... where do you think, herbivore?Hibari Kouta

I want to be just like my Daddy!

a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn: The Strength of Faith”, as played by Everscale

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Name - Hibari Kouta
Age - 5
Flame(s) - Um.... sky.... >.> weird.
Appearance - Straight, flowing black hair and huge, innocent blue eyes. He is tiny, even for his age, and fragile in appearance.
Likes - Coloring, bedtime stories, tag, hide-and-seek, animals, family.
Dislikes - Fighting, loud noises, the dark, pain, bright flashes, death, loss.
Roleplaying Sample -
Kouta looked up, dropping his toys when he saw who it was. He reached up, giggling as the Vongola Decimo lifted him into his arms.
"Tu-san!" He giggled, kissing Tsuna happily. Tsuna laughed, hugging the boy tightly.


Personality - Meek and timid, he can be an exasperation for his father, the ace of the Vongola family, Hibari Kyouya. He is very sweet and caring, and loves to play with others. The only people in the world he is not afraid of are the Vongola and their friends, and that is only because his young mind can not match the Vongola Guardians in battle with the people he knows in real life. He loves sweet things, and drawing, and he enjoys spending time with his family... or anyone. He is completely naive.


Weapon - Nothing... yet.
Box Animal - Same as the weapon.


The five-year old son of the Cloud Guardian of Vongola Decimo, no one was told who his mother was. Even little Kouta does not know.
All anyone knows is that Kouta bears the sky flame.

So begins...

Hibari Kouta's Story