Peter Petrelli (Exposed Future)

A version of Peter from an alternate future, on the mission to protect specials identities at all costs.

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a character in “Invasion of Fiction”, as played by Chulance


Full Name: Peter Petrelli
Name at birth (if different): N/A
Aliases (if any): Jesse Murphy
Title: Nurse
Preferred name: Pete, Petey
Age/DOB: 27/December 23, 1979
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Race/Ethnicity: Italian
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 211 lbs
Weight: 5'7
Build : Slim
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brownish Black
Clothes: He usually dresses in darker clothing.
Appearance: Image


Religion: Roman Catholic
Political Affiliation: Democrat
Education: High School Education, and Medical School education.
Languages spoken: English and Italian.
Weapons: He has a large arsenal of guns, bladed weaponry, and explosives.
Citizenship: American
Nationality: Italian
Born: Brooklyn, New York
Now lives: Travler
Lives with: Fugitives
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Hospice Nurse/Fugitive


Special Abilities:Like his present-day self, Peter can mimic the powers of other evolved humans he encounters. By 2011, he has been exposed to a number of new powers and has also become far more adept at controlling them. He displayed the ability to use two powers at once several times, he was able to maintain the illusion of his present day self while teleporting and using telekinesis and telepathy. He's built up a large arsenal of abilities, and many abilities in his arsenal were stated in BTE/Interviews.

Abilities Mimicked
By 2011 in the "exposed future," Peter has acquired additional evolved human abilities; after he has acquired the ability, he does not need to be in the person's presence. His known abilities at this time include the following:
Precognitive dreaming from Angela Petrelli.
Flight from Nathan Petrelli.
Precognition from Isaac Mendez.
Space-time manipulation from Future Hiro Nakamura.
Rapid cell regeneration from Claire Bennet.
Telepathy from Matt Parkman.
Invisibility from Claude Rains.
Telekinesis from Sylar.
Induced radioactivity from Ted Sprague.
Enhanced strength from Niki Sanders.
Phasing from D.L. Hawkins.
Electric manipulation from Elle Bishop.
Illusion from an unknown source.
Body insertion from an unknown source.

Abilities Exposed To
By 2011 and his time in the present, other evolved humans have been within Peter's proximity, exposing him to their abilities. These abilities Peter has not yet exhibited:
Healing (from Daniel Linderman
Power absorption (from Arthur Petrelli
Persuasion (from Eden McCain
Enhanced memory (from Sylar
Freezing (from Sylar
Intuitive aptitude (from Sylar
Trevor's ability (from Sylar
Mental manipulation (from the Haitian
Enhanced hearing (from Sylar
Melting (from Sylar
Clairvoyance (from Molly Walker
Technopathy (from Micah Sanders
Alchemy (from Bob Bishop
Enhanced speed (from Daphne Millbrook
Future terrorist's ability (from a terrorist
Magnetism (from a terrorist
Pyrokinesis (from Flint
Sound manipulation (from Jesse Murphy
Clairsentience (from Gabriel Gray

Hobbies: Reading Comics & Books, eating Italian Food, Using his abilities,
Interests: His job, his future, Medical Documentaries,
Favorite Types of Music: ????
Favorite Types of Reading Material: Science Fiction
Serious Problems: Peter has a hunger for special powers, and may cut into someone's head.
Personality: Peter Petrelli's personality has changed drastically over the years. He is a strong believer in secrecy, and as such he hates to give out information. He does not have the same faith in humanity, and believes humans are all corrupt beings who can not be trusted. He does not believe humans are ready to accept change, and as such despises organization's such as Pinehearst that attempt to enforce change. He believes powers should be hidden, and only used when necessary.

He has became more cold hearted over the years, and as such is willing to end the lives of others when needed. He has grown less giving, and does not give out second chances to those who commit crimes. He has become more of a "Shoot First, Ask Question's later" type of guy. He has become a master of interrogation, and also can be somewhat of an extremist when it comes to his methods of dealing with problems.
Other: Peter's favorite comic books are Doc Sam, and Flash.

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Character Portrait: Peter Petrelli (Exposed Future)

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Peter Petrelli (Exposed Future) walks around the city, a gun his hand as he runs for his life. Fricking crap, were the heck am I?


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Character Portrait: Peter Petrelli (Exposed Future)

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Peter Petrelli (Exposed Future) runs through the area with a gun in his hand. "Damn it! I ain't answering you!" He quickly used Telekenesis to send security agents flying, before taking off