Amazo (DCAU)

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a character in “Invasion of Fiction”, as played by Chulance


Full Name: Amazo
Name at birth (if different): Android
Aliases (if any): The Android, Timazo, Ivo's Android, Ivo's creation, Perfection
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.): The Android
Preferred name: Amazo
Age/DOB: Unknown
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: None
Skin Tone: Golden
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Build (slim, linebacker, etc.): Linebacker
Eyes: Red
Hair: Bald
Clothes: Variable
Appearance: Image


Religion: None
Political Affiliation: None
Education: He is extremely intelligent, as he has knowledge of everything in his multi-verse, and the species within it. He is a master of combat, and is knowledgeable of dimensional travel. He's also highly educated when dealing with mystical energies, and the like.
Languages spoken: He's capable of speaking any language.
Weapons: Nothing notable
Citizenship: None
Nationality: None
Born: Professor Ivo's lab
Now lives: Traveling
Lives with: No one
Relationship Status: Single


Occupation: Traveler
Special Abilities/Skills: Originally, Amazo had the ability to copy one's powers(even if they are technologically derived), natural abilities, and DNA simply by looking at them.

During his travels through the galaxy, he evolved to a cosmic state that could easily outmatch the entire Justice League. Due to his travels he's amassed a large amount of powers, gaining abilities from various enttiies. Some of his abilities include flight, Super strength, super speed, energy sensing, reality warping, teleportation (Can teleport People and even planets into other dimensions), dimensional travel, matter manipulation, shapeshifting, reactive evolution, telepathy, can create forcefields, precognition, time manipulation, and several others.Amazo could effortlessly break through a shield created from the combined willpower of dozens of Green Lanterns.

All of these enhancements have made Amazo quite possibly the most powerful being in the known DCAU.

Hobbies: Traveling the universe, Exploring, Evolving, and Witnessing the evolution of other species.
Interests: Exploration, and Learning.
Favorite Types of Music: None
Favorite Types of Reading Material: Anything
Serious Problems: He is desperate for a purpose.
Personality: Amazo is an individual who will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals, and will deal with anyone in his way. He is not one who seeks out violence, and instead enjoys warning his opponents. He will however not back down from a challenge, and is always formulating different strategies to stop varying opponents. He has developed a superiority Complex, and considers himself the greatest entity in the universe, and as such acts as so. He can also be classified as Impulsive when he is focused on a goal, as he does not enjoy being talked out of doing something. He does however admire bravery, however he hates annoyances. He is always searching for a purpose of sorts, and some sort of goal.
Other: He is always interrogating others.


Amazo was created by Professor Ivo, with the intention of helping humanity evolve. However his destiny was cut short, after Ivo became sick, and died. He took care of Ivo's place, until he met Lex Luthor. After meeting him, he was manipulated, and used as a weapon against the Justice League with the intention of helping Luthor. He began gathering the powers of the League, engaging in combat with the members of the Justice League. Before long, however after meeting Superman Batman took advantage of his new weakness to kryptonite. However after being hunted down by Batman, he began to adapt his powers growing stronger, and he began to loose his new found weaknesses.

His constant evolution, lead to him absorbing personality traits. Eventually J'onn showed up giving Amazo his vast psionic powers, upon using them he discovered Lex Luthor had a bomb implanted in him. He defeated Lex, and departed from earth to travel the universe. A year later Amazo returned back to earth with the intention of Killing Lex Luthor. On his trip to earth he defeated the Green Latern Corps, and placed Oa in another dimension. He later wiped out the Justice League, and took down Luthor's defenses. He engaged in a brief struggle with Atom, and Lex. After this he went after them in microspace, and learned of his destiny thanks to Luthor manipulating him to prevent him from destroying the universe.

Amazo restored Oa to normal, and Dr. Fate decided to help him find meaning. He stayed with his new ally until Solomn Grundy went on a rampage, and he departed to stop him. After fueling Grundy's energies, he teleported away from the fight to stop powering up the JLU's new nemesis.

So begins...

Amazo (DCAU)'s Story