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Sora's Daughter

a character in “Kingdom Hearts: New Keybearers New Quest”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Kaori, seems to act a bit like her father, she is just a happy person. She is a bit ignorant at times, and just doesn't seem to know what is going on normally. Yet, at the same time she knows about everything that is going on, it's almost like she just acts she has no idea what happens around the place.


Keyblade, Ultima



Kaori doesn't remember her mother, as her father had told her she died when she was really little. She just never really been that sad about it because she never knew her mother so it didn't matter too much to her. She was just happy to have her father there, she never really liked school as she wasn't a person that liked to work ever, she found it too annoying to be in school learning when it's more fun to be outside doing something. Kaori hangs out with Hiro normally, he is like an older brother to her. Kaori used to have a crush on him when she was younger, but that went away as they seen each other so much that they were sort of sick of each other.

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