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Kiari's Son

a character in “Kingdom Hearts: New Keybearers New Quest”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Hiroshi is very serious about most, and pretty smart when it comes to school. He lives with his mother who seemed to be so different from Hiroshi. Hiro refuses to eat anything with meat for some odd reason, he mostly likes fruit. He really likes sweets, though he isn't one that is obssesed with getting sweets, when he gets them it's hard to even tell if he really likes them because he doesn't really say anything about it. Though when he was little he had told his friends once that the reason he likes fruit so much is because most of them taste sweet, so really that was the only way to tell that he likes anything sweet, as long as it isnt meat. Hiroshi normally is quiet and protects any of his friends at any time.


Keyblade, Oblivion



Hiro has been with his mom for a while now, and just his mother, he won't normally say anything about his father, though he does remember his father. He was about five years old when his father had left them, but that didn't seem to affect his mother at all. Hiro had decided that because of that, he didn't really have to talk about his father and didn't have to even utter his father's name anymore for leaving them and not coming back. He had always been the one in school to get good grades and didn't seem to be trying all that hard, and yet if you saw him at home that is all he did was study and read, the only time he would come out of his room was to eat or hang out with his friends in the afternoon, after all of his homework was done. He and Kaori have been friends since they were small, and Hiroshi thinks of her as a sister, and nothing more than that.

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