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1x1 W/ Bjzuels

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People have started to go missing from all over the country. First it started off with a few kids ranging from the ages of 10 to 18. The kids would go missing for days on end, their bodies eventually showing up in random order, always on a beach off the coast of Maine. The ways they died varied from a broken neck to strangulation, and no one could figure out what the connection between the kids were. Some kids would come back, dead, having died from drug over dose, or a rapid cancer, even though the kids were perfectly healthy before they were abducted. The situation baffled authorities, and for many months the investigations went nowhere.
After a year of kids going missing, the abductors started to become more bold, taking more than one child from a family, and then eventually taking entire families. The United States was in a panic, everyone terrified that their family would be next. Our two protagonists never imagined that they'd be put in such a horrible situation. Their families taken, abducted by a masked crew of people, drugged and flown to some abandoned prison that no one knew about. They called it The Institute, and it's where all the families have been disappearing off to.
What was even more bazar was that the Institute was a mixture of an underground fight club, and a secret lab. The Institute was run by a group of scientists who experimented on their captives, trying to turn them into living weapons. The process was rigorous, first starting the new comers out in small brawls against one another, a fight to the death. The winners of the gladiator fights would be taken to the labs daily, tested on in horrible ways, injected with experimental liquids, and given new limbs should the old ones rot off from all the testing. Once the experiments were a success, and the subject was given special abilities, the human weapons would fight against each other, while the lab testing continued to make the winners of the fights stronger.
With the death of their loved ones, our two heroes struggle to remain sane, the brutal testing taking its toll on their bodies. They have to work together to make it out of the Institute alive, or die trying.



Name: || Age: || Sex: || FC: || Taken by: Bjzuels


Name: Dominique Barrel || Age: 20 || Sex: Female || FC: Bonnie Wright || Taken by: SilverHarted


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It was odd how Dominique was an amazing assassin, able to kill a full grown man with both hands tied behind her back, but she still managed to cut herself every time she shaved her legs. She had just been checking out the small slice on her ankle when she looked up to see Robin blushing at her through the bathroom door. Dominique felt her stomach flutter in panic as her face heated up, probably just as red as Robin. Dominique quickly finished drying off and getting dressed into shorts and a tank top, carefully walking out of the bathroom. Robin was staring, very determined, at the TV with a pillow on his lap. His face was still a slight pink as he refused to look at Dominique.
Dom thought back to the last time they kissed, which was back to the first night the group got back together. Everyone was drunk, and Dominique had realized that there was no solid reason to hate Robin. Sense then the two haven't talked about their relationship, and if they were still exclusive, or if they were fully over. Dominique loved Robin still, there was no doubt about that. Part of her longed for Robin, but another part of her was worried that Robin might not love her anymore. Dominique sat down in one of the chairs at the small table, pretending like she was interested in brushing her hair.
Robin had a year of freedom where he could have met another woman, and just hasn't found the right way to tell Dominique. White hot anger flashed through Dom for a moment, hating the idea of Robin with another girl, but she quickly put the fire out, knowing that she would have met this new girl, or would have seen the signs. She chanced a glance to Robin, who was still staring at the TV, but allowed himself to meet Dom's eyes for a split second before looking away again. "Robin... When you were on the run, did you... Meet, anyone?" Dominique tried to keep her face blank, but she was genuinely curious. Robin simply gave Dom a confused look, obviously not understanding her question. "You know... Another girl. You were away for a year, I wouldn't blame you if you did find someone else that caught your eye." In all honesty, Dominique was terrified that Robin did actually find another person that suited his needs. However, Robin started to vigorously shake his head, denying that he had any relations with another woman.
Dominique felt her face split into a wide smile as she looked down at her lap. If Robin wasn't seeing anyone else, that meant she could do what she wanted. Getting up, the redhead sauntered over to Robin, her eyes locked with his. "I'm glad... You know, I saw you trying to sneak a peak..." Dominique's smile turned to a seductive grin as she watched Robin's eyes widen, his face turning beet red once more. Gently, Dom pulled the pillow off of Robin's lap, replacing it with herself. She kept herself raised just above Robin, her face a few inches higher than his. "All you gotta do is ask, I'm not shy," Dominique whispered, her smile gone as she leaned down, kissing Robin slowly. She pulled away after a few sweet seconds, looking into Robin's eyes still. Dom grabbed Robin's limp hands, placing them on her hips as she pressed her body against his. Robin responded, capturing Dom's lips again, and running his hands along her body, above her clothing. The two played, Dom nibbling Robin's lip, while Robin slowly tugged her tank top up.
Within minutes, the red head had her shirt off, and was on her back while Robin carefully hovered above her, kissing the sensitive parts of Dom's neck. Dominique ran her fingers roughly through Robin's hair, messily attempting to push Robin's pants off with her feet, with little luck. The bigger man chuckled against Dom's collar bone, pulling away just a bit to pull off his shirt, instead of his pants. Dominique pushed at Robin until he was sitting up, giving her a full view to the 'guns show'. She shamelessly admired her lovers body, sitting up to run her hands up his torso, her legs on either side of Robin's hips. Dominique let Robin get a full view of her own toned body, grinning as he started to tug off her shorts. They were almost off when there was suddenly a small 'beep' coming from the door, Ezra and Dexy shamelessly walking in. "We got movies and-" Dexy froze, her eyes going wide, seeing the two on the bed, half naked and in the middle of stripping one another. Ezra had the same reaction, his eyes frozen on Robin's body, while Dexy stared at Dom.
Dominique was the first to actually do something, grabbing a pillow from behind her, and putting it to the front of her body. Robin hastily moved backwards, grabbing his shirt which he had discarded on the floor. "No, no, don't let us ruin the moment! We can go," Dexy said in a high voice, turning to leave, but Ezra stopped her. "I think we already did, Dex," He mumbled, looking away as Dom and Robin scrambled to get their clothing on. "The one time they actually make a move on each other, and it's when we don't give them enough time to get it all done?"


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Ezra and Dexy did leave the room for a short while to "go get some things", but it was all to allow Robin and Dominique to put themselves back together. Robin would have been lying if he had said all was good. He let out a sigh of depression as Dom put her tank top back on. He had certainly enjoyed the view and would spend the rest of the day fantasizing about it and the view he saw in the bathroom. No doubt about it, he had a major thing going on for the red head and he was hoping like crazy she would be willing to pick up later that night when they did have time to be alone.

Dexy and Ezra came back with the movies and snacks and drinks. For the first hour or so, things were a bit subdued and awkward among the four, but as some funny parts of the movie they were watching occurred, they started to laugh and joke around with each other and the frigid feeling was soon replaced with the warmth of the friendship they were bonding.

After watching two movies, the group decides to take a walk and find a place to eat. It wasn't far from where they were staying that they found a pizzeria. Soon they found themselves at the counter ordering pizza, soda, and breadsticks from a blue haired girl that was smacking gum as she watched the group decide on what it was they wanted. The girl would give a roll of her eyes as she listened to the four talk "cute" among themselves.

Finding a table, the four sat down and started talkin about anything and everything under the sun. It started with a bit on their last mission and how it seemed almost too easy to the experiences they had in England. That talk soon ended as they started remembering things and people left behind. It was Dexy, in her "non-invasive manner" finally ask Robin point blank, "So, big boy, what is it ye did whilst you were away from us that year?"

Robin shifted uncomfortably in his seat wondering why the Irish lass would bring up this topic that she knew might only rip off a bandage to open an old wound. He looked uncomfortably around the table before speaking in soft, low tones. "I did some research. Took some time to clear my head. Found the location of the Institution." At this he stopped, and the other three at the table looked at him as if he were trying to tell a joke. It was Dexy again who broke the uneasy silence, "Ok, I'll bite. Where is this mysterious Institution located?"

Robin looked around the table to see how the others were reacting to this news. He shrugged a bit. "I am not one hundred percent certain, but I believe it is the Alcatraz prison." It was Ezra who spoke up now. "How could that be? I mean they take tour groups out there. I am certain if there was any funny business going on that was to the extent of what we went through, someone would have noticed." Robin nodded as he listened. "I thought that too, but I had to go and see for myself. I went to San Francisco and took the tour of the island. Thing is, the tourist only get a small, limited view of the place and all above ground. There were boats going in a nd out all the time too, but not all the kind with tourists. Some were very non-descript and seemed to be holding a group of guards, guards that wore the uniforms of the Institute, or at least it appeared to be the same type of uniform."

Dexy scoffed some now, "All a coincidence, big boy. That place is far too public for such an operation to take place there. I mean it is right under the nose of the public. Why would they risk such a thing?" Robin nodded some more. "I know. That is what I thought too, until...until I saw Luxuria get off one of the boats and walk into a door that was heavily guarded."

The group of four sat in silence as the blue haired girl came and plopped the pizza and breadsticks on the table. Blowing a bubble she looked them over and asked, "Will there be anything else I can get for you now?" They four just shook their heads no and the girl walked away.

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