Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self

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You are classified as insane, mentally unstable, a danger to society. They have no idea...

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After some thought, he decided on checking some more trash bins of the park. Pizza sounded nice but he wasn't going to get his hopes up. Just as he began walking to head further into the park, he heard a skidding sound and then a dull thmp. He turned to find a tall woman, older than him, with white-blonde hair and vivid blue eyes. She was studying him warily with a fierce gaze. He frowned faintly. What could she want with a homeless 17-year-old? Leaning forward in her direction, he sniffed as if this would answer his question.
Alter. He heard in his head, just like a thought but not his own. Little different than his voice, but more confident... Dark and smooth as velvet, yet light in tone like someone who was having a good day.

Matt gave no acknowledgment to the voice. "Uhm," he began quietly. "Hi." His voice was not velvet, though it was apparently capable of sounding as such. His greeting was cheerful and sincere, lacking any confused or distrusting tone someone out this late by themselves in the city ought to have.
Matt did not put up a front with anyone; his blatantly innocent behavior was nothing designed to lower people's guard, it was just how he was. Often in school this ended up raising suspicion, which had him in trouble for many things that actually weren't his fault. Though he knew his dark passenger did terrible things, he felt no need to take any of the blame upon himself, nor expose his Alter as a monster. So despite the crimes of his Alter, he lived on taking no responsibility for it.