Insanity Prelude: Your Other Self

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You are classified as insane, mentally unstable, a danger to society. They have no idea...

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He watched the woman flinch as if he had made a move to attack her. He tilted his head slightly, like a questioning puppy might. What had set her off like that? He hadn't even moved. She must be very jumpy... Purred his dark passenger, chuckling. Matt briefly wondered if she could sense his Alter or if he just appeared suspicious enough to investigate. Either seemed likely.
Even being homeless, many people were surprised to find a boy his age out late at night. Matt was nocturnal; always had been, though it had been suppressed under his parents' roof. Now he not only had the freedom to sleep when he wanted but it worked out to be more convenient being active at night anyway. Even though the night wasn't always his - sometimes his dark passenger got half, sometimes the whole night, sometimes none at all. But it made no difference to Matt. He slept practically comatose almost all day, regardless of how much of a night he had had.

The woman asked him what he was doing out this late. He at first made no effort to answer, brows furrowing a little as if he himself wasn't sure. She scanned him up and down, probably searching for any hint of a weapon or other potential threat. Matt was young enough to join a gang, and he had gotten offers, but had turned them down. Gangs were not in his nor his Alter's interest. Of course, the thugs that make up gangs don't take kindly to being said no to, but his Alter had taken care of that. His dark passenger wasn't fond of Nemesis teaming up with local gangs; he didn't think it was necessary. In fact, he was sure it would only hinder them if anything.

The woman was tense, clearly ready to fight. Why she would feel the need to take such a defensive stance faced with him, he had no idea. There was nothing formidable whatsoever about Matt and he knew it.
"Talk." She instructed bluntly. He heard laughter, clear as if it were right next to him though he knew it was only in his head - laughter that wrought shudders in those unfortunate enough to hear it, but Matt seemed immune. He could feel his dark passenger was itching to toy with this woman, and wondered why he wasn't out yet.
"... No." Matt finally answered quietly. There was no hint of criticism or attitude in his voice, it was just an honest, light-hearted answer. "Do I look like a business man, Miss?" He offered a small smile. Even if he was shaven, his hair and attire would still be much too scruffy to look professional. Not to mention he looked no older than 18. And he had just been rummaging in garbage.