was cropped short, the quarter inch curls gave him a kind and gentle look. His face was slightly angled, but he had a slightly wide nose. His eyes where a dark green, standing out with his oddly colored hair and fair skin. A tattoo of a sword on his left forearm.
Profession: Sales Rep.
Personality: For a sales rep. Roth was frantic, completely rushed from day to day by paper work. Plans where usually ignored due to work, and his boss was usually an a-grade...a-hole who relied on him to complete most of the work and complete sales on a due time for quota. With little down time, Roth usualy found no time to himself, which made him stressed for the most part.

Alter's Name: Alexander Krock.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Alexander is your average man...with a few acceptions. He was nice enough to keep his buddies appearance. Strawberry-blonde curls, and the slim but toned body. But the two things that changed was his eyes. The dark green had vanished, and the icy blue eyes that seemed so careless again appeared. The sword on his forearm was no longer there, instead...a shield was in it's place. And last but not least...he is freaking nuts. The only alteration to his form at all, was the pitch black skin that covered him from head to toe, almost as if in a wet suit.
Abilities: Alexander was an odd man...well, some would not call him a man. Once prompted by a threat, his skin became an armor able to deflect calibers of any size, and blades with any edge. The major draw back to this ability was the limited amount of hits it could take. A hard fall from a couple of stories would turn the armor back to the soft pink flesh that he hated so much. But no matter the situation, he always had an ace up his sleeve. The complete control of this ability is still completely unknown to him, but in addition to the hard tissued skin, he was able to control gravity to a degree. For instance, in an elevator, he was able to control which wall would be the floor, and just how much the gravity would effect the people inside. Of course, the strength of this ability was a matter of how angry he was at the moment. But with all great abilities, Alexander had a range to it. His current record only being up to 100ft. But with distance, the ability loses some effect, which could leave someone at a distance simply floating for a moment. But as anger is added to his person, his abilities became stronger and stronger. The ability to control glands and direct adrenaline into his blood stream also proved affective.
Side: Nemesis
Personality: Alexander was the exact opposite of his counter part, his reactions being almost too relaxed sometimes. He carried no weapons although he knew that he was hunted for the most part. He met many with abilities almost like his own, but none of which he would willingly get along with. His humor was one of the biggest traits that he had, being a smartass was his job...and he did it a little too well sometimes. He was daring, and at times, putting everyone within range in complete danger when activating his abilities. Mostly triggered through Endorphin's that are released into his body when consuming chocolate, being active in sex, or when adrenaline hit his blood stream. All three gave him a complete edge with his ability. Sometimes when his former self ate chocolate, his alternate personality would take over in a flash. Leaving Roth to believe he was allergic to chocolate due to his black outs. This limit gave Alexander the ability to trigger Adrenaline into his own blood stream. His joyful yet...chaotic look on life gave him a unique personality that was able to deliver one of two things to his enemies, a smile...and a toe tag.

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