Kingdom HeartsZukki

Archer and merchant girl from the Town of Crossings.

a character in “Kingdom Hearts X: The Shadowed Light”, as played by LiquidMetal

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Name: Zukki
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Power: Light
Thousand Arrows - Just as it says, she launches a thousand arrows from her bow at lightning speed. However, it does not cause much damage...
Lightning Bolt - As the arrow is pulled back and shot, lighting shoots down and wraps around the flying arrow as it plunges toward the enemy at high speeds.
Runner Card - A single arrow is fired, growing in size as it heads towards the enemy. This attack is slower then the others, but causes more damage when it hits the target.
Voodoo Doll - Five arrows are fired one by one, each heading for a hand or foot, the final for the head.
Weapon: Silver Bow and Arrows
Appearance: Image
Home: Town of Crossings
Personality: Always smiling around customers and people, Zukki is quite the optimist. However, she can be also very stubborn when in battles if she is being bossed around on the field. Or she'll just be plain hard skulled if one tries to beat information into her, refusing their choice and giving them the next thing she think off. But, put her in a life or death situation, and her optimism and hard-headed-ness turns into determination to win. The merchant girl is quite the fan of anything to do with weapons or technology, making side trips or sneaking away just to sneak a new product from one of her favorites.
Bio: Born and raised in the Town of Crossing, her father first brought her into the business of bow making when she was young, teaching her to carve arrows, then magic to make them with other weapons and powers. But, after seeing and meeting so many new people from different worlds, she begin to grow curious, asking them all about their homes and what adventure they were on. Thus began her dream to want to go away on some big adventure to foreign lands, but it's quite hard to do that as a merchant girl... Perhaps someone might let her go with them... Hm...

So begins...

Zukki's Story