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Jane Phillips ER


All of the drama of the ER...I know it sounds boring but please read and join anyway.

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Welcome to Jane Phillip's ER.The doctors are hot, the nurses are hot, and the drama is endless.
One mistake and your life, someone elses life, and the hospital's life, is dead.

My name is Kaitlin and I am the Gm of this roleplay. My message, before you start, is please read the introduction carefully. It's a lot to take in, but it is important to the roleplay. Also, work hard on your character sheets please. I'm going to try to accept everyone.


Jane Phillip's ER: The only emergancy room for miles and the top choice of people throughout Oklahoma. Always open, the ER is bustling with life everyday. Patients range from people shot, stabbed, near death to people who come because they have paper cuts. Physcotic people and homeless people also tend to show up alot. The staff that is considered ER staff is paramedics, doctors, nurses, lifeflight pilots, trioge, techs, security, janitors, and the check-in. Police officers make frequent visits to the ER. The wagner physcotic instution also takes car of alot of problems.

Doctors: Doctors at JP are very intelligent and the highest paid in the ER staff.

Nurses: Nurses at JP are also intellegent and are the second highest paid in the ER staff. They see people before doctors do.

Lifeflight pilots: Lifeflight pilots fly the helicopters that deliver ICU patients to the ICU at Saint Francis in Tulsa or transport patients back to the JP ER.

Trioge: Trioge decides which cases are more critical than others and which need seen first.

Paramedics: Are trained medics that go on the ambulance and drive the ambulance.

Techs: Techs make sure everything technicol is up and running correctly.

Security: Guard the rest of the staff except for the paramedics and review tapes.

Janitors: Clean the ER.

Check-in: Checks in patients and helps trioge.

Police officers: Help security and often takes intoxated people to jail.

Wagner Physcotic Reps: Take away physcotic patients.

Everyone who makes a character is also required to play a patient at one time or another. When playing a patient a character sheet is not required UNLESS it is a frequent patient to the ER. When playing a patient, underline anything that involves them.


Nurse Aryana checked in on Dr. Micheal.

Phillip Johnson walked to the check-in area and said to Rita Bell, "My name is Phillip. Phillip Johnson."

ANY of the ER staff is aloud to throw after work parties. These parties can be unprofessional and WILL involve alchohol. Attend with caution ;)
Romances between staff IS allowed.
Staff members having issues with other staff members WILL be tolerated, as long is it doesn't cause apparent issues at work. Any problems outside of the ER ARE NOT the responsiblity of the hospital.
Post can be during work or after work.
Character Sheet:
Age: (over 18)
Position: (ER staff OR police OR wagner rep)
Education:(High School or University)
Appearance: (No anime, please)
Expert in:(Cardio, hands, cleaning, hand in hand combat, etc.)
Relationship status: (Single, Married, Dating, Engaged)
Sexual orientation: (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual)
Accent: (If they have one)

Toggle Rules

1. No Godmodding
2. PG-13
3. Talk in third-person past tense
4. No sentence posts
5. Post once a day, please. If that can't be done, or if it's a holiday, just tell me in the OOC.

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#, as written by kkpigs
Nurse Aryana walked the long, narrow hallways, looking for a patient called "Trisha Yathis" who was "suffering abdonimal pain". She peered into one of the rooms and saw her.

"Hello, Trisha. I'm Aryana. You are suffering abdonimal pain, correct?"

Trisha clutched her stomache. "Yes, that is correct."

"Is there any chance you could be pregnant?"

"Well...um, yes.

Aryana handed Trisha a vial and told her to pee in it. "I'll be back in about 5 minutes, honey," she said as she walked into the security room and grabbed some coffee. It's going to be a long night, she thought.

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#, as written by Kugorie
Camille was sitting behind the secretary's desk looking at different files in which she could probably take. One looked interesting to her but then she noticed that someone had already taken it. "Hmm... what about?" The secretary pushed Camille out of the way and continued doing her paper work.

"If you want to get going to work start on the files with your name on it!" She half yelled at Camille.

Camille simply gulped and let her mouth sag at the sides as she headed over to the files. She found 1 or 2 with her name on it and started peeping through to see which one sounded the most interesting.

"Ah. I shall try you first."

Camille quickly looked around the waiting room at all the un lucky people and headed off down the hall to a room with her patient.

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#, as written by kkpigs
Aryana walked passed Camille in the hallway, smiling. "Already gotten yelled at?" she asked, winking, but she kept walking. She knew what it was like to get yelled at. She went back intoher patients room.

"Honey, congratulations, your pregnant."

Trisha gasped as Aryana filled out her chart, and said "Good look," as she left the room.

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#, as written by Kugorie
Camille had smiled back at Aryana and had made a quick embarassed nodd when Aryana had questioned her.

Camille contiued down the hall then found her patients room and grabbed the file.

- Tummy ache
- Headache
- Runny nose
- Cough
- Tired

She nodded and sighed then opened the door.
''Hello Mister Clanks, how are we feeling?"

Mr Clanks sneezed and coughed. "Horrible Ms. What do I do?"

"Mhmm, well I have good news for you. You have a simple head cold and need sleep. As for the stomach it says here that you haven't eaten since yesterday morning. Therefore you are simply hungry."

She made this assumption quite easily, he was a rather big man and looked like he enjoyed cake a little too much. As for the rest of him he showed all the symptoms of a regular cold and none of the actual flu. Camille had learned how to tell the difference since she hated having to take flu shots.

"Buy some cold medicine, perferrbly buckleys and some halls and you should be all better by 1-3 weeks" She smiled and held the door open for him.

"Thank you doctor." He said sneezing out the door.

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#, as written by kkpigs
Aryana watched the man sneeze as he walked out the door, and couldn't help but roll his eyes. His regular doctor couldn't treat him? He had to come to the ER?

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#, as written by Kugorie
Camille shook her head and walked out the door. She had started to fill out the paper work but couldn't help but sigh with a rather annoyed end to it since she didn't want to fill out paper work for a cold. But she knew she would have too.

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#, as written by kkpigs
Aryana smiled and approached Camille, nodding towards the door as she adressed Mr. Clanks. "He yours?"

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#, as written by Kugorie
Camille dropped her head with annoyment. "Unfortunatly. I don't understand why people have to come in when they can just go to their family doctor. It makes no sense to me." She shook her head again and took in a deep breath. "Oh well what can you do?"

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#, as written by kkpigs
Aryana laughed. "I'm suprised there hasn't been any serious trama yet tonight," she said, taking a sip of her coffee. Right about now the trama would usually start showing up.

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#, as written by Kugorie
Camille looked at the front desk. "Yeah that is werid." She laughed a bit. "Don't worry we will soon though." She looked again at the front desk to see if anyone were coming.

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