... where do you think, herbivore?Hanasuke Midori

I'm not strong, but I'll do my best!

a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn: The Strength of Faith”, as played by Everscale

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Name - Hanasuke Midori
Age - 14
Flame(s) - Thunder
Appearance - Slightly unruly blonde hair and intense, determined russet eyes. Though small in stature, he makes up for it in spirit and kindness.
Roleplaying Sample -
Midori glanced around at the others, eyes alight. He clapped his hands together.
"Yes!" He cried, "We fight together!"


Personality - He is a sweet, caring boy who always does his best to help others, no matter what the task. He knows he is not strong, but back home he was the sort who always stood up to bullies. And often ended up using his body as a shield against them. That is where all his scars came from.
Likes - Animals, friends, protecting people, reading, just... anything with friends.
Dislikes - Bullies, pain, his own weakness, the dark, spiders.


Weapon - His weapon suits his personality; he fights with a shield.
Box Animal - Spiders, ironically. They spin a web of Thunder flames which act as shields.

So begins...

Hanasuke Midori's Story