Xander Dewmont

'' Hi, I'm Xander, and you are?''

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Xander Dewmont



Personal information

The Last Night I Skillet

'' What's already been done in the past can't be erased.
But what you do now will determine the future.''

'' It's pronounced like this, ' Zander.' Got it? ''
Xander Grace Dewmont ' Foalan'

'' Only my pack members can call me Gracee, no one else.''
Xander or Grace


'' Isn't it obvious?!''

'' Too personal, but okay.''

Digging deeper

'' Nope, just a member of the pack. I'm fine with it, though.
Really, I am! ''
Just a regular were wolf of the Foalan pack

Xander can almost sense when some one is lying.
It's the way they talk, act and use their body language,that Xander can do this.

Skill sets:

Mixed Martial Arts: ''My mom was pissed as hell 'bout it - not like I care - but Seth spent a lot of time training me when he got back. It was kinda our bonding time since he abandoned me. I learned from my mom, don't get me wrong. But if there's one thing Seth did better than her, it was fighting. Can't say it didn't make me one of the best fighters on the pack.''

Music: '' As a kid and before I destroyed my family with my were wolf surfacing, as my Daddy would say, I used to play the guitar and the piano. I actually still can and on my free time, I play the guitar. It kinda keeps me grounded and at peace with everything.''

Stealth: ''If you haven't noticed, my Wolf's kinda the most useless one and fighting ain't the only thing you can do for your pack. You gotta play dirty and I've been called real sneaky for how I can blend in with a crowd and remain unseen. Useful skill, learned it from Seth.''

Xander is very clever. She can usually out smart anyone she comes into contact with.
Xander is also very persuasive, she can usually make people do whatever she wants them to do.

Xander is also very reliable and loyal. She can usually always be counted on to get the job done

Having to fight people younger than her.
Over protective people
Her pack's safety
Having her mind messed with.
Being over powered.
Being taken advantage of.

xander is known for being a beautiful young woman and it's not hard to see why. But, she doesn't see it that way, so she tends to cover her face and doesn't like looking people directly in the eyes.

She has piercing, jade green eyes, with light brown and dull golden flecks in them, beneath expressive and full eyebrows. Because of her scars, she abstains from wearing a lot of skin-revealing clothing and because of that, she hardly goes outside unless it's cool enough for all of her layers. Because of this preference, her smooth pale skin is almost ivory and is extremely soft to the touch. She has a slim build that has been toned from private training with her friends and natural curves. Some of the dumber folks - those who are not aware of the wrath of this five foot, seven inch girl has. She has soft, plump lips that are of a rosy shade. Long, dark brown, hair cascades down her shoulders and back in natural, soft waves and is almost always seen down.

But, that's just what's on the surface, Xander has scars on her wrists, that she tends to keep hidden by wearing long sleeves and coats.
She's absolutely ashamed of it and tries to be seen as normal and she doesn't want anyone to see the scars, other wise, she'll have to explain.

For clothing, Xander prefers to wear long sleeve shirts or long sleeve flannels, jeans, hoodies, and black combat boots. But at other times, she will wear short sleeves and jackets, and every now and then she'll wear her favorite black and white high tops.

Wolf Form Description:
Xander turns into a big, soft, fluffy, beautiful, white and gray, four foot six inch tall, she wolf.





Deep within

To most, Xander seems to be this quiet girl that stays in the background, hardly ever talking or bringing attention to herself. When she first came to the pack, most dubbed her as a loner and some still see her as this. However, the people that have gotten close to her and has seen her grown up since her arrival will tell you that that's only a shell of who Xander is. But, if you look past that, you'll see another layer of who she really is.

She is actually quite sociable and kind. She has a deeply compassionate heart and a genuine care for others. It's another reason why she prefers being alone. She cares too much for people to want to hurt them. Seth, one of her best friends, would be one of the few people that knew that she actually hates herself because of her past. However, Xander is selfless and has never out-rightly shown that self-hatred. She would never want anyone to worry about her emotional or mental state and would rather focus on yours. She puts her friends and pack members first and has shown an even deeper level of protectiveness over younger pack members.

Xander is also not one who is easily impressed with childish games or pranks and is seen as serious although she does like to laugh and play around from time to time. She has a quick temper, one should note, a trait she inherited from Seth. She does not take foolishness well and will put you in your place quicker than you can apologize. Xander is quite independent and hates when everyone feels as though they need to come to her rescue.


- Boys

- Other wolves

- Her pack

- Chocolate

- Sweets

- Being safe

- Her friends

- Her mother

- Protecting the town


X Jerks

X Bossy people

X Being cold

X Being forgotten

X rotten meat

X Fish

X The heat

X Some of the wolves of the other pack

Being taken from her pack.
Possibly being banished from her pack.
Failing as a wolf.
Someone dying because of her.
Someone dying for her.
Being completely forgotten.
Being alone forever.
She's extremely afraid of being rejected.

Even deeper within

Well, for starters, Xander's mother was a were wolf and her father was human. It was an unusual thing to happen for her pack, but Xander was born soon afterwards, so they had no choice but to let them be a family. Xander and her parents were very close, mainly because her father was never told of what his wife really was. Xander had a half decent childhood, she grew up with friends, and had a good family. When Xander was five, Her father was killed, due to the other pack, and her mother took care of her since then. Xander didn't know why her father was gone and was never told the truth of why her father wasn't there. Still to this day, she believes her father left her and her mother.

When she turned twelve, her powers and wolf likeness started to surface, and that's when she was trained even harder. Xander was told what she was, and excepted it. When she turned thirteen, a strange marking appeared on her right ankle. Her mother and some of the others had it, so she thought nothing of it. Then when Xander turned fourteen, her mother was killed because Xander wasn't being as carefull as she should have been. She was playing in the woods, and a hunter was there. Xander's mother was in her wolf form, playing with her daughter, and all of a sudden there was a loud noise, and next thing Xander knew, her mother was dead. Xander got so enraged that before she could do anything, she was a three hundred pound wolf, and was well, eating the man that murdered her mother.

Xander still remembers that day, and she blames herself for both parts. Her mother getting shot and killing the hunter. Shortly after that, Xander started to harm herself. She would use anything to do so, let it be a knife, razor blade, or even a piece of glass. One time when she was almost close to dying, her best friend Seth came in and saw her. He grabbed her by the arms and stopped her, he bandaged her up and stayed there. He didn't leave for two weeks. He made Xander promise that she would never do that again. She agreed, and she hasn't done it again.......yet.

A month after that, Xander and Seth were outside, training,since he had taken her under his wing, and took care of her, almost like a younger sister.
They were training when the other pack came, Seth told Xander to run and don't look back. That night Xander asked where Seth was, and they said he wasn't coming back. They told them he left and said good bye. But they knew the truth, Seth was killed by the other pack.

But that was a three years, and now she is at college and Xander is being forced as well as the rest of her pack, to join together with the other pack. Xander knows that she has to agree, other wise the towns people will be in danger, Xander is only doing this since she has no choice. By doing this, will she truely accept joining the two packs together? Or will she have to choose one or the other, if the two packs don't join as one?


So begins...

Xander Dewmont's Story