Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM


A new threat rears its ugly head on the day that the remaining 10th generation Vongola guardians pass their rings down to the 11th generation. What do these new enemies want? this is an RP they i remaking

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65 years after the 10th Generation, and 4 years after the 10th himself died. The only remaining guardians still alive are Chrome(and Mukuro), and Ryohei. It was a day of joy at the ring ceremony, where the 10th Generation guardians pass down their rings and boxes to the 11th Generation. However, this ceremony is soon disrupted by a huge explosion at the front gate by 7 unknown enemies.The new Vongola guardians must protect their family, as the 7 unknown attackers make their way through the Vongola home base. It is clear that they are there to kill every member of the Vongola family(The RP will start out with a big fight scene to keep anyone from getting too bored too soon in the RP). Could they be another family?

This wiki should tell you pretty much anything you need to know about the series, "http://reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Reborn_Wiki "

Vongola Guardian's flame

Sky- Becomes the sky that captures and encompasses all. The sky flame is orange.

Sun- It holds the power of Activation, meaning it can provide energy and act as healing or a energy boost. The sun flame is yellow.

Thunder- It can solidify and carry properties of electricity. The thunder flame is lime-green

Storm- Its Disintegration special trait can induce anything that touches the Flames into decaying and breaking apart, including other Dying Will Flames. The storm flame is red.

Rain- The blue color of the Rain Flame has the power of tranquillity special trait carries the meaning of stillness and pacification. Thus, these Flames can be used to weaken a target by robbing its strength and capacity of movement.

Mist- The Mist Flame has an indigo colour and the power of solidification or construction.

Cloud- The Cloud Flame has a violet colour and the power, of propagation, to feed on other’s flames and expand or become stronger.

The Rizzo family are from 100 year in the Future they have master the Bovino Famiglia technology they use to make the 10 year Bazooka and made it so they can got back as many year as they want and stay for as long as they want (more will be revealed in the RP). They also each had their Rizzo guardian rings implanted in their bodies at birth(yes like the funeral wreaths and box weapons).

Rizzo Guardian's flames

Space- Controls time, and can even create various dimensions. A black flame that seems to have tiny lights and various other things inside it.

Moon- Cancels out anothers' flames completely. A pale-grey flame.

Asteroid- Gradually becomes stronger depending how long the user maintains mobility. A redish-brown flame.

Quasar- Makes anything explode upon touch. A dark-red flame that sparks and bursts uncontrollably.

Comet- Ice/freezing aspects. An almost white, blue-ish flame that seems to carry dust around it's edges.

Star- Imiates a shining light that controls the opponent's five senses(sorry Torikabuto). A glimmering whitish-yellow flame.

Dark Matter- Steals the opponent's flames and uses them against them. A deep black, that is even darker then the Space flame

Any reservations will be recorded here. If more then one person reserves the same role, they either both have to create a character for it on the same day as the other(I will judge which 1 I like more), or be the 1st person to create a character for that role. If they get it by the 2nd option, then that means the other person didn't create a character on the same day. We will start the RP when we have at lest 4 character for each family.

Sky Guardian- [Taken by] ShadowedxLove
Storm Guardian- [Taken by] AkionAkamura]
Rain Guardian- [Open]
Cloud Guardian- [Lloyd999]
Mist Guardian- [Taken by]Lloyd999
Thunder Guardian- [Taken by] Damioa
Sun Guardian- [Taken by] William Brion

Space Guardian- [Taken by]DreamerOnTheStars
Quasar Guardian- [CHILD OF THE WINGED]
Comet Guardian- [Open]
Dark Matter Guardian- [Taken by]Leej10100
Star Guardian- [WILLIAM BRION]
Asteroid Guardian- [DarwinianAssault]
Moon Guardian- [Reserved by]Xunnamius

character Skelly

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Character Portrait: samuel shainingu Character Portrait: Kurahoshi Yakekoge Character Portrait: Rosa Kuromaku

0.00 INK

One would expect a 'genius' like Rosa to be finished all her work by then, and not still be attentively working on it. In truth, though it didn't seem like it, she was technically finished. What she was doing was writing about how exceedingly bad the assignment was, not just that it was simple and unoriginal, but the fact that the whole thing was a bad idea. Of course, she was keeping the whole thing as public-friendly as possible.

But then she realized something. It too, was getting boring. She was so bored, she nearly felt like hanging herself where she sat. And the clock moved so damn slow, so she wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. Rosa was, what one could say, excited, to meet the person she was going to kill. It was possibly the only thing that wasn't boring.

Having no choice but to wait until class ended, and having no other way to pass the time, while being unable to sleep due to having already had a coffee that morning, she simply stared into space, elbows on the desk and hands on her chin. That's when she started watching them.

Samuel, being all skull and no brain, couldn't understand math unless it punched him in the face, so why didn't his tutor try that method? Perhaps only Rosa had come up with such a genius idea, except for the fact that she had arms like a garden hose, and thus, she couldn't apply it, although it was an entertaining thought. Sir Cumfrence, adorned not in armor, but in boxing gear, big cherry-red boxing gloves adorning his hands, dealing a blow to Samuel's face. Rosa couldn't help but giggle.

Noticing that giggle wasn't in her head, she regained her composure as quickly as she could and went back to staring. As for his tutor, she didn't trust him. Well, she didn't trust anybody, but to her, trust was more like 'predictability'. Samuel was predictable, for example, but the tutor, there was something about him she didn't trust. Maybe it was simply the fact she didn't know anything about him.

So there she sat, glaring at him, as if he would give in to her deathly gaze and grant his loyalty to her. Staring. Was she ever bored!

Characters Present

Character Portrait: samuel shainingu Character Portrait: Kurahoshi Yakekoge Character Portrait: Rosa Kuromaku

0.00 INK

Kurahoshi was amazed by Samuel's knowledge. He was a first rate, one of a kind, moron. They had spent all this time working on a question that Samuel had only managed to get through half of. While Kurahoshi had the answer within a minute. Anyone of average intelligence would of managed it in four to five minutes.
The other Guardian, Rosa Kuromaku, had been glaring at him for a while now. Perhaps she had already made a hypothesis on him that was more or less correct, he did not believe this to be the most possible, but one could not be too careful. Unfortunately records about the Vongola lacked information about personality and behavioural patterns. They were mainly limited to power battle style and possessed skills.
"Miss Rosa," said Kurahoshi turning his head to look at her "If there is anything you would wish of me ask and I will consider every way I can help and should help. You have no need to keep staring at me"
Samuel was simply too over absorbed in his problem to realize anything else was going on. The words flew right over his head.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Shiro Suzuki Character Portrait: samuel shainingu Character Portrait: Kurahoshi Yakekoge Character Portrait: Rosa Kuromaku

0.00 INK

Rosa woke up from her mindless daze upon hearing her name called. "Hmm?" she answered quite flatly. "If there is anything you would wish of me ask and I will consider every way I can help and should help. You have no need to keep staring at me". "I'm not staring..." Rosa mumbled, and sat upright in her seat and turned her head toward the window, with the possibility that something interesting would appear.

Though, there was something bothering her. The seat next to Samuel had been empty for quite a bit of time. As she recalled, it was Freddie's seat, whom had went to the restroom quite a while ago. 'Must had fallen into the toilet and got himself flushed down it,' Rosa thought, and brushed it off. She considered going herself, but it wasn't like she'd find anything of interest there either.

Remembering she still had her phone in her shirt pocket, she decided to text Shiro, to at least pass the time. where r u now? who do i kill? After sending it, she placed the phone back into her pocket before the teacher had noticed, and simply waited for a vibration.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Shaji Ai Character Portrait: Donovan Shmautz

0.00 INK

"Ai," was her initial response. There was a brief moment of silence, before Ai continued to speak, softly, as not to disturb the class. "And as for my Boss, if you are referring to her behavior, than no, however, it is natural for a human being to act coldly toward those whom have displeased them. However, if you are referring to her absence, then no, it is unusual for her to be absent from the room at this specific time, then no."

And then she started making connections. Jayson was absent from the room for quite some time, and the possibility stood that other threats may have existed in the building. Of the assumption that Jayson was in some sort of danger, Ai was curious as to what role Donovan had. Nonetheless, Ai felt it was vital that she checked on Jayson's current condition, even if the class was near it's end.

Raising her hand, she requested permission to be excused from the classroom, and when she was, she walked out into the halls. Ai wanted to conserve as much of her time as possible in searching for Jayson, and broke into a quick walk. Then something passed her mind. The page she left on her desk! It contained confidential information pertaining to herself, and a possible enemy, Donovan, could pick it up. However, it was encrypted in a code that humans of the current timeframe couldn't easily decode unassisted with high school level education. If it were stolen however, then Ai would have to get it back.

"Or the data can be erased," Ai said, now beginning to speak to herself, "However, as to how the page existed in the first place, is something I had solved. The transmission between myself and my Masters existed only as thought, and thus did not exist as a physical entity. Therefore, the transmission may have not even happened, as nobody observed it besides myself. Therefore, the data transmissions were unconsciously recorded and were converted into physical data; text. Many backup copies were also made, in case one had not been observed by myself or others. The data was encrypted into BASE64, as it was data that human printers understood, as they do not understand human text or thought data. Humans did not need to understand it to observe the text. However, this occurrence could have only occurred if I had doubted the reality of the transmission, likely due to a bug in my programming, as doubt is a trait of... If the data was erased, the transmission may have not been observed, and may not have even existed."

At that, Ai only hoped that estimation was on her side.

(OOC: Come on, I don't want this RP to truly die! I know most of us were waiting on Akion, but we should at least not let the RP die. Maybe find so,e way to post without him? Please? I even wrote this complicated explanation that is even messing with my mind to show how dedicated I am to keeping this alive!)

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Character Portrait: Josei Lambe Character Portrait: samuel shainingu Character Portrait: Kurahoshi Yakekoge Character Portrait: Rosa Kuromaku

0.00 INK

#, as written by Damioa
Second period came as soon as the first period had left and Josei decided to try his luck in his second class. He walked through the hallways and even managed to squeeze in a bathroom break. After all, what did he care for being late? After washing his hands he walked straight to class eager to see what other unwanted people he would meet. Then again, he only met the two girls and two guys of the Rizzo and didn't know what the others looked liked. Still, he would just guess that whoever looked suspicious, minus well be considered a Rizzo.

He walked into his class and the first. The surprise he saw was actually a good one as he didn't only see his best bud Sam, but also Rosa. He hadn't spoken to her in years and doubted she even recognized him. He walked past same giving him a quick hi-five and sat next to her.

This should be fun.

"Chello. My name Vlad Porter." He said to her, giving his best Transylvanian accent. He had been told he looked like a Vlad many times, or at least wanted to be told such a thing. Anyway, he was eager to see if she would think he was Vlad or remember who he truly was.

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Character Portrait: Jayson Vongola

0.00 INK

Jayson sighed now deciding to just skip her next class all together. As of right now she was sitting on the floor with her back up against her locker. Talking about her sister reminded her of why she continued enduring school. Her sister was always so protective of her and wanted her to become smarter and stronger than her. Thankfully for her it seemed that no one in her family or any of her friends had noticed how she truly felt. Lately it's been rough on her family with the recent release of her sister's killer. Like usual Jayson kept those feeling to herself instead of making them audible. She didn't want to make the sorrow she felt audible to those around her as it made her feel weak and completely vulnerable and she refused to let a single soul witness such a side of her.

Her mother, Victoria, was saddened by all of it as well and unlike her only daughter now she showed such emotions outwardly. In all honesty Jayson felt almost numb. It was easier that way for her. To not feel much meant she didn't have to feel pain or sadness over the loss of her sister. Only downside was that her 'outlets' for her pain that was only self-inficted pain really, left patterns of scars on her arms and could make that newly relapsed habit easy for people to become suddenly attentive of but she just lied about it saying that her arms were bandaged up because of an accident or those scars were from previous accidents or something along those lines. Jayson knew Victoria was probably beginning to catch on but Jayson guessed her mother was just confused on how to handle it all. On top of all this the anniversary of her sister's death was coming up soon and that would be a horrible day for Jayson whom would probably be locked up in her room the entire day.

All of these thoughts had consumed so much of her focus that she almost didn;t feel the vibration of her phone in her pocket. She had received a text from an unknown number. 'Long time no see little one. You'd best be smart to not come avenge your sister by hurting me.' once readin the text it immediately infuriated her. She knew it could've only come from one person. The very person that took away her childhood, her old self, and her sister. He was literally getting away with murder. Jayson was now on her feet pacing in anger and frustration. She usually wasn't a violent person unless called for but right now for the first time in her life she actually wanted to kil someone. If it was her father or Mukuro or even Gokudera they would't hesitate in her position. Right now she was blinded by anger to the point where she didn't feel when her fist had impacted the nearby wall and created a dent into it. Surprisingly she hadn't felt it but she wasn;t focused on feeling that pain. Right now she wanted to find him and kill him but she also needed to keep such thoughts and even information on her relation to him under wraps. She wasn't sure if all her friends knew about what happened to her sister let alone that she has or rather had a sister.

Jayson had begun pacing again. Anger was fueling her actions as of right now and any provocation might drive her to do something she could possibly later regret. She started taking deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself down. Right now she couldn't go to class because that would only further to anger her. In time lie these she resembled her mother more than anything because they had indentical ideas and actions when they were angered enough. After a few more moments of deep breaths and more pacing she stopped moving. She was calmernow and didn't bother replying or deleting the text in her phone as she was the only one that looked in her phone so she wasn't worried. She walked over to her locker, opening it , and taking out a small school supply box. Once opening she looked inside seeing the several razor blades in it. It was a secret bo that only she knew about and what she used them for was also something that for right now only she knew about. The though of using them how she wanted to right then crossed her mind briefly. She sighed and put the box back. Jayson wanted to permantely stop such a habit and that started with her stopping herself from using them in such a way right now. Even so she stuffed them in her bag and decided to go back into the position she was originally in on the floor, against her locker.

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Character Portrait: Jayson Vongola Character Portrait: Josei Lambe Character Portrait: Shaji Ai Character Portrait: Rosa Kuromaku

0.00 INK

As soon as the class ended, Rosa went straight for the restroom. She was so glad to finally be off her ass and be able to move around again, though that feeling would be gone soon, as she had to go to her next class. She could have skipped it, which was a perfectly reasonable decision, except for the fact that it was unlikely there was anything to do outside of the classroom. In a classroom, well, you have something to think about, even if you have to use a tiny portion of your brain to do it.

Unfortunately, some people had rather small brains.

Entering her next class, she sat at the furthest available seat. She felt she may have been able to sleep this class out once her work was finished, although, something made that possibility less likely.

A boy sat next to her, and spoke to her! Why of all the nerve! Some random boy thought he had the right to speak to her, a princess! Rosa turned her head to see who it was. Someone who clearly wasn't Romanian, though Rosa still didn't recognize him. However, he did seem familiar, and Rosa didn't know too many people.

Rosa felt like responding with the tiny amount of Romanian she knew, but she didn't feel like respecting him that much. "Not in the mood!" she said in an irritated tone.

Ai had exceeded her time cap away from her classroom, however, at some point, she had finally found Jayson. She was sitting on the floor next to a locker, her locker. She seem unharmed, but Ai still wanted to question her. Walking until her feet were inches from Jayson's legs, she then stopped, looking down at her with her hands behind her back.

"During class today, you had encountered a possible threat and made the decision to leave the room. However, you spent an abnormal amount of time out of the room. I calculated the possibility that you would may have been attacked, as the chance of other threats existing in the building was rather high. However, it appears you have no new physical injuries, so I am just curious as to the reason you did not return to the classroom, and why you are not heading for next class as of now."

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Character Portrait: Jayson Vongola Character Portrait: Shaji Ai

0.00 INK

Jayson looked up at Ai after hearing her speak and stood up. "Oh its nothing I just wasn't quite ready to return to class now." she replied half truthfully. That was part of the reason why she didn't want to go but the other part was making her stay away from her next class entirely. "I'm fine Ai, don't worry. You should be heading off to your class." she added and readjusted the stap on her bag that was on her shoulder. She hadn't the slightest idea on where to go but she knew it probably wouldn't be her next class. She was up and on her feet now but that wasn't enough. She couldn't potray her vulnerability to Ai or anyone for that matter. Not even her mother saw such a side of her.

Jayson wouldn't allow people to see her weak. She doesn't cry in front f people to protect her image of strength. She wanted to be a good leader like her father but to do so would mean to be completely free of doubt in her decision and weakness. That was what she strived to be so in cases like these she had to show the strength she strived for.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jayson Vongola Character Portrait: Shaji Ai

0.00 INK

"I'm fine Ai, don't worry. You should be heading off to your class." Jayson had told her. As said before, Ai had a simple trust system compared to most intelligent lifeforms, and Jayson's word was about as absolute as her own masters. Therefore, Ai did not press on any further, despite the fact that one simply 'not being ready' wasn't a valid answer without explanation. However, she did decide to bring up a point to her attention.

"Boss," she said, having a habit to never address a person by their name while speaking to them, "As your guardian, it is my top priority to ensure of your safety, the same duty that all us guardians share. That is why, that despite the fact that my observations of you have proven you are potentially more capable than all of us, I am concerned for your safety when I am uncertain of your present condition. If you wish to be left unguarded as of now, then I will comply."

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Character Portrait: Jayson Vongola Character Portrait: Shaji Ai

0.00 INK

Jayson though about what Ai had said. She was pretty much the only one that had yet to ever say her name but she never minded that fact as it seemed to be what Ai was comfortable with so Jayson never complained. "Ai you do not have to worry about me. I am in no danger and here because I want to be. If I needed or need help I know to come to you or the others." she said and for Jayson that was easier said then done. She disliked having to rely on the others especially on her friends. when she should be the one helping them. Jayson didn't want to be the one having to ask for help from others.

Jayson wasn't going to miss all of her classes but for right now she needed time to think things over by herself. Dealing with that man would be a solo issue. She wanted no one else to know about her plans of exterminatig that vermon and so she needed to act as normal as possible around people including her friends and family. Daniel and Luka were extremely smart for their age but they were also very nosy which posed an big issue for her but she was hoping they'd make friends this year and forget about prying on their older sister. They were too young to remember Kat so they wouldn't know who it was she was going after neither would her friends if she had a say in it. Ai had to be kept in the dark about such information as well.

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Character Portrait: Jayson Vongola Character Portrait: Shaji Ai

0.00 INK

"I do not have to worry..." Ai repeated, and paused before nodding and headed toward her next class. However, it was going to be difficult for her to retrieve her stuff from her first class, and make it to her next class, without a little bit of 'reality tweaking'.

Ai, by some stretch of magic, managed to make it to her next class, Computer Sciences, only about 1.52 minutes late, and by some coincidence, that was the exact moment the lesson had begun. Some people say they don't believe in coincidences. To Ai, a coincidence is simply two events of some connection, sometimes the coincidence itself being the connection, happening at the same time, defying the human theory that time existed so that events didn't happen at the same time, so that technically, coincidences happened all the time.

However, the coincidence that Ai was in a class with her fellow guardians was not apparent. However, there was no way for her to tell for sure if any of that 'threats' would be in her class, like Donovan. However, it was a situation like this where Ai felt she was alone, and yet taskless. Somehow, Ai occasionally longed for this type of situation. Why, however, did she hope for a situation where she is unable to perform her assigned tasks? Perhaps it was a bug in her system...

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Character Portrait: Josei Lambe Character Portrait: Rosa Kuromaku

0.00 INK

#, as written by Damioa
Rosa almost looked like she was about to say something. Well, she did say something. Just, not the something that Josei was hoping for. Obviously she hadn't changed much one bit from when they were kids. Still, she was his friend even though he couldn't put his finger on exactly why.

Their personalities were so far from each other anyone else would have been amazed if they didn't know them. Then again, Josei didn't grow up in a high class environment with high class expectations so that could indeed be a major cause for the difference.

"Geez, would it kill you to smile Rosa. I mean, that's what you're supposed to do when someone does something funny." He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "You really don't recognize me? It's me. Josei."

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Josei Lambe Character Portrait: Rosa Kuromaku

0.00 INK

"Geez, would it kill you to smile Rosa." the boy responded, despite the fact that she never wanted one, "I mean, that's what you're supposed to do when someone does something funny." Rosa analyzed that statement for a second. Of course it wouldn't literally kill her, but smiling in general was at the very least, naive. And doing it frequently, or rather, smirking, that was something her father did, and she absolutely despised when people smirked at her. She just wanted to take a scalpel and rip them a permanent frown. Smiling, though, was a sign of innocence, and Rosa remembered when she was innocent and young and so blind. Maybe that was why she still played with dolls.

Shaking her head out of the thought, she thought about the second sentence. Something funny? Did she miss something? She didn't recall any sort of joke being told at all. Still, the boy had some nerve referring to her by name. "Who the h-"

"You really don't recognize me? It's me. Josei." Oh, him. Stress did a lot of things to a woman's, everything, and princesses were included. Nonetheless, she remembered Josei, not how big he had gotten, but there was no doubt he's hasn't changed mentally. Sleepy as a sloth he was, although sloths were more well-groomed. And he was constantly, well, nice to her, as if they were the best of friends, although not in Samuel's ignorant way, but in sort of an overly casual way, which she didn't like.

"You honestly thought I didn't recognize an eyesore like yourself? I'm not that unobservant, and I bet your hopeless enough to even consider I am. Oh, and what I said earlier still stands." It may have seemed that Rosa was in an exceedingly bad mood, however, this was only her unsatisfaction. What she considered her good mood sort of varied, but nonetheless it came by very rarely.

However, right now, she was feeling rather strangle-y.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Josei Lambe Character Portrait: samuel shainingu Character Portrait: Kurahoshi Yakekoge Character Portrait: Rosa Kuromaku

0.00 INK

Josei went to sit beside Rosa, Samuel quickly went over next to him. He had known Josei, Rosa and Jayson since they were little when he went with Ryohei on 'Business trips' He hadn't hung out with Rosa as much as much as he had with the others, but he had met her. Thought she always seemed to give him the cold shoulder.
Kurahoshi was going to follow Samuel to the other guardians, but the teacher came in the and asked Kurahoshi "Who might you be?" "I'm the new student teacher, Kurahoshi" "Well your younger than I expected. Well I hope we can work well with-" 'beep beep beep' The teacher pulled out his cellphone and answered it. He talked for a minute or two.
"I'm sorry, Kurahoshi, could you please take care of the class. Something came up and I have to go," said the teacher. "Yes," responded Kurahoshi flatly. " Thank-you," said the teacher slightly put off by Kurahoshi's demeanour. "Here are the notes the class will be taking, and these are practice work-sheets for after," the the teacher left the room.
When all the students sat down Kurahoshi said "I am Kurahoshi Yakekoge. I am a student teacher and I will be replacing your usual teacher," said Kurahoshi still straight faced.
Kurahoshi began to write the notes on the board, Thought the notes the teacher had given him were slightly complex. Students in this grade would have difficulty understanding these. Kurahoshi simplified as he wrote to make it simpler to understand and be more explicit. Ordinarily he would simply have wrote the notes, but Samuel would have a hard time understanding even these 'what the?' thought Kurahoshi. Why was he worried if Samuel understood or not.
Kurahoshi shook his head then began to continue the notes as they were written exactly in the book from where he was.
Samuel diligently wrote down all the notes even if he didn't understand. Past physical ability Samuel wasn't too good at anything, but he always tried his hardest at everything he did.
He wanted to ask Josei for help with his training, and Rosa too if she was willing. Ryohei had told William he would need to fight different types of opponents if he wanted to grow stronger, but that would hafe to wait until after the notes.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jayson Vongola Character Portrait: Trevor Rizzo

0.00 INK

Jayson sighed and decided to head off to her next class instead. She didn't mind if she was late as it was't a surprise. What she couldn't wait for was lunch. That way she could go to the music room and have it to herself without worrying about interruptions. Of course life wasn't that simple when suddenly one of the doors to the classrooms busted open and out came her troublesome twin brothers. From the looks of it one of them had stolen a teacher's tie and someone's notebook. She didn't quite get the name on the person's notebook but she immediately ran off after them. Jayson hated having to chase them around the damn school but what else could she do what with them wreakng havoc pretty much everywhere.

Jayson had run off after them not knowing that the twins had actually stolen the notebook belonging to Trevor whom they declared was now their friend. They loved causing trouble but not if there sister caught them and when Daniel looked back he turned to his brother in terror. "Luka hurry Jay's catching up." he yelled and both had picke dup there place trying to evade their sister and any school offical.

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Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Eh heh heh, Wikias teach me new things every day. Of course, I stopped reading the KHR manga sometime around the Fong-Viper fight. What I didn't know is the Ginger Bread himself was a doll, owned by some guy named Alejandro, who appears in the latest arc, the one I left off on. A poppy on my part, but that gave me an idea. The idea that when Rosa kill Ginger Bread, she realized she'd been tutored by, believed in and had been manipulated by a doll herself, something of which she would be none too happy about. Of course, now I have to continue reading the manga, or at least find the time to do it.

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Woah, people posted. I didn't even notice! Why didn't anyone tell me >_<

I'll start churning out posts momentarily.

EDIT: Hmm... that's right, all my characters are trapped. Let's see...

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Yeah, no offense to GM, but Akion's got a bit of a reputation for failing to post, but I guess we all do that sometimes. I was thinking of somehow, one of us could post something that effected most of the characters, just to draw attention back. I'm thinking fire-related, mostly 'cause in RL, I just dealt with a pretty bad fire.

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Al is locked in with Kurai and Shiro. Trevor is essentially useless until next scene.

Ball's in Shiro's court, mainly xD

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Well, now that the site's back up, somebody, anybody, needs to post. I'm waiting mostly on Akion and D.A.

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

I like :D Fighting the alien suits will be fun.

As for the RP, I'm waiting for Kurai or Shiro to make a move before I post as Alastor again. I'll probably post for Trevor this weekend ^^

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Okay, I had been developing a couple ideas for aliens and I had quite a few. After watching Pacific Rim today, (which's plot eerily resembles our RP's future,) I came up with a couple thoughts. Big suits were made to fight big aliens, right? So smaller suits must fight aliens similar in size. With that in mind, I narrowed my ideas into these;

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... _model.jpg
My favorite of the alien concepts. Is more of an overlord-like concept, though not exactly the soldier-type. It's grub-like design makes it seem totally non-human. With their various mind powers they've evolved, such as telekinesis and telepathy, along with the benefit of advanced technology, they have essentially evolved backwards, into floating blobs of intelligent fat. It's symbols engraved on it's collar give them an ancient godlike feel, and their cybernetics make their power seem amplified. These are the types of aliens that can dominate multiple nations in their jammies.

A more humanoid alien concept, tying them with their Earth roots. Their cuffs and collars may imply a heavy dominance over their own kind. Their large protruding eyes resemble that of Ai's, thus connecting them. Double-kneed legs and hoof-like claws enable them the ability to run quite quickly. They may have psionic abilities relating to their flame type. Probably my second favorite concept.

http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... nt_Nkd.jpg
http://wiki.blackmesasource.com/images/ ... _Grunt.jpg
Another humanoid alien concept. More of a soldier archetype, could be a biomechanically engineered supersoldier. If I were to compare the previous design to a horse, this one is comparable to an elephant. About the same size as a Conflagration Frame, could be pilots of original ones.

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... oldier.jpg
More along the lines of the Grub-like concept, but in soldier form. Though this one is in distinctly human gear, they could have other kinds of gear.

http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... orange.jpg
A more unique, Tripod design, about twice as tall as a person. It's armour could imply it was engineered, though, it's behavior resembles that of hunting dogs. This kind of soldier could have many various types of weapons on them, such as blades, bullets or box weapons.

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... oldier.jpg
A concept for a humanoid alien supersoldier, or perhaps for the alien Conflagration Suit. Certainly gives off feel of an alien Juggernaut, and it's white and red makes it more pristine, fitting for an original.

Anyway, I'd like to hear thoughts and ideas as to which concepts people like or dislike, and I figure we can all work from there.

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Yeah, I was about to say that we need to do something in Samuel's class, though I think everybody except William has another character elsewhere. We could skip to the end of class, but clearly Shiro's gotten himself into something.

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Let me throw up Trevor's post (and perhaps any reactions to Kurai and Alastor's actions). Putting on the finishing touches now ^^

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

I'm semi-back. Well, mostly. Things aren't taking nearly as long as I thought they would. Yay! I'll probably post again for both Trev and Al tomorrow.

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Since Xunna's helped me with my posts, I'm helping him write his, since Donovan and Trevor are inseparable anyways, I'll be writing for both of them.

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Wb Dreamer, but now it's my turn!

I'll be gone for a few days, family things. Be back within the week :D

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Sorry Guys >< I've been gone for a while, because of technical difficulties. Anyhow, ill post asap! I want to see the Kurai's appearing at the school, acting perfectly innocent around the student body and with the vongolas alone; they're return to normal. Im sure the vongolas will follow the act because the mafia status is secret or discreet correct?

Now! Ill have to go read over what I missed during posting and OOC. If anything please PM further information.

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Attention peasants! Your kind has returned! >:D

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

@Xu Also, I forgot to mention, Underground is just the term I used for the Mafia in general.

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

@Xunamius Thank you for adding onto my ideas, and yes some things I had written wouldn't make too much sense.

I figured, considering the Sky flames were their's to begin with, I sort of figured it was possible that all their technology was based around them. Also, I figured, because they are not us, and don't even use a language we could define as a language, they wouldn't refer to the various flames as various atmospheric conditions. I'm pretty sure those terms were coined by Vongola Primo, as he compared his guardians to weather conditions, thus the following guardians were named that way, and so, the elements of their rings were named that way, for simplicity, and Vongola were the most influencial family at the time (until the Milliefore showed up, but I believe that's been fixed).

Though, I suppose the idea that the aliens, who have been using flames for the longest time, would make up new kinds first. And it would help hold suspension of disbelief that the aliens are superior, as you mentioned.

And about my post, when I wrote it, I kinda felt uneasy about it. Sometimes creativity doesn't improve things. I was thinking of making it Binary, but that's a little unoriginal and too recognizable, and just makes you dizzy. Base64, however, better resembled spam, and looks like a jumbled up piece of major disorientation in text, and was more document friendly than Hex, as that was it's purpose in the first place. Though, I find it interesting that despite the fact that we have devices made specifically to detect alien radio waves, a system of wireless printers of a school picked up the signals Ai gave off. Perhaps they weren't the only thing? Any how, I'm wondering when I'll introduce Ai's backup, among other plot elements, as I'm trying to hold back as much as possible, as we still need to explore the main plot/arc, before giving more foreshadows or side stories.

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Yay, Damioa is back! ^^ I've been too busy with work to post as Josei anyway, but I have this whole weekend off (starting today), so I'll be cranking out posts daily, plot pace willing. Further, Darwinian is gone for the remainder of the week, and has asked me to RP as Fred and Donovan during that time, the posts for which I'm writing up right now.

Anyhoo, I think I'll have Trevor be in the same class as Jayson's twin brothers. That should be interesting.

@William I agree. Not sure how Dreamer wants to play it, but I guess I'll just have Trevor and Don be asked to introduce themselves as they walk into their respective classrooms. Alastor will be fashionably late, of course (I'm talking middle of the day xD). Fredrick will appear momentarily, once I finish his post.

@Lloyd Well, first off, let me just say: I love what you did with the base64! What an awesome move, to throw that in there (though I had to bring up the Inspector in order to get the contents of the entire text node). Shaji Ai and her contacts are fascinating as plot elements.

As for your idea on the timeline, I like it, though I have a few suggestions in order to preserve continuity in plot. It's mainly this one paragraph:

Aliens used Deathperation Flames of Sky in their technology, their technology having already based off it, while humans used their various hybrid flames (such as Earth and Space) to counter them, along with their Box Weapon technology, and invented the Conflagration Frame as a key weapon against them.

The "Sky" set of flames seem to me to be local to the Earth—Sky and all representing our yellow sun and the composition of our atmosphere: clouds, mist, storm, rain, our understanding of lightning, etc. I'd expect the alien "invaders," who, if I'm reading your initial paragraphs correctly, invented space travel technology back when we as human beings were living in caves, to have been the initial progenitors of the "Space" set of flames.

It would then be us as humans with our Sky flames, Earth flames, etc. versus them as aliens with their Space flames. That'd explain humanity getting its ass handed to it after the initial colonization attempt, the necessity for the inception of the C-Frame, and the experimentation with and eventual evolution of the human flame set to match the might and scope of their "enemies". Fight Space with Space, fire with fire (bad pun, I know).

The space flame set is OP. If it was the way you suggest, and the Aliens had Sky while we had Space, we would have crushed them. Dark Matter and Moon alone would crush them. That, combined with the fact that they are the space travellers and not us, leads me believe that it'd make more sense the other way around.

As for the C-Frame, it'll eventually be revealed during the Alien Invasion arc that was discussed earlier that the creation of the initial C-Frame was made possible thanks to us (humans) reverse engineering one of the Alien's "frames". From there, we brought their tech, our Mosca tech, and all our Box Weapon research (including data on Byakuran) together to create the first C-Frame prototype, which Trevor was selected to test out and eventually pilot. That means that, if we RP all the way to said Alien Invasion arc, they'll be using mechs similar—though inferior—to the C-Frame when engaging us. It'll be fun ... or a horrible demise, one of those <_<

Also, future humans have something similar to the Alien's TID database. They call it the Terranet. Future humans have a telepathic link (through an implant) to a structure resembling our "internet," and they can query the Terranet and each other all around the world instantly. Virtual reality meets futuristic wireless tech meets the internet. Yay, future!

However, the Terranet cannot be accessed vertically through the fourth dimension like the Alien's TID. Trevor's C-Frame has a local store of a large part of the Terranet (future storage capacity is measured in zettabytes), but he doesn't have access to any future data he doesn't already have.

All in all though, I love the ideas ^^ What does everyone else think?

P.S. Who are / what is "the Underground"?

Re: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: The new generation RM

Alright, I came up with a couple ideas of the timeline of the RP in relation to aliens and technology, along with an explanation of what exactly the 'database' Ai was tapping into, and how she could find research on things that didn't even exist. If anybody disagrees with this timeline, feel free to present your own ideas, as these are only my own ideas, and heck, we could simply decline everything I've suggested here if it doesn't work. Or you could add on to my ideas as well. The way I figure it, every idea is twice as good as the last. Anyhow, here's how it goes.

The Aliens (with no real title whatsoever) existed throughout history, and have interacted with Earth multiple times, with different intents.

They had existed on Earth before humans, and continued to exist during the early chapters of human existence on Earth, and maintained the Tri-ni-set, in the form of Seven Stones, but as they began to die out, due to them developing shorter lifespans, they decided to flee from the planet, but had to entrust the Tri-ni-set to humans, splitting the original stones into the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, Vongola Rings and Mare Rings. Many of these beings were revered as Gods, as their supernatural powers seemed godlike, which was because of their connection to the Tri-ni-set.

When moving to another planet, these beings had to rebuild their society from the ground. However, as they built up their society, quite rapidly at that, they went through rapid spiritual reform, essentially re-evolving all of their godly powers they'd once had before, having lost them when they were disconnected from the Tri-ni-set. Also, due to their short lifespans, generations passed by quickly for them, and they'd lost most knowledge of their pasts on Earth.

Then, around the 1950s, the Aliens had already re-constructed space travel technology, and had come across a planet known as Earth, with life on it, and started studying it, abducting Pvarious inhabitants and conducting analysis and experiments on abductees, using their advanced powers of brain manipulation to disguise themselves. Not long before this, the first Alien prototype 'thought-based computers' were under development. During this time, such as during the time of Vongola 10th, time-travel was developed by the Underground.

Decades afterward, during the time of Vongola 11th, human government branches were well aware of the Alien activities on Earth, and have actively been threatening the abductors to discontinue their actions on Earth, before any peaceful interactions can be made. The Aliens, however, had no way of expressing their thoughts to humans, nor any way of understanding human messages, so they had to rely on Alien probes (such as Ai) conveniently sent from the future to translate thoughts for both parties. At this point, the 'Thought-Integrated Database' (TID) was finalized and used commonly among Aliens and their research probes. Also, at this time, Box Weapon technology was beginning to be applied by governments in various countries of the UN, such as Italy and Japan.

Then, under a century in the future, some more ambitious Alien leaders wanted to establish Alien Colonies on Earth, and even allow transportation between citizens of both worlds, to help strengthen bonds between the two races, an idea brought up many times, but refused by human governments, thus bringing doubt among the true relationship between the two races. Aliens were still being kept as a secret from the public. Then, an Alien Leader decided he wanted to colonize Earth by force, thus starting the Invasion. Aliens used Deathperation Flames of Sky in their technology, their technology having already based off it, while humans used their various hybrid flames (such as Earth and Space) to counter them, along with their Box Weapon technology, and invented the Conflagration Frame as a key weapon against them. The result of the war is undetermined, as there are equal amounts of possible futures for both results. At this point in time, time-travel was being developed by Aliens, whereas humans had already perfected it, but deemed it forbidden, but some places in the underground used it, such as the Rizzo Famiglia. Supposedly, artifacts of the Tri-ni-set, such as the Vongola Rings, were destroyed.

Whatever the result was, Aliens managed to survive the conflict. Far into the future, at an unknown time, Earth had become unable to sustain itself, due to the destruction of the Tri-ni-set. The Aliens of this time had uncovered old documents about it within the TID, and decided to send a probe back in time to research it. At this time, the Aliens had developed time-travel. However, as they learned more of it and the power it held, there were many conflicted ideas as to what they wanted to do about it, and what they would do, should they obtain it, if they chose to, and how they would do it.

Thought-Integrated Database: Basically, it's the internet of the Aliens, developed by the collective telepathic powers of the Aliens, it's a system of shared knowledge that any Alien can use to gain and share information. However, this system has been further developed so that it can access information not only from the past, but from the future as well. A request for information is saved in the system until a point in time when transmitting data through time became possible, known as the Transmission Point. Then, the data requested, if it exists, is sent as a telepathic signal back to the time that the request was saved. Ai had demonstrated doing this before, when requesting for information on the Space Flames and Conflagration Frame.