... where do you think, herbivore?Saruwatari Ayumu

No one will ever stop me from protecting them again.

a character in “Katekyo Hitman Reborn: The Strength of Faith”, as played by Everscale

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Name - Saruwatari Ayumu
Age - 17
Flame(s) - Cloud, Rain, Mist
Appearance - Long, wavy yellow hair and dark brown eyes. She is tall and slender, almost delicate in appearance. But she is everything but delicate; her entire body is lined with muscles.
Personality - She is dark, cold, and mature. She holds herself aloof from most people, choosing to act as a guardian at all times. She protects those who need protecting, and has no interest in friends. Or so it first appears. If someone can really reach her, she will become the most loyal Guardian there is.
Likes - reading, nature, sleeping in the sunlight, swords, martial arts, protecting others, sakura blossoms, rain.
Dislikes - interruptions, ignorance, unnecessary noise, illiteracy, cruelty, loss.
Weapon - the katana and its sheath are both weapons
Box Animal - male clouded leopard named named Neve
Roleplaying Sample -
Slowly, Ayumu drew her sword out of its sheath. And then she pulled the sheath from her belt, as well, holding them out to her sides, poised and ready.
"Do not touch him again." She whispered, "Or you will not live to see the rain clear."

So begins...

Saruwatari Ayumu's Story