Kantos' Secret Ranch

Kantos' Secret Ranch

They've always said something weird was going on in the mountains behind Mt. Moon, in the Kanto region, they don't know how right they are. ((Remake))

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Kanto, a peaceful country, the pokemon are happy, the trainers are battling, the gyms are getting a steady stream of Challengers, as well as the Elite four. Everything seems fine. But in Cerulean and Pewter rumors of Mt. Moon stir. Which is normal, there have been rumors of the moon stone to the origins of Clefairy. But those rumors soon grew old and boring. So they made new rumors one of a secret facility there. Soon though people scoffed at that idea calling it foolishness, though some looked up at the looming Mountain and wondered.

They were right...Deep in the mountains behind Mt. Moon there is a lab that no one has ever heard of. This lab is in charge of new pokemon findings. They deal with everything from breeding new creatures, to see what their powers are, to so much more. Lately the researchers there have been working on a way to make all pokemon talk like normal human beings. However, one day while they were doing their research they made a chilling discovery.

The Discovery Conversation

Worker: Um...Boss you should come see this.
Tovi: What is it? Can'tchu see I'm busy!
Worker: I'm sorry sir, but you really need to come see this.
Tovi: Fine.

In the Testing Area

Tovi: What the hell am I looking at!?!
Worker: Well you see...We had a lead on the project. So we changed the DNA strands need, and we flipped the switch. But when the transaction was done this is what we got.
Tovi: This is incredible! I have to tell Professor Oak right away.


Due to research still needing to be done these "Poke-Humans" haven't been shown to the public. Soon after being told about the discovery Professor Oak has been living at the lab helping Tovi with his research. The building as also had a new expansion to the ranch so that these new creatures can live with the normal pokemon.

You are one of these new creatures. You can change between your human self and your Pokemon self. You have no memory of your old life, which is a good thing because you were an orphan before this change. All you know now is that Tovi and Professor Oak (a.k.a Oak) are your new parents and they care for you very much. You also know that you're not normal, because none of the other Pokemon can do what you can, but your still able to talk to them and understand them, and you know that they still except you for who you are now. Life is good.

Tovi has also hired a few of his friends to help the Poke-humans grow in a way that is good for them all, he has offered a generous payment for these trainers to keep their mouth shut and gave them living quarters. Though a few wonder why... Tovi is a renowned trainer but he seemed to give up that line of work in favor of research. He is mainly in a lab that is a secret to the Poke-humans. He is worried though... he does not want Team Rocket to find them. Nor does he want someone to stumble onto their ranch. It is too soon for that.


PokeHuman 1: MacAulay O'Conner-Haunter-Zenia
PokeHuman 2:Setsuna-Glalie-Zenia
PokeHuman 3:Koki Hira-Luxray-Starlight77
PokeHuman 4:Zale Fajolt-Zangoose-Lambie
PokeHuman 5:reserved-ninetails-HorseyGirl
PokeHuman 6:Ary-houndoom-Skwidge
PokeHuman 7:Reserved-Duskall/Mightyena-Nowfaleena
PokeHuman 8:Claire Fay-Clefairy-UltraVioleta

Trainer 1:Lucretia Natasha Blumenthal-Lambie
Trainer 2:Salem Faust-Darkengel
Trainer 3 (Team Rocket member in disguise):
Trainer 4 (Team Rocket member in disguise):



Skelly for Pokehumans:

Picture: (put to the left or right)
Age: (14 to 18
Pokemon:(please no two of a pokehuman there are over six hundred after all and check with me before you decided on a legendary.)
Abilities: Levitate can't be hit by ground attacks. (Include hidden Abilities if they have one, can be found on the Bulbepida)





(AKA Pokedex entries)


Skelly for Trainers:

Age: (14-20)
Date of Birth:
Nickname: (He hates it}
Picture: (left and right)



Pokemon: (up to six and please ask before putting legendary ones)


Oak is the same with Trainers with some leniency he can have one legendary (Still have to ask) and he is older than the trainers or it could be a younger Oak.

Toggle Rules

0: Rule Zero AKA The GM is always right if there is a conflict of rules I will solve it I will not abuse this, but I will give out three strikes if I feel people are not listening.
1: no god moding
2: be polite
3: I am the ruler
4: no net speak
5: anime to animish pictures only
6: if you wanna do something involving another character ((Prank or something)) ask
7: follow skellys
8: please tell us in ooc if you are signing off.
9: if you are going to abandon a character please inform me.
10: This will mainly be a weekend thing one post per day per character on mon-fri on Saturday and Sunday have at it, but try not to be a post hog.
11: Please be able to write at least 100 words per post. More is of course welcome and I will accept some writers block days (We all have them)

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Yep I am. I saw him. I shall accept, to everyone I am sorry! I am in Florida and was busy, so yeah I didn't have the net plus as I said busy. Forgive me! -_-

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Are you still looking for Rocket members? If so I'll make one.

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Sorry sorry I have been busy and right now am packing for a trip to Florida tomorrow....Errr today.

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Neh, so quiet. >`<

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XD Nice!

Okay now then to the rp stuff, I'd like characters to be done soon still looking for rocket. If you know anyone who wants to be one tell em. Oak isn't really needed but he can be in if someone wants to be him. Also if you look at your charrie you will see they are now part of one group or another (I herped on Tovi and put him as Rocket as well. Ah well put plot reason in the Rocket Description.)

Re: Kantos' Secret Ranch

I just had a funny thought what if there was a group that hunted down team rocket you know like in the movie Inglorious Bastards. Could you imagine that it would freaking hilarious!

Sargent: We do one thing and one thing only. And that's killing Rockets. We are here to liberate the held pokemon that are in rockets lair. What I expect from you is 100 Rocket scalps. So do I make myself clear?
Me: Sir yes sir!

Then moving to scene where they capture a Rocket and when he says he going to leave carve a big 'R' on there forehead with giant Boone knife.

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Sokay, there is no need to apologize. ^_^ I wouldn't want anyone to make a character they won't like. *Hugs*

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After some thought, I decided that I wouldn't really be all that motivated for a human character. *Shrug* >~< Sorry

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Can someone make a rocket member? I will...give you an awesome mac and cheese recipe. ^^

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I am sorry...that was my twins doing.

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T-That... that image...


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Okay I just realized my rules didn't go through. I put them on, so please read over them. ^_^

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I am making groups! So far rocket and Researchers/trainers. I will have a Pokehuman group but I will need an img first. ^_^

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....I am so sorry, my twin (Nowfaleena) stole my comp.

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Hey guys! I found the perfect Skitty Gijinka!


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Also for Rocket members you are just coming to the Ranch! Heads up. ^_^

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We have a lot of females, so I'd like a male. BUT I want you to be comfortable so which ever one you would prefer. ^^

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I might take the other innocent poketrainer. Can she be female, or would you rather it be male? Idk if I'll take one yet though.

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Like her. Accepted, anyone wanna make a trainer/rocket member?