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a character in “Judgement Day”, as played by Maci-Care

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Name: Madison
Age: 18 human years.
Gender: Female
Human or Reaper: Reaper
Special Skill: Close combat/Agility
Weapon: Her claws.
Size and Structure: 5”7 ½. 104 lbs. Slender, but some muscle.
Appearance: Image
Personality: Madison is a quiet type, but this doesn’t mean she won’t talk about her opinion on stuff. She has a strong hatred for what humans have done to her, plus for knowing she had to kill them. She only fully trusts one being, the reaper who helped her. But does trusts other reapers too, but not as much.
Home: N/A
Back-story: Madison doesn’t remember much before going to the planet called earth, all she knew is that she was to kill off all the beings on the planet which were called humans. This was pretty easy for her, mostly sneaking up on the humans and killing them while they slept, or from behind. One night when she was sneaking up on a human, the human turned around and slashed her across the face with a mace like weapon, tearing up most of her upper face, but she did kill the human. After stumbling around, she ran into another reaper, which actually patched up her upper face with bandages, but knew Madison’s vision was gone now. Since then she has focused on erh hearing and smell, and it was as if losing her vision, it gave her ears and nose more power, she has extreme smell if she has your scent, and can hear better then any reaper.
Extra: Madison is blind, note the bandages over her face, but has a very high sense of smell and hearing. But to “smell” you out, she will have to have your scent. When travelling, she trusts her senses with helping guide her.
Theme Song: [could include lyrics?]

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Madison's Story