Peter Petrelli(Season 3)

Peter Petrelli a former hospice nurse, on the mission to stop his family from destroying the world.

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a character in “Invasion of Fiction”, as played by Chulance


Full Name: Peter Petrelli
Name at birth (if different): Same
Aliases (if any): Pete, Petey,Exploding Man, Empath,Maximum Potential, and Jesse Murphy.
Title (military rank, Dr., clergy, etc.): The Most Special
Preferred name: Peter
Age/DOB: 27/23 December, 1979
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Ethnicity: Italian
Skin Tone: Fare
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Build: Slim
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black,somewhat lengthy.
Clothes: He usually wears darker clothing, but prefers to sometimes were lighter colored jackets.
Appearance: Image


Religion: Roman Catholic
Political Affiliation: Undisclosed
Education: High School Education/Medical School Education/
Languages spoken: English and Italian.
Weapons: Nothing notable.
Citizenship: American
Nationality: Italian
Born: Brooklyn, New York
Now lives: Manhattan Apartment
Lives with: N/A
Relationship Status: Single


Occupation: Former Hospice Nurse
Special Abilities/Skills: Peter possessed an empathic ability that allowed him to duplicate or "absorb" the abilities of other evolved humans near him. The exact range at which mimicry occurs is not known, but Peter could mimic Claude's ability from at least several meters away. He could duplicate Claude's ability almost immediately upon coming within range. Whether the maximum distance and minimum time is the same to mimic any ability is uncertain. Peter did necessarily have to see other people's abilities in use to absorb them. Once, Peter began to absorb Ted Sprague's ability even though Ted had not used it in his presence. Also he absorbed at least two abilities on Kirby Plaza during his fight with Sylar: Niki's enhanced strength and D.L.'s phasing. Niki was standing right next to him, but D.L. was much farther away. It has to be at this point that he absorbs D.L.'s ability, as Peter had never encountered D.L. before and never encountered D.L. again before his death.

Peter's control over other abilities that he mimicked varied; Abilities that required active concentration seemed to be more difficult for him to manifest or control. Peter would typically absorb abilities involuntarily, but he might not be aware of absorbing an ability that requires active concentration to us.A side-effect of the ability to mimic is being unaffected by the abilities of many other evolved humans. For example, Peter was able to see Claude while he was invisible , he could still move when Hiro froze time , and he was unaffected by Matt's telepathic commands.Peter used multiple abilities simultaneously on several occasions.

Abilities Mimicked
Precognitive dreaming from Angela Petrelli.
Flight from Nathan Petrelli.
Precognition from Isaac Mendez.
Space-time manipulation from Future Hiro Nakamura.
Rapid cell regeneration from Claire Bennet.
Telepathy from Matt Parkman.
Invisibility from Claude Rains.
Telekinesis from Sylar.
Induced radioactivity from Ted Sprague.
Enhanced strength from Niki Sanders.
Phasing from D.L. Hawkins.
Electric manipulation from Elle Bishop.
Pyrokinesis from Flint.
Intuitive aptitude from Gabriel Gray.
Super speed from Daphne Millbrook.

Abilities Exposed to
Healing Touch
Power Absorption
Trevor's Ability
Enhanced Memory
Mental Manipulation
Enhanced Hearing
Sound Manipulation
Mohinder's Ability

Hobbies: Reading, Helping Others, using his abilities, Traveling, watching TV, Baseball,
Interests: Saving the World, His abilities, Girls,
Favorite Types of Music: Unknown
Favorite Types of Reading Material: Doctor Samson, and Flash.
Serious Problems: He has an obsession with saving the world, and doing whatever it takes to "Save" the world. He will even come into conflict with his family, and another issue he has is the Hunger. This means he is driven to learn more, even killing others to obtain such knowledge.

Personality: Peter can be quite naive, for example, he always believes people readily. His mother, Angela, stated that he always put others before him and that he is a kind hearted soul. Peter has been described as a saint and gentle and sweet. He is easily a caring and loyal character, sticking to his elder brother even through their complex relationship. He is very empathetic towards others and very sensitive. Peter is a dreamer, which can often cause him to look weird from the outside. He was always more submissive to Nathan. He is very impulsive oftten acting without thinking, and is even in arrogant in a way. He is very driven towards his goals, and rarely can anyone can convince him to stop what he's planning.

Other: Peter's girlfriends are always dying.


Peter Petrelli was born December 23, 1979 to Angela and Arthur Petrelli. However he was raised in the shadow of his brother Nathan Petrelli, which was the start of their somewhat rocky relationship. After graduating from High School with mediocre grades, he managed to get into Medical School. His brother went into politics, and as usual his parents supported Nathan. After completing Medical School, he became a male nurse. Around this time his father committed suicide, and he became dedicated to helping others. He then began having dreams about flight, and later threw himself off a building and was saved by Nathan, who could also fly.

Peter eventually learned that his power was actually the ability to absorb the powers of those he meets. Peter visited Mohinder Suresh, in hopes of finding the author of Activating Evolution. However on a subway train he was visited by Hiro Nakamura, from the year 2012. He was given the mission to "save the cheerleader, save the world". This mission drove him to going to Odessa Texas, to save Claire Bennet, from the super powered Serial Killer Sylar. After this he was arrested, and went into a coma from absorbing too many abilities. He later awoke, leaving the hospital, and went after the invisible man Claude Rains for help.

After being denied help, his brother now working with Suresh came to stop him from escaping NYC. Claude rescued him from the duo, and there training began. Peter managed to gain control of his powers, but their training was cut short by an attack lead by Mr. Bennet, and The Haitian. Peter got Claude to safety, and then went after Isaac. Their confrontation lead to Simone getting shot, and Peter went after Mohinder for a cure. This lead to him being killed by Sylar, Mohinder managed to bring Peter's body to his family. Claire however revived him by removing a shard of glass from his brain, allowing Peter to regenerate. Peter and Claire then met up with Bennet, Matt, and Ted. Joining forces they planned to stop Sylar, however Peter decided to leave NYC with Claire after Sylar killed Ted.

After the meeting, Peter managed to meet up with Sylar and fight him. After the fight Peter lost control of Ted's, power, and Nathan came flying Peter into the sky, so he could explode safely. After this Peter took Nathan to the nearest hospital, and was captured by the Company. He was placed in a cell, were he met Adam Monroe. Together they escaped Primatech, and decided to go destroy the Shanti Virus. However The Haitian stole Peter's memories so he could start a new life, and Peter ended up being captured by an Irish gang. After his powers awakened, he helped out the gang so he could regain the last items he was carrying. After helping the gang, he decided to start a new life with his new girlfriend Caitlin. Of course after Elle came and murdered Caitlin's brother Ricky, the two fled to Montreal.

Peter took Caitlin to the future, and after meeting his mother, he returned to the past without her. Unable to return to the future, he joined forces with Adam to prevent Virus from being released. Adam helped Peter regain his memories, and they went to interrogate Victoria Pratt. After this they went to Odessa to destroy the Virus, there Peter fought his family and friends. Nathan exposed Adam, and Peter went and destroyed the Virus. Peter decided to help Nathan, and Matt expose the Company, but later went after Nathan's shooter. He encountered his Future self, who placed him in the body of Jesse Murphy in Level 5.

He later escaped with the other Level 5 specials, after Elle accidentally released them all. He later began trying to contact Nathan, and his cover was blown during a robbery of a Federal Bank. He then started fighting Knox and Flint with Murphy's ability, but was freed from Murphy's body by his Future Self. He was taken to the Future, were he learned the formula would give everyone abilities, which lead to the world's destruction. After his future self died, he went to Future Sylar to obtain his ability. However after gaining it, he was kidnapped by Pinehearst. He was freed by Nathan, and later he went to the past to get Sylar's help in controlling the hunger. Angela had him put in a medically induced coma, but Sylar freed him. He then learned Pinehearst's location, and engaged Sylar in combat. He defeated him, placed him in a medically induced coma, and teleported off to stop Pinehearst alone.

So begins...

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