The Galaxy and Beyond.Meryl

Good Space Witch

a character in “Kill Celeste!”, as played by LovelyLisey

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Age: ?

Race: Witch

Home World: The Mansion

Position: Fairy Guide

Meryl has long blonde hair and wide green eyes that are widened in perpetual shock. Like her sister, she wears ridiculous clown clothes that just so happen to be the cutting edge of fashion in this futuristic galaxy. She is shackled and in chains, which wind throughout the tower. It is impossible to find the source of the chains.


Meryl is much kinder than her sister, which is actually pretty easy to do. It's also kind of hard to tell, because recently she’s really taken the cryptic guide role to heart. Meryl is a bit of a broken shell, and she tends to wander around in a very creepy way, making incoherent statements and generally acting traumatized. She twists herself into a pretzel when she walks. She almost never actually looks at the person that she is talking to. She would rather address the ceiling, or that wall. She can bring chalk erasers out of hammer space to throw at people who don’t listen to her.


Since her twin sister and dark space witch Celeste has taken over this dimension, Meryl has been relegated to the role of spirit guide for the contestants. She is available as a prize option in each of the seven towers, where she will say something cryptic that may or may not be useful. It is unclear how she shows up in each of the seven towers at the same time (and also in multiple locations in the tower at the same time,) but unlike her sister Celeste, she seems to be the same person every time. Given her chains, it is safe to assume that Meryl is Celeste’s hostage.

Theme Song: Lullaby for a Stormy Night by Vienna Teng

Quote: “There was once a porcupine at a babbling brook. Pay attention, this is important! He found a fishing hook. The end.”

Likes: Not walking normally.

Dislikes: Walking normally.

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