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A new evil has sprung forth, leaving master Yen Sid with only one choice, to call upon Sora once more. However, this time, he won't be the one saving the world.

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"master Yen Sid, you wished to see me?" Sora stood on the opposite side of the desk from the wise man.
"yes, Sora. I'm afraid I must call on you again."
"Is their more turmoil in the worlds? I'll take care of it. As a master of the keyblade, I-"
"Oh no my boy, I'm not asking you to go out and save the world again. I'm asking you to release your powers. To let the power of the keyblades return in it's entirety to the keyblades themselves." the master interrupted.
Sora blinked in confusion, "I-I'm afraid I don't know what you mean."
"the power of the keyblade was shared with you. You and he keyblade became, in a sense, one. It is now time to you to give back that power. A great new evil has befallen the worlds once again, and the only way for the worlds to be saved, I fear, is to give the power of the keyblades back to the keyblades' spirits."
"the... Keyblade spirits?"
"I'm sure you must have felt it before? Everytime you changed the appearance of the keyblade, you felt a new spirit, a new power flowing through you? Those werethe spirits, sharing their power with you. It is time to let the spirits do their work, and to let them save us." yen Sid explained in great monotone voice.
"so, how will the keyblades fight on their own?"sora miffed.
"Each keyblade spirit was once a spirit of their own. They were created from warriors that dedicated themselves to saving the worlds, and pledged their hearts to the light. Once you, the last true keyblade master, give up your power to them, their original forms will be restored, and they may fight to savethe worlds once more."

Well, that's your preview! Now, simply choose a keyblade you want to be the spirit of, and fill out the character bio! Note, that there are limited spots, but I am uncertain how many keyblades I want to be involved. There can also be spots for villains, but note that vilains would mostly have to be OC's (Original Characters).

Please include at least this info in your character submission.
Name (should be pegged, or identical to your keyblade):
Appearance (humanoid form, and pictures preferred):
History (who used you, fondest memories, etc):
Powers: (please have one, it can be from the game, or not. I'm giving you room to make up you own):
Fighting style (do they summon the keyblade they represent, fight with hands, etc.):
World the keyblade is found in, or is in atthe time of awakening:

Kingdom keys are off limits.

Keys in use: (will be uploaded as they are accepted)


I had typed up rules, but they didn't post -_-#
don't godmod, don't post less than a paragraph, everyone maintains the same power for the most part, you can make up your own keyblade to become, but you must post all info, and a picture, and I must approve it. You must also post "oath of oblivion" at the end of you character submission to prove that you read these cramping thrown together rules.

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DUDE! Sorry! RPG never notified me that someone had posted, and I've been into my Academy RP. Oblivion and oathkeeper would be cool, but maybe get two other RPers to play the villains? Otherwise I'm cool with two.

Again, sorry for the super delayed post!

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So, it seems like this could become interesting because it is completly new. After all Xehanort shouldn't be involved in any way... right? anyway, if would it be alright to have two characters? either Oblivion and Oathkeeper or else, one of them would be a villian who came back from a keyblade, the one being the one you get from Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. Not sure what keyblade I would then choose for the good character but that can be thought of later.

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