Is Something in the Mirror?

Is Something in the Mirror?


"Bloody Mary." Nothing happens.. "Bloody Mary" Maybe this is just a joke.."Bloody Mary"....................(3 roles open!!)

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"it is based on the popular legend bloody mary."


You are in a haunted house...


Because you were invited at a party.Fortunately, you are not alone.Other five friends are invited too.The party is great, everyone is having fun and after the girl who invited you decides to play "Truth or dare", everything turns out to be wrong.Someone put you to and your friends to go in the bathroom and to say "Bloody Mary" three times.Everyone knows the legend.Everyone knows that at the third "Bloody Mary", the hell begins.But you never tried this, so you don't know if it is real or not...But you will find out soon

The friends:

Female friend 1|FC:Taylor Momsen|the leader|taken by LittleMissGeorgia

Male friend 2|FC:Chris Zylka|the muscle of the team|open;

Female friend 3|FC:Victoria Justice|the ninja|taken by PBJayRich

Male friend 4|FC:Steven Strait|the brain|open;

Female friend 5|FC:Vanessa Hudgens|the mature|taken by me;

The "you" in the storry, Male|FC:Ian Somerhalder|the second leader|open;

So, you are caught in a haunted house, the other teenagers are vanished and there is someone in the house, hidden in darkness and silent, ready to kill you..You have to become a team, to summon her and then to survive.Can you do that?Oh, darling, you have two choices.Dying or staying allive... This is the storry of Bloody Mary.

Character skeleton:
Crush:(leave it blank for now)
How do you believe Marry looks like?:

1.Site rules;
2.No one liners, please.At least 200 word per post, please.But don.t make it a book, though.:);
3.No fights in OOC;
4.Spots can be reserved for 48 hours.If you need mor, tell me.
5.This is my first rp, so ...have fun.
6.Put the word kisses somewhere in the character sheet.
7.This will gonna be a horror storry, so no babies in here, hehe.:)

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Re: Is something in the mirror??

Okay, I'll get started on the profile as soon as I can. I gotta finish a few other characters first. :)

Re: Is something in the mirror??

Can me reserve the ninja! haha Fc: Victoria Justice??

Re: Is something in the mirror??

Yeah, sure.She is reserved for you.:)

Re: Is something in the mirror??

Horror RP! Never done one of those before, this sounds really good.

Can I please reserve the leader (FC: Taylor Momsen?)

Is something in the mirror??

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