Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self

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You are classified as insane, mentally unstable, a danger to society. They have no idea...

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Kiiya looked down at the wound above her heart and nearly laughed. It tickled her and she wanted to itch at it. Instantly, Beetlejuice was back in her hand,; it was connected to her through her own soul. She'd sold it for the gun and it never left her for more than several seconds. Instantly she pointed the gun at the old man and shot, the bullet flying through the air and hitting his gun from his hand. She shot again, this time the bullet just grazing his cheek. Kiiya blinked in shock at the speed she had done it with. So that was the old man's ability. She laughed at the information, pure and true. "I must thank you old guy, you've given me a very helpful ability. And as for shooting at my heart, it isn't possible. When I sold my soul for my lover right here-" she waved Beetlejuice in the air and let it aim again "I was told by the guy that he'd protect my main organs until time came to pay up. Then I'd be as vulnerable as a normal human," she explained in between her laughs.

Again she marvled at the sheer melody her laugh had, like a baby's laughter. Tempting and sweet and lulling. She was truely Nightingale. "Now, how about I tell you this as well seeing as we're both matched up. I will go with you to this Aegis place and think about joining you guys. Does it sound fair?" Kiiya shook her head to answer her own question. "No of course not. Alright how about this, you escort me back and press your gun to my head if it makes you feel safer," she added to sweeten the deal. Of course a gun to her head would mean nothing as she could heal very quickly due to the deal she'd made but she wanted him to feel as safe as possible.

The girl held up her arms as a sign of defeat and removed her finger from Beetlejuice's trigger. "Your choice cause I'm not dying anytime soon."