Aolani Stevens

"Life can be tough, but it's all worth it in the end."

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Aolani Stevens


Aolani doesn't really have a nickname.






Bisexual; though Aolani has more of a thing for girls than guys. Her grandfather knows about her preferences, more or less, but otherwise Aolani has kept silent about her sexuality.




Aolani's hair, for the most part, is completely natural. She does have her hair tied up in pigtails of a sort, but that's about all the stylizing she's done to it.


Aolani has 20/20 vision.


No real markings on her, more or less.


Aolani is physical fit for her age. She's apart of her school's track team too, which helps her keep in shape.


Aolani likes to dress simply: jeans, shirts, basic clothes like that. She can wear a skirt or dress if the situation calls for it, but otherwise, she likes to dress in a more functional manner.


Aolani doesn't really have any accessories, per say, that she can't go without or always carries around.


Aolani carries a stun-gun with her at all times. Other than that, though, she doesn't have any weapons on her person.


Natural Skills

Aolani has a good knack for discerning when people are lying; she isn't quite sure what it is, but most of the time she is able to figure out when people are lying to her. Aolani also has a knack for math and numbers, finding it very easy to excel in such classes.

Learned Skills

Aolani is an avid runner, and over the years has learned a great deal about that via school track and other such things. She's also acquired a great deal of cynicism over the years, for the better or worse.


Aolani can be rather bad at expressing herself sometimes; she's been used to hiding her true feelings half the time, that she finds it difficult to really open up to people. She's managed to open up quite a lot with Chiyo, but she still finds it hard. Also, on an unrelated note, Aolani is absolutely terrible at surfing. All her attempts to learn or try have ended in disaster, much to her embarrassment; her grandfather finds it especially amusing, given the fact both he and her parents were good surfers in their own right, and the fact that Aolani has Native Hawaiian blood in her.




Aolani is a big fan of plays and other similar productions, something that contrasts with her otherwise grim nature. Other than that, she really doesn't have any quirks, per say.


  • Chiyo
  • Her Grandfather
  • Running
  • Watching Musicals
  • Going to the Beach


  • The People who Murdered her Parents
  • Bullies
  • Surfing
  • Being inactive
  • Being lied to


Aolani has many fears, primarily dealing with loss. She is afraid of losing her friendship with Chiyo, of losing her already fading memories of her parents, of losing her grandfather....

On another note, Aolani has an inexplicable fear of heights.


Aolani is a somewhat distant, and cold girl, though that's more or less because of the traumas she's faced in life. At heart, Aolani is a kind and gentle young woman, who yearns to make more friends. She also has an...odd way of showing her affections. She often teases people, though not unkindly. Aolani is also quite the sardonic and snarky young lady, taking occasional delight in shining down a light of cynicism and pessimism on certain things.

Personal Life

Significant Relationships

Aolani doesn't have very many significant relationships, but the ones that she does have relate to her family, and to her very best friend, Chiyo.

She loves her parents, and a day doesn't go by without her thinking about them. Her memories of her parents are distant and dim now, but Aolani remembers that they were kind, loving, and cared for her a great deal. She misses them terribly, and every year, on the anniversary of their deaths, she pays a visit to their graves, to pay her respects.

Aolani absolutely loves and adores her grandfather, her primary caretaker, who's always been with her ever since the death of her parents. He's been a good parent to her, and has been there for her, no matter what. His slowly worsening heart condition has her worried, though she tries not to dwell on it too much. Aolani has a wonderful relationship with her grandfather, and always goes to him for advice, whenever possible.

Aolani doesn't have very many friends these days, but what friendship she does have, she treasures a great deal. And that friendship is primarily in the form of her very best friend, Chiyo. She's been friends with Chiyo ever since she and her parents emigrated to Kalani, and they've gotten along swimmingly. Aolani has found that Chiyo is quite the good listener, and she's provided her with some much needed company; after her parents died, Aolani became a bit of a loner, so she hasn't really had a lot of strong friendships before.

Recently Aolani has become aware that her feelings to Chiyo have...changed, slightly. She feels a greater romantic attraction to Chiyo now, and a part of her would love for them to become girlfriends. But, Aolani is more than content to just remain friends with Chiyo, and she doesn't want to pressure her friend into anything she doesn't want.


Aolani has a rather small family, one that's shrunk even more over the years. Her parents, Roger Stevens and Nani Stevens, both died in a home invasion when she was six. Since their death, Aolani has been raised primarily by her grandfather, Makaha Malo.


Aolani doesn't really have an unusual backstory...per say; for the most part, she had a regular childhood. She was raised by two loving parents, and enjoyed a pleasant life on Kalani Island.

Then, shortly after she turned six years old, her parents were murdered in a home invasion.

After that, nothing was ever really the same. Her grandfather in Honolulu moved so he could take care of her and raise her in her parents' absence, and since then, he's been her guardian and caretaker. Life without her parents was hard, but it was an adjustment made easier by her kind and patient Grandpa Makaha. Eventually Aolani was able to come to terms with the deaths of her parents, more or less, and lead on with life.

Aolani recently turned fifteen, and so far, things are looking up for her. She enjoys the company of a relatively new friend, Chiyo, and she's become a bit more sociable in general, having joined her school's track team. Overall Aolani is satisfied with the life she's leading now; if she had one Wish, it would be having her parents there with her to enjoy it.


So begins...

Aolani Stevens's Story

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Judith came into consciousness slowly, blinking her way back to the real world. She gave a light yawn and rolled over in her bed, trying to settle in for a few more minutes or hours of slumber...

"Big Sis! Wake up!" her sister Ruth, however, was not okay with Judith lazying about in bed. The young girl jumped on her elder sister's bed, startling Judith into full consciousness as she bolted upright.

"Ruth!" the Puella Magi glared halfheartedly at her nosy sibling, more miffed by the fact that she wouldn't be able to get back to sleep now, than over Ruth's rude awakening.

Ruth gave an unabashed giggle, smiling impishly at her big sister.

Judith smiled in reply, and without warning, lunged at her sister, her hands going to her side in a mere moment. Ruth gave a little shriek, which soon turned into laughter as Judith tickled the young girl.

"St-stop, J-Judy!" Ruth managed to squeal out, inbetween her incessant giggles. Judith smiled wider and bent down, kissing her sister on the forehead.

"Oh, if you insist." Judith teased, removing her wriggling from from her sister's sides. "Now, mind telling me why you woke me up?"

Ruth grinned even brighter at her. "Guess what? Margaret's here! She says you're both going to the mall today. Can I come with you?"

Judith blinked, and glanced at the cloak. A light blush spread across her face. "Al-already?! Crap, I forgot to set my alarm..."

Judith sprung out of bed, mentally cursing herself as she hurriedly started to change out of her pajamas. Crap! They were supposed to go out on patrol this morning, and she forgot all about it! Judith couldn't believe her luck. Ooh, she just hoped Margie wouldn't be mad at her for being so late...

"Can I come? Can I? Pleeeeease?" Ruth begged, shooting her sister a pleading gesture as Judith changed.

"Sorry Ruth, not today." Judith replied, more than used to denying such a request.

Truly, she loved her sister, but it really did annoy her how Ruth always tried to insert herself into the things she did with Margaret. Judith loved spending time with little Ruth, and she loved spending time with Margie...but, at the same time, she wasn't entirely too fond of the idea of spending time with her sister and best friend at the same time. Ruth was still a kid, after all, and she couldn't take the risk of Ruth discovering she was a Puella Magi...

"Come on! Please?" Ruth begged again, her face forming into what could be described as the 'puppy dog' look.

Judith studiously avoided looking directly at Ruth, least she succumb to her sister's desire. "I'm sorry Ruth, but Margie and I have...uh, special plans for today. We can't really have you tag along."

Judith finished changing out of her pajamas, and into more suitable wear for the day. Now, all she had to do was go to the bathroom to fix herself up! She just hoped that Margie wouldn't mind waiting on her a bit longer...ugh, she should have remembered to set that darn alarm! That way she wouldn't be so unprepared!

"Okay..." Ruth pouted, slumping on the bed.

Judith turned to her sister, and strode over to her. She gave Ruth a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. "I know you like hanging out with me and Margie, Ruth. But like I said, me and Margie have plans of our own today. We can hang out together another time. Okay?"

Ruth gave a slow nod, and Judith smiled. She kissed her sister one last time before hastily exiting her room, in a rush to get herself ready for the day.

Almost half an hour later she finally fixed herself up, and rushed down the stairs, skidding into the dining room where Margaret so patiently waited.

"I'm so sorry!" Judith huffed, her cheeks tinged pink. "I-I forgot that we were, uh, d-doing stuff today, and didn't set my alarm! I'm sorry, Margaret!"

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Aolani shifted herself, stirring into consciousness. She gave a yawn and stretched, her foot making accidental contact with another person's leg.

Aolani blinked, and slowly remembered where she was. She turned over in the bed and came face to face with her friend Chiyo, who seemed to be waking up herself, now. The young girl blushed slightly when she realized just how close their bodies were. Chiyo's bed was more than big enough for the two of them, but it seemed that they had closed the distance between them overnight, or something like that, since Aolani was only a few inches away from Chiyo's face.

Aolani blushed again, but couldn't help but feel that being this close to Chiyo, in bed, felt...nice. It certainly gave her a warm feeling inside. In fact, seeing their faces so close together, and seeing just how cute Chiyo looked when she was halfway asleep, almost made her tempted to give Chiyo a kiss....

Aolani blushed harder, and gave a little cough. Okay, enough of that train of thought! That was wildly inappropriate! Ugh. Stupid brain...

The biracial girl shook her head to help clear her mind of such thoughts, and tried to think of something else. Thankfully, a change of subject was made available, as she saw Chiyo's eyes start to flutter, the slightly younger Japanese girl waking up.

"Good morning, Chiyo." Aolani brightly stated, smiling at her friend.

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#, as written by ABC

The last few moments of Chiyo's sleep were plagued by disconcerting flashes of imagery and emotion that were already fading from her memory by the time she began opening her eyes.

In doing so, she was met with the face of her best friend, Aolani Stevens, only a few inches from her own. Going pink, she only just managed to put together a stuttering reply. "G- good morning." Despite her flustered state, Chiyo couldn't help but return Aolani's smile. She also didn't feel terribly inclined to move from her current position until the blonde beside her did. "Would you like some breakfast? Papa's probably out, and I think it's a little late, but I think we could make something."

Actually, now that she thought of it, they were going to go somewhere this morning weren't they? Chiyo couldn't quite recall exactly, having been half asleep last night when the plan was made. She wondered if they had time to eat first, or if they'd grab something on the way. Either way, it was still probably a good idea to bring it up.

"...Um, I don't mean to make it sound like I wasn't listening, but where are we going today again?" Her embarrassment was obvious as she spoke, as usual, though perhaps not entirely as unwarranted as it often was, and she fixed her gaze at where she approximated her feet to be.

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Aolani sat up in the bed and gave a little yawn, as she stretched her arms. "Sure, I wouldn't mind some breakfast. And if I remember correctly, we're going to the mall."

Aolani tilted her head, trying to recall all that they had planned.

"Let's see. I know you want to get the new dating sim...I'm sorry, 'visual novel'." she teased, smirking briefly at her friend's insistent terminology. "You know, of that one gaming series you like. I think it just came to the States, last we checked. And we're getting you a new swimsuit too, Chiyo! You can't really fit into your old one anymore, since it got shrunk in the wash, somehow. So we can't forget about that...unless you wanna go to a nude beach? I think Kalani has one of those, somewhere..."

Aolani couldn't help but giggle, knowing just how Chiyo would react to that idea. She couldn't help it, honestly. Chiyo was just so fun to tease sometimes! She looked so cute when she was embarrassed, too! Really, everything about Chiyo was so....hm, what was that term again? 'Moe'? Something like that.

"And...I think that's about it, as far as we've planned it." Aolani concluded, nodding her head.

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#, as written by ABC

Chiyo beamed thinking about the breakfast that she would prepare, rolling out of bed and to her feet as she did. A decade of cooking minigames had been leading up to this task, and she was certain that the meal she would create for Aolani would be the most delicious ever conceived of. Because large amounts of time spent playing games that happened to include cooking was proper preparation for actual cooking. Obviously.

She was sure there would be instructions on the box for the pancake mix.

Focusing on what Aolani was saying, Chiyo did remember there being talk of going to the mall, and there was a game that was coming out today, though hearing it referred to as a dating sim, particularly in connection with her, made her attempt to scowl. It wasn't a very successful one, since she wasn't really upset at all, and it ended up looking more like a pout as a result, but she still had to try on general principle.

The mention of the swimsuit made her blush a bit, but not nearly as much as the remark that came next.

"So we can't forget about that...unless you wanna go to a nude beach? I think Kalani has one of those, somewhere..."

Chiyo was unable to so much as form a coherent response, instead stumbling over her words whenever she tried, blushing madly all the while. After around a half-minute of this, she scurried over to the door and said, with an embarrassed laugh, "I- I'm going to go make the pancakes." Still in her nightgown, she then went out the door, almost running into the frame as she did.

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As soon as Chiyo left the room, Aolani doubled over with laughter, grinning widely as she shook. Oh God, that had been perfect. Just perfect! Now that was a wonderful way to start the day. Maybe it was a little mean of her, but teasing Chiyo like that always brought a smile to her face.

Aolani straightened herself out, as her giggles subsided. She swung her legs around, and got off of Chiyo's bed. She stretched a little, and considered getting changed now, since she was still in her pajamas; which, for her, consisted of a simple t-shirt and panties. But she decided against it in the end, figuring she could do that later.

The blonde left Chiyo's room, and followed her friend into the kitchen.

"I didn't know you could cook," Aolani proclaimed absentmindedly, as she strode in. Yeah, come to think, she never really remembered Chiyo cooking before. Hm. Well now, this ought to be interesting....

Aolani then froze in her tracks, suddenly considering something.

"Chiyo..." Aolani turned to her friend, a now apprehensive look on her face. "Please tell me you didn't learn how to cook from one of your da...er, visual novels."

Oh dear, if that was the case....yeah, maybe they were better off getting breakfast at the mall. If this ended up anything like the time Chiyo claimed to know the perfect way to teach her how to properly surf, then this wouldn't end well...

Aolani gave an unintentional shudder at that memory. On the bright side, at least, she now knew for certain that, despite her Native Hawaiian blood, she just wasn't really made out for surfing. And it hadn't taken too long for her bruises to heal too, so that was good.

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#, as written by ABC

Chiyo couldn't restrain a small giggle at Aolani's tone, already sounding so worried. "Supplemented by it, yes. I'm just going to follow the directions on the box though, so I don't see what could possibly go-"

The purplette stopped abruptly, backing away from the counter, and slapping her hands over her mouth, now looking even more apprehensive than her friend. After a moment, she spoken, in a tone that was even more hushed than usual. "I almost said it." Then after a pause "I don't think it's safe to make pancakes anymore." Chiyo was not one to tempt fate, and for good reason. One who normally abides by the laws of a fictional universe cannot expect to just walk away unscathed from openly defying those same laws. That is to say, those who are normally Genre Savvy can expect much greater punishment when they finally slip up.

No. She was not going anywhere near that thing now.

Then again, it would be at least partly for Aolani's sake... Chiyo glanced at the box, then at Aolani, then back again. After a moment, she decided that it probably wasn't a good idea to wager people's lives on whether or not the incompleteness of her earlier statement was enough to avoid invoking fortune's wrath.

Okay, maybe "lives" was being a bit dramatic, but this was serious business to Chiyo.

Heading back to her room to grab a sundress, before heading to the bathroom to change, Chiyo said "We should probably find something to eat there. It's not worth the risk."

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Aolani gave a sigh and shook her head, glad to have that potential disaster averted. A smile managed to worm its way onto her face a moment later, though. Heh. Leave it to Chiyo to get so worked up at nearly invoking Murphy's Law. It really amazed her sometimes just how much of Chiyo's logic and thought revolved around the sometimes convoluted laws that centered around her dating sim games.

Still...she did have a point. Better safe than sorry, after all.

Aolani left the kitchen and headed back to Chiyo's room, getting the change of clothes she had brought with her last night. Since Chiyo took the bathroom, Aolani figured she'd go ahead and change in her friend's room. And so, she slipped out of her night clothes, and into a fresh pair of new clothing. Nothing too girly or extravagant, of course; just a plain shirt and jeans. She rather hated dressing up in anything more, unless it was some sort of formal situation.

Aolani turned around as she finished changing, and noticed Chiyo standing at the front of the open door, now in her sundress. The blonde tilted her head and smirked, her eyebrow raised.

"You weren't spying on me changing, were you, Chiyo?" she inquired coyly, a giggle escaping her lips. Of course, she knew Chiyo had probably just come out of the bathroom, but she couldn't help but tease her friend anyway.

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#, as written by ABC

And, once again, Chiyo was flabbergasted, blushing, and unable to present any sort of argument to what Aolani had just said. This was partly because she didn't know where to start. Aolani knew that she would never do something like that, and was obviously joking. Then there was the fact that she hadn't, at least as far as Chiyo knew, at any point been wearing any less than she had been all night. The main reason she found herself unable to argue of course, was the fact that she was far too flustered.

"A- A-Aolani, don't make such accusations so lightly!" she finally managed to blurt out. Of course, this was meant more as a "quit it" than anything else. Chiyo wouldn't dream of actually telling Aolani what to do. Walking over and picking up her book-tablet from the end table near her bed, along with anything else she expected they might need, the purplette, starting to calm down once more, though still retaining her blush, looked curiously at her friend. "Are we ready to go?"

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Aolani couldn't help but giggle again, amused by Chiyo's outburst. Chiyo was so fun to tease, as always.

"Yeah, we should be ready." Aolani replied, picking up her shoulder bag from Chiyo's dresser. "Time to take the bus!"

Aolani left the room with her friend, and proceeded to leave the house as well. From there, it was just a short trip to the bus stop a few blocks away. Thankfully, the bus was already there by the time they got on, so they didn't have to wait.

The blonde walked up the steps, and took her friend's hand, leading her to the very back, where there was some room available, thankfully. She knew that being in a crowded place like this upset Chiyo, so she wanted to do her very best to make her as comfortable as possible.

She let Chiyo go in first, letting her take the window seat, so she wouldn't end up getting sandwiched in by anyone. Aolani sat next to her, perhaps a bit more closer than need be, but she knew Chiyo wouldn't mind. If anything, having her this close to her might make the purplette feel better.

"You okay, Chiyo?" Aolani inquired, just to be sure. The bus started into motion then, on the way to their destination.

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#, as written by ABC

Ah, the bus. Chiyo had forgotten about that little detail, though she wasn't sure how. Still, though, she knew that it was necessary for them to take it if they intended to get to most places on the island. While her family's house had many wonderful traits, proximity to nearly anything but other houses was not among them.

Before they even mounted the steps, Chiyo hunched her shoulders and walked as closely behind Aolani as possible, trying to make herself as small and unnoticeable as possible, though realistically the former was difficult to achieve any further than she did naturally, and the latter just drew more attention than she would otherwise.

That was when the blonde took her hand and led the way. Though her face flushed at this, Chiyo greatly appreciated the gesture, and did feel much better for it. She was even more relieved a moment later when she realized that Aolani had led them to the very back of the bus, as far to the side as they could go. This spot, and its counterpart on the opposite side, were the best in the bus, at least for Chiyo's purposes. The only people not separated from her by another person, were Aolani and the guy in the seat in front of them, and he was, obviously, facing the other direction. The fact that her friend was so close helped as well, and Chiyo had to keep herself from resting her head on the older girl's shoulder.

Instead, she smiled briefly up at Aolani, hoping to convey her gratitude.

Chiyo felt bad for constantly burdening her friend with things like this. Aolani shouldn't have had to go out of her way just to accommodate her various anxieties and neuroses. This was part of the reason that she could never really refuse Aolani.

"You okay, Chiyo?"

The smallish girl was broken out of her thoughts when her friend spoke, and she momentarily lifted her gaze from the floor, where it had been fixed, to answer. "Yes. Thank you very much. I'm sorry that I'm such a baby about these things."

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"Hey, it's no problem." Aolani swiftly assured, smiling brightly at her friend. "I'm more than happy to help you out, Chiyo!"

Aolani reached over with an arm, and brought it around Chiyo's shoulders, bringing her friend in even closer. If there was one thing she liked about riding the bus with Chiyo, the blonde mused, it was that it gave her an excuse to be up close with her friend. Their close contact might earn them a few odd stares, now and again, but that didn't really bother Aolani in the slightest.

Besides, Chiyo was so cute and warm and cuddly! It was hard not to snuggle up with her, when given the chance. Which really made her struggle with not invading her friend's personal space...too much, at least. But at least she was pretty sure that Chiyo really didn't mind it when they did get up close and personal. She had had plenty of time to get used to it, anyway, given how often they slept over at each other's houses.

"I'm happy to help, Chiyo." she repeated fondly, enjoying their close contact. It almost made her want to lower herself a bit so she could rest her head against the purplette's...

"Besides," she added with a cheeky grin, unable to resist an opportunity to tease. "I couldn't possibly leave you to do this all by yourself! Without my help, you'd have to fend off all these lecherous bus perverts all by lonesome."

She paused, as if considering something. "Speaking of lecherous bus perverts...don't you have a game about that? I could have sworn that one of your visual novels had something to do with bus perverts..."

Aolani's smile widened, and she resisted the urge to giggle. In truth, she hadn't seen any such game in Chiyo's collection, but she knew that Chiyo would know that. Unless, of course, she did have such a game...which Aolani found hard to believe. Chiyo didn't collect those types of visual novels, after all.

....Or did she? Ooh, might Chiyo have a hidden, perverted side? Very unlikely, but an enticing idea, all the same. Something she might want to investigate, later...

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#, as written by ABC

Chiyo smiled, allowing herself to be pulled closer by Aolani. The close contact still made her blush a bit, yes but, she still enjoyed the time they spent like this, though admittedly she enjoyed it more when they weren't on a bus. Without realizing it, Chiyo leaned into the embrace, resting her head lightly on her friend's shoulder.

"Besides," Chyio glanced up curiously. "I couldn't possibly leave you to do this all by yourself! Without my help, you'd have to fend off all these lecherous bus perverts all by lonesome."

Chyio immediately looked around to see if any of the other passengers had heard the joking allegations just made against them. It was then that Aolani made her teasing inquiry. An inquiry about aforementioned bus perverts and her visual novels. "With is not about." the younger girl blurted out before she could think better of it, in an attempt to counter what her pigtailed friend was suggesting.

Of course, Chiyo's frantic attempts to deny it would, for most people, be quite incriminating. She had also been a bit louder than she had intended, which, considering her normal level of volume, still wasn't terribly noisy, but it was enough that it was audible to a few of the other passengers, who glanced over.

Chiyo spent the remainder of the ride attempting to hide behind Aolani.

Almost the instant they stepped off of the bus, Chiyo could hear the faint, enchanting sound of bells. The sound only seemed to grow in volume as they made their way toward the mall, though there was no easily identifiable source. Chiyo turned to Aolani with a confused look, hoping that the other girl could hear the phantom bells as well.

Before she could actually ask however, the world around them seemed to twist and distort, changing from the streets of Kalani island to the half-frozen square of what one could only guess to be a rural town. The buildings were old and questionably stable, the air was crisp and blustery, snowflakes dancing in the breeze, and there was a good three inches at least of snow on the ground. In the middle of the square was a Christmas tree of colossal size, adorned with lights of every color that one could think of, several of which would clearly give the viewer a headache if they allowed their gaze to linger for too long.

And most prominent of all were the bells, now identifiable as sleigh bells, jingling unnaturally loudly, seeming to be coming from everywhere at once, not quite randomly enough to just be someone shaking them around, yet with no discernible rhythm or pattern to mark it as music. The effect was rather disorienting.

Chiyo was speechless, clutching her arms, holding her tablet to her chest, and shaking from the cold as she stared in horrified awe at their new surroundings.

As if this wasn't strange enough, a low and dissonantly harmonious chant was soon heard underneath the sound of the bells. Unlike the bells however, the source of this sound was very easy to find.

Two groups of what seemed to be larger than life sized gingerbread men approached from either end of the street, with Aolani and Chiyo being exactly between the two groups. As they slowly closed on the pair, strange symbols danced around their heads, and dark-red frosting dripped from the corner of one's mouth. All the while, the bells played on.

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"What's that sound...?" Aolani looked around in brief confusion, swearing she could hear the chime of distant bells. But that didn't make any sense. They weren't anywhere near any churches that had belltowers...or any building in general that had a bell-tower. So where was it coming from? Someone's cellphone?

Her confusion over that, however, was short-lived. The scenery around her changed right before her eyes, replacing the public sidewalk of Kalani Island, and accompanying visuals, with...a twisted winter wonderland, to put it one way. The image rural, abandoned-looking town trapped in an eternal Christmas met her eyes.

"C-Chiyo..." Aolani trailed off, looking around in trepidation. "What the hell is going on?!"

Her exclamation went unanswered, however, as a new sound met her ears. Dissonant chanting emerged from the Labyrinth, as what appeared to be life-sized gingerbread men began to approach them.

"W-What the hell...?!" Aolani stepped back in fear, turning to run....only to see another group of demonic gingerbread men approaching from the other side.

"W-What the hell is going on?!" the blonde demanded, almost paralyzed by her fear. And the gingerbread men just kept walking to them...

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"Your house, of course!" Judith enthused, grinning widely. "Your house is always best for sleepovers."

Judith then saw her friend's Soul Gem flash, and listened to her query. Judith gave a determined nod, and declared, "I'm ready as ever, Margie!"

With that said, she raced off with her friend, as they started running to the direction of the Witch's Labyrinth. With their Puella Magi enhanced bodies, it didn't take them long to reach their destination.

In the middle of the street, she and Margie crossed through the Witch's Barrier, startling a few passerbys who happened to look at them as they disappeared. As soon as they entered the Labyrinth, Judith grinned and took out her Soul Gem, proceeding to transform.

A flash of brilliant, jade-green light enveloped Judith, her transformation begun. When the light cleared, Judith's regular clothes were gone; instead, they were replaced by a long, billowing, purple hooded cloak that trailed to her feet. And in her hands, she gripped a single, wicked and sharp looking scythe, with a blade that extended quite a few feet.

"Let's go!" Judith declared brightly, once Margaret herself transformed. She spared a single glance at Margie's rather...form-fitting outfit, but didn't dwell on it for too long. They had a Witch to fight, after all!

As they started to traverse the Labyrinth, Judith found herself morbidly impressed with their surroundings; an old, dilapidated town stuck in winter greeted her every gaze, and a big Christmas tree at the town's center caught her gaze especially. Hm, was the Witch housed in that tree, perhaps?

Her musings were cut off when she heard a scream in the near distance. Judith halted for a moment, eyes wide. She immediately changed course and rushed over to the direction of the scream, and just in time, too. The Witch's Familiars, apparently life-sized gingerbread men, were encircling a pair of girls her own age.

Judith swooped down in an instant, twirling her scythe. She bisected a segment of the gingerbread men, watching as their forms crumbled into the thick snow.

Before the Familiars could react, she leaped through the hole she had carved through their encirclement, and jumped over the stunned civilians, landing behind them. She swiped her her scythe again, cutting through the remaining evil gingerbread men.

Once all the nearby Familiars lay crumbled on the ground, Judith turned to the now fortunate girls, beaming at them as she grinned with victory.

"Hi! I'm Judith. I'll be your rescuer today." she declared sweetly, as she planted her scythe upon the snow. She paused in thought a second later, leaning against her scythe.

"Oh, drat!" Judith fretted with a frown, looking over to her fellow Puella Magi as she joined them. "I just totally wasted my one opportunity to say, 'Come with me if you want to live'! Aww. I'll never get another chance to use that now, Margie..."

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Chiyo had no answers for Aolani's questions, and was too terrified to speak even if she did. Instead, she could only cling wordlessly to her friend's side, as the gingerbread men grew steadily closer.

Just then, when there seemed no hope of escape, a figure appeared, seemingly from nowhere, garbed in a flowing cloak of deep purple, and armed with a lethal-looking scythe, wreaking havoc in the monstrous choir's ranks. Each creature releasing a low moan of pain, and spraying a thick dark-red frosting from its wounds as it was felled.

The animated pastry massacre complete, the girl then turned to Aolani and Chiyo, planing her scythe in the ground, and cheerily introducing herself. "Hi! I'm Judith. I'll be your rescuer today."

Chiyo could only think of one description for this person, who had just saved their lives by wielding an improbably large and deadly farming tool against a crowd of monsters. "A magical girl..." Chiyo's voice was one of hushed awe as she spoke this surprisingly accurate conclusion.

They were then joined by what seemed to be the remainder of the magical girl's group, a small, catlike creature with a cute smile and fluffy tail, and a girl in a faintly glowing suit of armor, who did not seem at all pleased with the situation.


Margaret's own transformation was significantly less bright, in fitting with her personality she supposed. She simply placed her Soul Gem in its place just above her collarbone, and her clothing was instantly replaced by a dark grey jumpsuit, that clung to her skin, allowing maximum freedom of movement. Then, starting at her Soul Gem, armor began to unfold itself over Margaret's body with the clicks and scrapes that would accompany it if the suit were truly mechanical. Finally, a blue glow surrounded her, ready to guard the Magical Girl from harm.

For just a moment afterward, Margaret thought she felt someone's eyes on her. A glance over at Judith however, revealed her to already be making her way forward, into the heart of the labyrinth.

While observing the details of the barrier, Margaret covered her mouth and nose with a hand. While the most prevalent scent in the air was of warm, freshly baked cookies, sugar if she was not mistaken, it didn't completely cover up the smell of rotting pine, and some sickly sweet scent that the veteran Puella Magi thought better of trying to place.

The scream gave Margaret even more pause than it had her partner. It wasn't the fact that people's lives were in danger, though that isn't to say she didn't care. What made Margaret stop dead in her tracks was the person making the noise, a girl of about their age.

A frantic glance about at first revealed Yuubey to be nowhere in sight. As the gingerbread men fell out of the way however, she could see it exactly where she had feared, casually strolling past Judith, up to the two girls.

In a flash, Margaret was past the already fading corpses of the Familiars, picking Yuubey up by the scruff of his neck, and turning to Judith. "Get them out of here safely. I'll deal with the Witch, and meet you in the food court."

And with that, she was dashing away at top speed, Incubator firmly clutched in her left hand, while she summoned a knife into the other.


The Incubator said nothing as the girl that had spent nearly every waking moment of her life for the past six months trying desperately to prevent him from doing his job yanked him away. Up until now, he'd tolerated this, mostly due to the amount of energy he would gather when she and Judith finally did succumb to despair, and the fact that they kept the Witch population under control, which could normally prove problematic on an island such as this one.

Now, however, things were different. The girls he'd been trying to contract with before now were of no better than average in potential, in fact the biggest advantage to this would be how much closer it might push these two to the edge, rather than the emotional energy of the girls themselves. What he'd just seen though, could not be ignored in quite the same fashion. Besides, Margaret was beginning to get dangerously close to costing him more energy than she would produce, and that was something that would not be allowed to transpire.

Yuuby prepared himself to disappear the moment she was distracted by the Witch.

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Judith & Aolani

"Oh! Okay." Judith gave a startled blink, but accepted Margaret's order readily. The Witch still had to be fought, of course, but they also needed to get these girls to safety.

"What...what the hell is going on here?!" Aolani demanded a second later, her head still reeling by the sudden turn of events. She was more than thankful for their sudden rescue, of course, but still....what in the actual hell was going on here?! Life-sized, demonic gingerbread men, girls their own age dressed up in odd costumes carrying lethal weapons...and that cat-like creature that the armored girl carried away, with its red, beady little eyes...

What, was she in some sort of....anime, now, or in one of Chiyo's dating sims?! What the hell had happened to reality? Real life wasn't like this! Or at least, it...it wasn't supposed to be like this! All of this was so....impossible! There was no way this could actually be happening! Someone must have drugged her or something, and she was simply having a psychedelic episode right now.


She hoped so, at least. Because the possibility that this was all real....it frightened Aolani. It turned her entire world view upside down, to say the least...

"I know the two of you must have a lot of questions," Judith soothed, speaking to the frightened civilians in a calming tone. Thankfully, she had some experience doing this; this wasn't the first time they had rescued someone from a Witch's Labyrinth. Though this was the first time they had rescued someone their own age...

"However, your questions are going to have to wait. I need to get the two of you out of here ASAP! A Witch's Labyrinth isn't a safe place for us to just amble around and talk." she continued, as she took up her scythe. "Now, follow me! And don't stray, no matter what happens! Okay?"

Aolani simply gaped at the green-haired girl for a few seconds, before snapping her mouth shut. She gave a weary nod. At this point, she was more than glad to get out of this...whatever this was. And the sooner, the better!

The blonde gripped Chiyo's hand tightly, more for her own sake than to comfort Chiyo, and gestured for the scythe-wielding teenager to lead the way.

Judith gave them a smile, and a small giggle escaped her lips. She dissolved her scythe, walked over to them, and spread out her arms.

"Actually, I think this would go a lot faster if I just carried you." the Puella Magi opined, issuing another giggle at the thought.

Aolani raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Carry us? At the same time? I doubt you're that--!"

Before the half-Native Hawaiian could protest any further, Judith proceeded to wrap them both in a strong bear hug, effectively taking them both into her arms.

"I'd carry you both bridal style," Judith mused, a small smile on her face. "But, I'm not sure how that'd work out with carrying two people at the same time. So...this seems like the most effective method to me. Sorry for the inconvenience!"

Judith then dug her heels into the snow, gripping the girls tightly...and leaped into the air, soaring high into sky of the Labyrinth.

Aolani, meanwhile, chose that opportunity to scream, shutting her eyes fiercely as she desperately tried to ignore the fact that they were so damn high in the air, and the only thing stopping her from having a bad fall was a simple bear hug, and oh god oh god oh god ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod she was going to crash so hard--!

Judith, for her part, politely ignored the blonde's girlish screams. She couldn't blame her, either; this was rather scary for a civilian like them. Heck, she herself would probably be screaming her lungs off, had their positions been reversed!

Judith continued her leaping, bouncing off of the roofs of the houses in the Labyrinth, as she carried off the girls to safety.

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With the immediate threat to their lives dealt with, Chiyo was actually feeling much calmer. Heck, she was even starting to feel a bit elated. This was actual physical proof that magic was real, that there were heroes that fought behind the scenes in the name of justice, and that maybe the things she was interested in really weren't as ridiculous as she'd been lead to believe.

Unable to contain her growing glee, Chiyo looked over at Aolani, only for her face to fall as it became clear that her friend was not taking this nearly as well as she was. This became especially apparent a moment later, when Aolani reiterated her previous question. Thankfully, there was someone here who might be able to answer.

"I know the two of you must have a lot of questions,"

Chiyo's eyes lit up with curiosity and delight, and she opened her mouth to loose a stream of various inquiries about the laws this universe abided by, but was interrupted by the magical girl finishing her sentence.

"However, your questions are going to have to wait. I need to get the two of you out of here ASAP! A Witch's Labyrinth isn't a safe place for us to just amble around and talk. Now, follow me! And don't stray, no matter what happens! Okay?"

While this was a bit disappointing, it also served to interest her even further. Witches? Labyrinths? Chiyo assumed that the strange place they currently found themselves in could be referred to as a labyrinth, so did that make the gingerbread men witches? No, she had used the singular, implying that this place only belonged to one being. Would that make the cookie monsters its minions? If so, it had to be pretty powerful. And to think, the other girl had decided to handle it alone. Chiyo decided that these girls must be incredibly strong.

Speaking of which, Chiyo just remembered that Judith, as she had introduced herself, had just asked a question, and Chiyo had been temporarily lost in her musings. "Ah, sorry. Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am." Even if the circumstances were a bit odd, and she had just saved their lives, Chiyo still had trouble talking to people she didn't know, especially if she had just done something that could possibly be taken as rude.

At her side, Chiyo felt Aolani squeeze her her hand. Thinking that this was an offer of comfort on her friend's part, she turned to give the blonde a look of appreciation, but was struck by the expression Aolani wore. Clearly, she was not taking this well at all. It seemed that, in this situation, it was she who needed comfort. In response to this, Chiyo squeezed her hand back, and offered a reassuring smile, while trying to ignore the small part of her that was ecstatic that she could offer help to Aolani.

This train of thought was completely derailed when Judith suggested, or rather, stated her intention, that she carry them. Aolan, of course, jumped immediately to the possible logistical problem. Chiyo however, had a different issue with this completely.

That was when the girl in the purple robe engulfed them both in a bear hug, lifting them off the ground, and pressing the three of them together. Now, Chiyo normally blushed when coming into contact with her best friend. Being pushed up against her and another girl... The comment about bridal style carrying didn't help either.

Seeing as heights were one of the few things that Chiyo actually wasn't afraid of, a few of the others being horror films and the dentist, she actually didn't have nearly as much of a problem with that aspect of their current position as she did the fact that someone she didn't know was still touching her.

Aolani however, seemed to be in quite a state, Unfortunately, given the fact that she was basically pinned to Judith, there wasn't much that the purplette could do about it, and she doubted Aolani would be able to hear anything she tried to say over the sound of her own screams.

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Judith & Aolani

Judith guided them swiftly out of the Witch's Labyrinth, reaching through the barrier and back into the normal world, landing them back into a mostly deserted alleyway.

Judith let go of them both, and backed away slightly, looking at them, especially Aolani, with concern.

"Are you both alright?" Judith inquired, switching her gaze back and forth between the two of them.

Aolani, now quite pale, managed to give a brief nod. She steadied herself against a wall, and continued to squeeze Chiyo's hand. In a more calmer situation, it'd strike her as odd that she was the one seeking comfort, for once.

"Y-Yeah, I'll be....j-just, just give me a minute." she wheezed out, her throat quite sore from all the screaming. She gave a grunt and rubbed at her throat, feeling a little embarrassed now by her earlier hysterics.

"S-Sorry about that. I just....don't like heights. At all." the blonde added, as she slowly regained her breath. Already, some color was returning to her face.

God, this was unreal. Just what the hell was going on here?

They spent another minute in the alley, taking a little time to recover and process all that had happened. Then, Judith dissolved her transformation, reverting her Soul Gem back to ring form, and appearing back in her dress.

"Margie said we should go to the food court at the mall, so let's go ahead and do that. It shouldn't take her long to join us there." she proclaimed. Aolani gave a slight shrug in response, unsure of what to say at that moment.

With the decision made, the three of them left the alleyway and walked to the mall proper, which thankfully was only a block away from where they had appeared. The odd trio made their way into the mall, and Judith guided them over to the food court on the third floor. She chose an table for them near the back end of the court, far away from anyone else, and took a seat.

"So. You two must have a lot of questions about what just happened. I don't know if I can answer everything, but I'd be willing to try." Judith sweetly stated, a smile on her face.

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Chiyo gave a sigh of relief at being let go. It wasn't that she had anything against Judith, the girl saved both her life and that of her best friend, so it was hardly as though she could have made a better first impression. It was just that Chiyo was not at all comfortable with physical contact with people who she didn't know well.

"Are you both alright?" Judith had asked. Chiyo's first thought was to turn to Aolani, who gave a brief nod, leaning back against the wall, while continuing to hold onto the purplette's hand for reassurance. Chiyo beamed at this, elated be able to help out in some small way, even if it didn't do much, and Aolani probably would have been fine without it.

For another minute or so, the three remained in the alleyway. Chiyo spent this time trying to do what she could think of to make Aolani feel better, which mostly consisted of not letting go of her hand until she did, and remaining as close by as she thought Aolani would like. The older girl's personal space was a bit difficult to judge. Then again, Chiyo found that difficulty in almost everyone, so perhaps it was more likely that the problem was her's. Then, she watched curiously as Judith caused the robe to dissolve, revealing normal clothing beneath, and transformed her gem into a ring. Chiyo considered asking about this, but decided to wait to speak until she was spoken to.

The three made their way to the food court, since Aolani didn't have any objections, and Chiyo was hardly going to rock the boat by suggesting that this was actually something that would probably be better spoken about in a less public area.

When they sat down at the back of the room, Judith finally said what Chiyo had been waiting for. "So. You two must have a lot of questions about what just happened. I don't know if I can answer everything, but I'd be willing to try."

With a glance over at Aolani, almost as though she were asking permission to start asking questions, the smallish girl let fly a torrent of inquiries. "Are you magical girls? Do you fight for love and justice? Who was that other girl who ran off to 'take care of the Witch'? Are there more of you? What is a 'Witch'? Were the gingerbread men its minions? How did you get your powers? Where do you weapons and costume go when you aren't carrying them? Are they stored in that ring you made? Was that white cat-thing your mascot? Why did the other girl take it with her?"

Chiyo realized that she was asking questions far too quickly for Judith to answer, and with a great deal more intense enthusiasm than she ever displayed, turning red with embarrassment, and immediately became quiet. Well, more quiet. She actually hadn't been very loud at all by normal standards. "Sorry, ma'am. I didn't mean to be so excitable."

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Judith & Aolani

Judith gazed at Chiyo with increasing surprise, caught off guard by her barrage of questions. Well, she was sure...enthusiastic, about all this. And rather accepting of it all, too. Not that that was a bad thing, though; at least she was taking this better than her friend there.

Aolani, meanwhile, shifted in her chair, her mental process still up in arms over all that had happened. But, she was starting to recover, thankfully, and now she was able to start thinking rationally about this whole situation. Well, as rationally as anyone could think over what they had just experienced not fifteen minutes ago.

"Sorry, ma'am. I didn't mean to be so excitable." Chiyo stated after a moment of silence.

"It's fine, don't worry about it." Judith immediately assured, smiling brightly at the purplette. "And you don't have to call me ma'am. Just plain Judith would be fine with me..."

The green-haired girl paused, blinking as she considered something. "Oh, I'm sorry....I don't think I caught either of your names."

"Aolani Stevens." the blonde gestured to herself, and then over to her friend. "Chiyo Wakahisa."

"Pleased to meet you both!" the junior Puella Magi beamed, smiling once more. "And as I said earlier, I'm Judith. Judith Cohen."

Judith straightened herself in her seat, and prepared to address Chiyo's questions, before she paused again. She glanced over at Aolani, and blinked, recalling the half-Native Hawaiian's name, from somewhere else...

"Aolani....hey, aren't you in our school's track team?" Judith inquired, gazing curiously at the older girl.

Aolani raised her brow in surprise, before giving Judith another look. Come to think of it, she did look...vaguely familiar.

"Uh, yeah, I'm that Aolani. We...go to the same school? That's....an interesting coincidence." the blonde replied evenly, eyeing the green-haired girl.

Maybe too much of a coincidence? Well, then again, it wasn't like she had ever interacted with Judith before. Hell, she hadn't know she even existed before today. So maybe it was just a simple, innocent coincidence.

"It sure is! We've never rescued anyone from our own school before," Judith replied thoughtfully, thinking the matter over.

Well, Margie was gonna be surprised by this, no doubt! She wondered if this would be a good thing, though. The few times they rescued civilians from a Labyrinth, they usually never saw them again. But that wouldn't be the case here, it seemed.

"Oh! Sorry, I still need to answer your questions, don't I?" Judith stated, turning her attention back to Chiyo. "Well...let's see. Where to start...

"The technical term for what me and Margie are is 'Puella Magi'....which basically translates to 'Magical Girl' in regular English, so yeah, we're Magical Girls." Judith allowed, nodding her head.

"Uh...I guess we fight for justice, but I don't know about love. For the most part, we just fight Witches so that they don't hurt anybody. Or, and to get their Grief Seeds, too. The other girl was my very best friend, Margaret Faust! I just call her Margie for short, though. Don't call her Marge, though. She hates that. Uh, I think there's more of us. Yuubey and Margaret say there are, but I've only ever met one other Puella Magi, and that's Margie. A Witch is...well....uh, it's kinda hard to explain. I might wanna let Margie explain that. And yes, the gingerbread men were its minions; they're a Witch's Familiars.

"I got my powers by making a Wish with Yuubey; Yuubey himself could explain that whole process best, I think. Uh, my costume and weapon just sorta disappear when I don't need them. And I suppose you could call Yuubey our mascot; oh, the, uh, white cat-thing is named Yuubey, by the way. Sorry for not mentioning that earlier! And...I don't know. You'd have to ask Margie that."

Judith finished her little speech, and nodded politely at Chiyo. "I hope that helps answer your questions. Though I'm really not the best at answering all this. Really, asking Yuubey or Margie would be best. They have a lot more experience with all of this then I do. I've just been a Puella Magi for six months."

Aolani followed the little answer session as best as she could, though she wasn't entirely sure what to make out of all of it. Hell, she still had a hard time accepting that this was at all real. She kept expecting to wake up in Chiyo's bed, finding out that this whole thing was just some sort of bizarre dream...

Unfortunately, dreams didn't quite work that way, and Aolani knew she was very much awake. And that fact actually kinda scared her. To think, this might actually be real...God. It...it felt like the world as she knew it was breaking apart at the seams...

Aolani suppressed the urge to groan, and rubbed at her forehead, feeling a minor headache coming on. Underneath the table, she slipped her hand over to Chiyo's side, and slipped her hand into Chiyo's, squeezing it slightly. It didn't help her much, but just the simple feeling of her friend's palm against her own did help to calm her slightly.

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Chiyo & Yuubey

As usual. Chiyo let Aolani do the talking when the subject of introductions was brought up. Her uncharacteristic talkativeness really only applied to the subject that had caused it. In all other regards, she was as shy as she normally was.

Chiyo listened carefully as the Magical Girl, or Puella Magi, as she now knew her to be, answered her questions. As she listened, she felt Aolani take her hand underneath the table, causing the gamer to smile once more. Magic was real, and Aolani was relying on her, at least somewhat. From that perspective, this was probably one of the best days of Chiyo's life.

The explanation raised almost as many questions as it answered, though Chiyo supposed that was part of the nature of these things. She considered asking about the things that Judith had just brought up, but the girl had already said that she was not the best person to explain.

Just as she was about to ask Aolani if she had any questions, a new voice was heard.

"If you'd like my help explaining anything, I'd be glad to offer my assistance."

Suddenly, sitting as though he had been there the whole time, the creature from earlier was on the edge of the table, in front of the chair next to Judith's. Debatably, he may have been, since Chiyo never actually saw him move, she was just fairly certain that she would have noticed him earlier. Then again, she wasn't exactly the most observant person, at least in her own opinion.

Having extended his offer of help to Judith, Yuubey turned his head in Aolani's and Chiyo's direction, and, without opening his mouth, began to speak. "Judith already told you my name, but we've yet to be formally introduced. I'm Yuubey. It's good to meet you, Aolani Stevens, Chiyo Wakahisa."

There was a pause, in which, Yuubey turned first to each of them, before finally glancing at the exit. Hm, perhaps the Witch was causing Margaret a bit more trouble than he'd thought it would. Just as well, as it would give him a bit more time to talk to these two without her interference.

"If you have the time, there's something I'd like to ask of you two. I want you to make a contract with me, and become Magical Girls!"

As it uttered the last part, the being tilted its head and closed its eyes, its voice going up slightly in pitch, making its unwavering smile seem all the more cheerful.


Margaret dashed through the streets, Grief Seed still in hand. Thankfully she bothered to dismiss her Magical Girl attire, else she'd be receiving even more curious glances than she already was.

As she ran, the veteran Puella Magi quickly considered the situation. The Witch's barrier itself was just barely out of the way, and wherever they came out likely would be as well. She was fairly certain that she had been holding onto the Incubator long enough for them to get out and start making their way to the food court, at that point, Judith would follow her instructions well enough to take them there even if Yuubey attempted to interfere. Also, since he claimed never to deceive, and Margaret had never seen him do so directly, she probably didn't have to worry about him saying that she had sent him with different instructions.

As such, they would most likely be at the food court, where it was too public for them to actually make a contract. Even so that didn't really guarantee anything.

Briefly, Margaret considered calling out to her green-haired partner, not to let the girls contract until she arrived. She decided against in however, as, while she would likely do so without complaint, she would expect an explanation at some point. Combine that with the fact that there was little immediate danger of them contracting, and the risk was not worth the gain.

With this in mind, she stopped outside of the mall's front door, taking a breath and composing herself. There would be no sense in Margaret rushing in when time was no longer of the essence. Yuubey could teleport, or at least move in such a fashion as to emulate teleportation, so he would already be there, saying what he wanted to say. What was important now was that she have her wits about her, so that she could counter his plotting verbally rather than physically, and she would need to remain calm to effectively do so.

So, clearing what little emotion had made its way onto her expression, Margaret pocketed the Grief Seed, and stepped into the mall.

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Judith & Aolani

Aolani jumped slightly at the sudden appearance of the...creature known as Yuubey; she was even more startled when it spoke without even opening its mouth.

What the hell? How was it doing that? It...didn't really make any sense! How could it talk without using its mouth? Unless...maybe it was some sort of...projected telepathy, perhaps? That...could be it. It certainly seemed the most plausible explanation, all things considered.

...Good God, she was starting to buy into all this, wasn't she? Ugh. Then again...it was hard to debate the reality of their situation. However...disbelieving it was, Aolani, reluctantly so, knew that this was all real, somehow. After all, she doubted a hallucinogenic drug would be this vivid. Besides, from all accounts, Chiyo was seeing the exact same thing as she was. And the blonde was fairly sure that, if she and Chiyo had been drugged, they wouldn't be sharing the same hallucinations.

Still....she might want to check later, just to be sure. It would be...embarrassing, to ask Chiyo for a urine sample, but if it helped her determine that this whole mess was actually real, well, it'd be worth any embarrassment.

"Oh! You want to Contract them, Yuubey?" Judith questioned, surprised. Well, that was unexpected! But...a good surprise, all the same! Maybe she and Margie would have some more friends/allies in their fight against the Witches. That would be great, to say the least!

"Contract? Become Magical Girls?" Aolani inquired, steadily overcoming her disbelief over the situation. A part of her did feel a little...silly, talking to this cat-like creature, but she managed to ignore that. "What does that all mean?"

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#, as written by ABC

Yuubey nodded in reply to Judith's question, before turning to answer Aolani's.

"Witches are dangerous creatures born from despair, that wander the Earth cursing whoever they can. Normal people can't see them, unless they wander into the barriers they hide within, like you two did. This means that Witches, if left unchecked, will go around killing people, with no one able to stop them."

The small creature paused for effect, looking in particular at Chiyo for a moment, before facing Aolani, who had been the one to actually ask the question, once more.

"There are however, a few girls who have the power to do something about it: the Magical Girls. They have the abilities to track down and defeat Witches. That's where I come in. I seek out girls like you, with the potential to become Magical Girls, and offer them a contract. In exchange for agreeing to becoming a Puella Magi, and fighting Witches, I can grant you any one wish."

The Incubator was hoping, well, as far as he could hope anyway, that this last part would catch the pair's attention. The wish part tended to peak humans' interest. The fact that he had implied that they'd be saving the lives of people who would otherwise be killed probably wouldn't hurt either.

Chiyo & Margaret

If Chiyo had previously been glowing with enthusiasm, she was now positively blinding with it. She, of all people, could fight monsters and save lives? Plus, she would get magical powers, the uses of which were clearly not limited solely to fighting, and she would get a wish on top of all that? Chiyo wasn't one who liked to be rushed, or do things hastily, nor did she have a wish in mind at the moment, but just the idea of being useful made the whole deal quite appealing in her eyes. And, if she was honest free magical powers sounded pretty cool too.

She looked to Aolani, in an attempt to gauge her reaction, when suddenly, the girl who Judith had been with, Margaret, she had said, walked in. She still wore that same non-expression, though Chiyo, trained in the art of reading girls by her years of playing games that depended on your ability to do so, did manage to pick up a slight feeling that something was off. More than that though, the dark-haired Magical Girl's serious demeanor was immensely intimidating to Chiyo, who shrank into her chair the moment that she arrived.

Margaret wordlessly approached the group, pulled out a chair, and, with a brief nod of acknowledgment to Judith, sat down. Her posture was perfect, and she offered the two humans at the table a polite smile as she extended her hand to the one who wasn't cowering in her seat. "My name is Margaret Faust. I apologize for not introducing myself before, but there were more imminent concerns to be dealt with."

Looking from Judith, to Yuubey, then back to the girls, Margaret asked "Has everything been explained to your satisfaction, or is there anything that you would like me to clarify?"

Since the Incubator had already made his offer, it was too late to just send them on their way. No, if she wanted to prevent these two from contracting, she'd have to make the idea seem unattractive enough that they would refuse it of their own free will. This would obviously be much more easy if she just told them why she was opposed to it, but of course that wasn't an option.

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Judith & Aolani

Aolani shook Margaret's hand absentmindedly, as she thought over what Yuubey had said. Frankly, it didn't make a lot of sense to her...but, well, she was still adjusting to this new...reality. So it was understandable that she had a hard time grasping everything that was going on.

"There are...some things I don't quite understand." she confessed, speaking to both Margaret and Yuubey. "Are there any criteria for a Wish that can be granted? Like, is there a limit that these Wishes have to follow? For example, would it be possible for me to Wish to become God, or something? Not that I'd want to, but I'd like to know if we have any limitations. And what does it mean to be a Puella Magi, or Magical Girl, or whatever? How else are Magical Girls different from regular people, aside from their powers and all that stuff?"

God, she was taking this seriously, wasn't she? But this was her new reality now, whether she liked it or not. Better go along with it, and roll with the punches. Otherwise, she'd probably drive herself mad trying to deny what was going on before her.

Hm. It made her really hope that she was, in fact, tripping balls. Being drugged out of her mind would be far preferable than facing...this incomprehensible mess.

Well, maybe not. Still, at least THAT would make sense. Magical Girls, Witches, and cat-like creatures offering free Wishes, however, did not. If just in her opinion.

Aolani managed a glance over at Chiyo, and resisted the urge to sigh. Man, she was really taken with this, wasn't she? Of course, Chiyo was the sort of girl who would be delighted by the revelation that magic really existed, and all that jazz. Hm. At least one of them was having fun with this...

"And I was wondering...what exactly are these Witches? Like, where do they come from? How are they born? Do they ever die of natural causes? And why haven't you Magical Girls banded together to eliminate the Witches everywhere? Maybe it wasn't quite feasible in the past, but with the onset of world-wide globalization, it would be pretty easy to form some sort of global Magical Girl organization dedicated to permanently eradicating the Witches." Aolani further questioned, as she gave the matter some more thought.

Perhaps she was over analyzing things a bit too deeply here, and perhaps she was bringing logic into an area of reality that didn't really even make any logical sense; still it couldn't hurt to ask.

Judith, meanwhile, stared at the blonde with increasing surprise. She asked a lot of intelligent and interesting questions; questions that she herself had never really considered, either. Huh.

"Say, where do Witches come from, Margie?" Judith inquired, pondering the matter over. "I don't think I've ever asked you or Yuubey that. I know they're created from despair, but what exactly does that mean?"

It wasn't something she had truly considered in depth before, but this new girl here did raise some interesting points.