Kelton's Asylum

Kelton's Asylum

In the many floors of Kelton's Asylum there are numerous patients, most suffering from various different mental disorders or other ailments. The patients can be really nice sometimes as well. To bad they are disappearing and never heard of again.

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Strange things are a foot at Kelton's Asylum. Patients keep disappearing in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. Or if they do return, they are never the same. Just what on earth is going on at Kelton's that is causing the patients to be more distressed and disturbed than they were already? Can the inmates trust any of the staff, that are even crazier than the patients? Can they even trust among themselves?

Setting: I am wanting the setting to be around the 1950's where Asylums were more common.

**Character Profiles**

Note: All characters will have to go through Character Approval by myself.

*Information I would like included on the profile*

Description: You can have a picture of you like, but if not, please describe your character in almost over specific details.
Age: *Nobody under the age of 17 please.*
What they ail from: *AKA their disorder/reason why they are in the Asylum*


*This pretty much explains itself.


*Weapons aren't really allowed in any correctional facility and that includes Asylums. Their abilities could tie into their disorder. For example: The ability to see ghosts. Many people do not believe in ghosts so they shun those that believe they can as crazy or mentally disturbed.


*Again, explainable by itself, but if you cannot think of a history for your character, just leave this part blank for the moment and come back to it once you have figured it out.

Toggle Rules

1: No God mods
2: Grammar, spelling, and punctuation count. They are what stands between "Let's eat Grandma." and "Let's eat, Grandma.
3: Be respectful to all the other players
4: Any discussions of characters shall be done via PM's
5: Chat based not forum based

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