Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self

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You are classified as insane, mentally unstable, a danger to society. They have no idea...

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Dodging under a ventilation shaft, Henrietta stumbled to a sudden halt, pausing the fluidity of her movements at the sound of clanking metal down in the alley below. Leaning her head over the ledge and surveying, she spotted a boy just forty meters below scavenging through trash. ~Youth, out this late at night? Possibly a gang member.~ She had heard the rumor that Nemesis had been operating with local gangs in the region. A senior operative among Aegis, Cain, had been investigating the phenomenon, but no call as of yet to determine the situation. Where Henri and the boy currently stood, near a park just outside of downtown, she wasn't sure there even was gang activity. But if so, there was little else he could be doing out at this time of night. At least, that's what she thought.

As the boy began to move again Henri sprung out above the alleyway, twisting so that one foot reached either wall of the narrow pass and slowed her fall dramatically as she slid down towards where he had just stood. She was wearing her normal attire, the dark olive tactical vest, form-fitting to match the thin black jeans. The tight outfit made for easier operating. None of her knives were visible, but she knew that a quick snatch if anything went wrong could arm her.

(The boy she's approaching is Matt Todd. Apologies if that was vague)