Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self

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You are classified as insane, mentally unstable, a danger to society. They have no idea...

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Kyou looked out the window and the moon and sighed, the sound full of longing and worry. She didn't want to sleep, sleep brought on those strange happenings she couldn't explain. The girl pushed away from her window and shut the curtains after she made sure the glass was locked. She knew it made to difference but it made her feel better before she went to bed. The eighteen year old changed into her white nightgown and slid into her bed. She pulled the dark green sheets over her frame and closed her eyes. Suddenly, they snapped open again and she sat up, deciding that she'd ask whoever it was what they were doing. Kyou grabbed the notebook from her sidetable and picked up a pen. Flicking on her bedside light she began to write, to who, she didn't know.
Hey. Yea, it's me...Kyou. Uhm, if you're using my body please let me know. I kinda feel it's my job to give you permission first, I don't like being used too much. Just explain what you want and whatever, I know I can't stop you but I want to know who you are. So, please respond. Thanks.
With that done Kyou set the notebook down and turned off her light. She burled up on her side and shut her aqua eyes, quickly falling into a deep sleep.

Dark grey, almost black orbs opened and Kiiya sat up, rubbing at her eyes. She yawned and stretched out her arms, looking almost like a child with her baby round face and long black ponytails. Kiiya got out of the bed and dragged herself across the carpet to the window. She wrenched apart the curtains and stared up at the moon, her best friend and solice. "Good morning La Luna, hope you slept well too," she said, her voice matching the youngness of her face. The teen unlocked and opened the window, enjoying the feeling of the night's fresh breeze rolling against her cheeks. She turned and walked to the side table, opening it and reaching as far back as her hand would go.
She pulled out a black pistol and pressed the cool metal to her smiling lips. Tonight would be fun, she would get to be the Nightingale for another day. Kiiya nearly danced over to the bedroom door and unlocked it to push it open. She glided threw the house to the front door and let herself out into the real world, humming a soft tune to herself as she searched for her next victim.