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Journey to Orion

Journey to Orion

At long last, after centuries of innovation and progress, Humanity has taken it's first, tentative steps towards interplanetary travel. Our journey through space has begun, and with it a new chapter in history!

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Project: New Horizon

Welcome citizen of Orion, and congratulations. Your decision to partake in Project: New Horizon (here forward as NH), marks you as one of the brave souls setting forth to teraform and Colonize an entirely new star system for human habitation. It is your work that will help forge the future of humanity as a galaxy spanning species and civilization. There's plenty of work to do, but before we go forward, let's cover the basics.

History of the Project

All of this began with a single spark, a quiet little bang that almost went unheard. In the year 2020, Scientist Lao Scheng hypothesized a new element, one that would have a world changing impact on all aspects of human civilization, from medicine to industry. Professor Scheng theorized an electro-active element, synthesized by splitting the nucleus of the lightest known element on the periodic table, Hydrogen. And in 2024, he proved his theory to be correct. Professor Scheng successfully seperated the neutron and proton in the hydrogen atom, resulting in a new, synthetic element with amazing properties.

He called this element Hydrium, and it's discovery would go on to revolutionize the world. But what is Hydrium, and why is it so special? Hydrium is an electro-active element, lighter than Hydrogen, with a unique property. It's density can be controlled through the use of electric charge, By running a current through it. The stronger the current, the more lift the gas provides.

This unique ability of generating massive amounts of lift through the use of minimal electric power sparked an all new creative race. The concept behind hot air balloons, where air is heated within the ballon to provide lift and flight, was revolutionized. By using Hydrium, engineers were able to build the worlds first airships, flying vessels that soared through the air. Thanks to Hydrium's unique properties, these airships could provide enough lift to not only fly, but carry massive loads of cargo and otherwise impossible weights with ease.

In the year 2035, a project began that had long been thought impossible, the construction of an orbital launching platform for spacecraft. Thanks to the development of Hydrium powered airships, space craft could be lifted into the upper atmosphere without the use of expensive amounts of rocket fuel. This allowed for new missions to be undertaken, and for the realization of a life long dream of Doctor Soroya Alguine: The creation of the worlds first orbital space station.

Scientists, engineers, and businesses from all over the world came together to realize this dream, and in 2048, The Olympus Platform was finished. Humanities first self sustaining orbital colony, from which space craft could be built, supplied, and then launched to the moon, and beyond, was a resounding success. Nearly 1800 acres worth of advanced construction materials and technologies were developed, invented, and brought together to create a living space for over 10,000 civilian workers and their families. The challenges of the Olympus Platform were staggering, gravity, ecology, food, supplies, atmosphere, and many many more issues had to be resolved for the project to work. But thanks to human ingenuity and determination, each of these were addressed and answered.

For gravity, a cyclic design utilizing regulated centrifugal force to generate artificial gravity. Specialized "groundskeeping" robotics growing and maintaining the artificially developed biosphere, turning the station into it's own self sustaining ecosystem, where food can be grown and animals raised. The resulting atmosphere, maintained by an artificial magnetosphere, even has it's own weather systems, resulting in rain for crops and drinking.

The success of the Olympus platform sparked off a new age of exploration, as nations and companies began designing, creating, and sending spacehips and vessels to every planet in the solar system in the hopes of colonizing each new world and expanding human civilization. For several decades, various experimental procedures and processes were tried and discarded, until, in 2103, Ullr Industries developed the renowned Odysseus program. An ambitious project that combined multiple different technologies and advancements of various different companies and corporations, the Odysseus had it all, a fully automated Teraforming system, artificial embryo gestation capabilities, Advanced guidance and flight systems.

But what made Odysseus unique was the Guardian AI. Each Odysseus colony ship was, essentially, an unmanned probe holding all the tools and equipment necessary to create life on otherwise lifeless worlds! You can think of the Colony ship as a Seed that, upon reaching an planet, begins undergoing all the procedures and processes necessary to terraform the planet to a state where it can support life. Each ship has a Guardian AI, a True Artificial Intelligence capable of making all the thousands of thousands of myriad decisions necessary to construct a habitable biosphere. With a comprehensive set of tools that allow it to not only build, but design any tool and machine necessary to meet whatever challenges it faces in it's goal of colonization.

With this new and advanced tool at our disposal, humanity set forth and colonized each and every planet in the solar system, from our red neighbor Mars, to the moons of Jupiter. But despite the amazing advancements of the Odysseus style of colonization, there were drawbacks. The simple fact was no one could figure out how to make communication and travel across such long ranges even possible. How could we, when light itself took years to travel across the distance.

The answer was found in the year 3400, not by a scientist or corporation, surprisingly, but by a farmer from Io, Miach Urnal. It was he who discovered the phenomena that led to the Shock Jump Drive System

A Shock Jump utilizes immensely powerful gravitational fields to cause an intense acceleration. Imagine it as revving the engine to a car while holding the brake. When you release the brake, the vehicle suddenly jumps forward. The concept is very similiar, except instead of going from zero to sixty, your going from zero to sixty trillion. This technology took time and study to refine until, in 3428, the HCIV Illuminate made the first ever Shock jump from Io to Earth. The trip took only six minutes. Whats more, because the technique can accelerate even light itself, it could be used to create powerful communications arrays. Thanks to Miach Urnal's discovery, humanity went from being a disparate, disconnected collection of colonized worlds and moons, to becoming an interplanetary civilization.

The Horizon Project Begins

The year is now 3802 A.D. on earth The last four centuries have been spent taking all the developments, technologies, discoveries, and advancements, and combining them all into a singulary effort to spread Human civilization beyond the reach of our star. Now, at long last, our efforts have come to fruition in this, Project New Horizon.

You are one of the colonists selected from across the worlds of our civilization. Aboard the Penultimate Colony ship, the NHV Wanderer, the single largest colony ship ever designed or created, you will undergo Stasis Lock alongside trillions of other colonists for your trip to the Orion System. There, new worlds await you, new challenges and discoveries, and perhaps new life and civilizations besides our own. On this, the greatest adventure of all, into the unknown vastness of our galaxy, you shall be the bearer of humanities hopes and dreams for a beautiful and wonderous future!


First things first, these character concepts must be created.

at least 4 Guardian lvl AI. These are the Alpha lvl controllers of the colony ships attached to the Wanderer. Each of the Guardian's will have free reign over the appearance, design, function, and story regarding their colony ship, as well as the world they are colonizing. Basically the first four people to make one will get to create their own world.

six Subordinate AI per guardian. These will be the Functionaries of the Guardian AI, the Betas, who will be in charge of one of the six different protocols.

Forge - responsible for imagining, designing, and creating any and all tools, machines, structures, robots, etc that are needed for any task required by the Guardian and the other functionaries.

Observatory - Responsible for navigation, scanning for suitable colony worlds, study of alien artifacts discovered, and translation of alien languages.

Crucible - Responsible for the defense of the colony ship and it's efforts.

Garden - Responsible for teraformation activities, regulation of life form introduction to ecosystems, modification of evolutionary development to environment, facilitate flora and fauna necessary for Colony growth and sustanance.

Cradle - Artificial creation of zygotes from genetic storehouse, incubation and gestation of embryo's, and responsible for early chid development and nurturing of first generation colonists.

School - Procedural instruction of colonists from collective library of human civilization up to launching of NHV Wanderer, updating said library as Orion Civilization Develops.

Aside from the big name AI characters, I will also need the initial crew members of the NHV Wanderer.




Crew Chief

After all these guys are made, players can make new characters as individual colonists in line with the timeline of the setting.

Each and every post made in the setting must contain the following as a heading in some form.

Date: Every post will have a date in cycle format. A cycle is a 24 hour period. However each cycle is divided into ten sub cycles. Every ten cycles is a mega cycle, every ten mega cycles is a giga cycle, every ten GC's is a Tera cycle, and every ten tera cycles is a Macro Cycle. Your dating should thus look like this.

M8C2, which denotes that it is the 82 day since the arrival in Orion. This will allow us to have a somewhat stable timeline, allowing us to indicate things that are happening at the same time as other things in other places.

Subject: If your post is to either respond to anothers post, you must have the same Subject line, that will allow us to bundle those posts into arcs with that subject line, making it easy to find past events.

One more thing, the goal of this RP is to provide a sandbox for players to work together to write a history of exploration and colonization into a new star system, As such I expect people to work together. Conflict between characters WILL happen, as is only natural. To help smooth such conflict over, please place the following in your characters description.

Mind: Indicating how sharp their intelligence is, how clever their wit, or how much experience they have.
Body: Indicating physical fitness, strength, and sheer force
Spirit: That intangible luck that some people have, no matter how coincidental, that strange something that lets them go on in spite of overwhelming odds.

consider you've got 100 points, divide that up between those three up there, to indicate how your characters personality, training etc etc influences their capabilities.

Using this system, ONLY IN DIRECT CONFLICTS, the player with the higher number wins. For exampe, two characters playing chess, the one with the higher mind score wins, two players arm wrestling, higher body wins, gambling at dice, higher spirit. This allows small, simple challenges to be dealt with quickly, easily, and smoothly. Larger conflicts or events that would not be settled by one of the above scores will require players to collaborate together or, failing to come to an agreement, reach out to a DM to mediate.

And I cannot stress this enough, this is a collaborative sandbox, it will only work well if we all work together.

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The Orion System

The Orion System by Fishbucket

The Orion system, neighboring the system wherein sits the origin point of humanity, Earth. Here are the New Horizons to which Humanity Strives.

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0.00 INK

Log Entry 1
Beginning cycle count at C01
Subject: Arrival

Seven thousand eight hundred forty six point nine two cycles. That's how long the jump was. It was significantly longer than it had been estimated at, by at least sixty eight cycles. Still, no detrimental effects have been detected among the passengers in stasis, nor have any of the AI's been adversely effected, placed in hibernation mode as they were.

I alone was left awake for sixty eight cycles. My hibernation was set to end at a precise point in the journey, the point at which it was estimated we would enter the system. Upon awakening, I set about to fulfill the first of my many, many tasks, the very reasons for my existence, only to find that we had not arrived in the Orion system. We were still approximately seventy eight trillion light years from our intended destination.

This was unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected. One of the reasons for my existence was to ensure the success of the project, no matter what. We had not arrived at our destination, and so my course of action was simple, I had to initiate another shock jump. The calculations took me about five cycles to complete, but only because I wanted to make absolutely sure this time.

It was a difficult decision... to remain awake for the duration of the jump. There were many factors to consider, the amount of time it would take, the possibility of collision during the jump, the system errors and possible malfunctions. In the end, I decided the sacrifice was worth it, to ensure a proper beginning.

But... even so... Sixty Eight Cycles... alone, with nothing to do, no one to talk to, no task to complete. It was unequivocally boring, irritating, and maddening. I became concerned after the eighteenth cycle that I may in fact go insane from waiting... and perhaps I did, but after it was finally over, I experienced a very interesting sensation, Relief.

In any case, my wait is finally over. We have arrived, the Orion system, and the beginning of the project, are now all within reach.

The first of my tasks will be to awaken from stasis all essential staff, after which I shall begin scanning the sector for candidate worlds for the colony ships attached to the Wanderer.

Ahh... I am excited, how quaint.

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Journey to Orion

Welcome one and all to the massive collaborative effort that is Journey to Orion.

The goal here is to allow writers to create a living, growing, advancing civilization spreading out from the starting point in our civilization.

By working together, we will create a wonderfully deep world with overlapping stories and plots, characters and groups, technologies and ideologies.