"Will you keep your promise my Lord?"

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a character in “Inuyasha and the Army of Yamashita”, as played by RinlovesSesshoumaru



Name| Rin

Age| 18 about to turn 19

Sex| Female


Personality| Rin has always been kind and considerate and always tried to help anyone in need. She is also quite brave considering that when Sesshomaru was injured when she first found him in the forest injured after his fight with Inuyasha. Even though she knew he was a demon she tried to care for him, bringing him food and water even though he did not need such things. Over the years she has grown to be a bit annoyed by normal people, the girls in the village that are around her age only talk getting a husband. Something that Rin has no interest in, some think she is odd because she with a demon for so long. She pays them no mind and spends most of her time helping Kaede and Kagome, she has learned allot from them. Rin has also been trained to defend herself, mostly using a bo staff the last time Kohaku came to visit. She still is loyal to Sesshomaru and her affection and love for him has changed from that of an older brother to a more romantic sort.

Likes| Being outdoors, flowers, Sesshomaru, helping others

Dislikes| Being in one place too long, being thought of as odd


Background Info| Rin has grown up quite nicely of the past eight years, she spends most of her days helping Kagome and Kaede in their priestess duties. She misses Sesshomaru desperately and even though she has had offers of marriage from many men in the village including Kohaku she has turned them all down all in anticipation of her Lord's return. She could not leave with Sesshomaru if she got married and started a family, so why would she do something as foolish as settle down and get married. Many people think her odd for this and blame the time she spent with Sesshomaru for it. She doesn't really care what they think but she doesn't like the feeling of anxiety that some people feel around her some are even a little frightened thinking she is possessed. As of late she has began to withdraw more and more to the forest, just to get away from the foolish villagers.

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Rin's Story