Kingdom HeartsMiyami

Keyblade Wielder of Telekinetic and Light Elements

a character in “Kingdom Hearts X: The Shadowed Light”, as played by Hanagumori

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Name: Miyami
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Power: Light/telekinetic, although at times, a strange force makes her want to commit things related to darkness. Other than that, she's light.
Abilities: With enough focus, she grasps the power of telekinesis and she can float. During battle, she is free to fly around as she pleases(this is because of her energy, probably.), but as she is air-borne, her strength with her keyblade is weaker because she can't control its weight very well.
1) Telekinetic Throw - Hurls a random object nearby to enemies.
2) Cura - Medium powered healing spell.
3) Over-heated - When Miyami is angered in battle or desperate, she can summon enough strength to herself so she could perform strong attacks.
4) ??? - Undeveloped skill; unknown; randomly occurs in battle.

Weapon: Her weapon is this keyblade:
Although, it's pretty heavy.
It's called the Radiant Guardian. (Obviously, her role is to defend others~)


Home: After Miyami's parents died, she moved to Destiny Islands until she was old enough to go to school, where her present guardians sent her to become a keyblade master at the Keyblader's Domain(later on). She is currently a resident at the Town of Crossing.
Personality: Miyami is a very shy looking girl who usually never speaks, unless she is friends with a person, then she shows her true self. She is calm, caring, kind, a goofy kind of humor(when you get to know her), respectful and very sweet. She is very determined to get to her goals, but she stays reserved about it. She usually surprises someone when she shows them her true side.

Bio: She lost her parents at a very young age and her older sister has avoided her, believing she would be a bad influence. She had been alone for a long time, until a young couple adopted her but she was still having to care for herself. This has probably caused her unique shyness towards others. She has developed her sixth sense of telekinesis and telepathy over time while her guardians were gone. Her past created a sense of independence that aids her through her life instead of being needy towards others. She hopes that she will reunite with her sister one day, but she is unsure whether it will be a positive or negative experience.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: About 125 pounds
Eyes: Teal (Aqua + Green)
Theme: - Midnight : RHCP

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