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Sitting off in a roof top, Sikes sits on the edge, his feet hanging off the side of the building as he leans back abit, looking up at the sky.".....well....I can't stay here for long...guess I better start getting ready to try and leave this world..." Talking to himself in a low tone of voice, he get's up, standing on the edge. A gentle breeze suddenly coming in as it blows at his silver hair. He felt partialy guilty for what happened in his home world. The only way he felt he could make thigns right was to seal that doorway ocne and for all, holding the very "key" to closing it within his heart. The memorize of the horror he saw there swarmed into his head. His fellow trainees and masters being slaughtered by the dark creatures that swarmed out of the partially opened doorway. "I can't let that happen to anymore people" He spoke once agian as he then moved closer to the edge of the roof top, jumping off and landing at the not to far off ground below near an alley way.

Walking off, he steps into the market area of the Town of Crossing, seeing the people walk around to the stores. Looking at the stores around him, he wonders for abit, "Got to get some supplies before I go. So wehre shoud I look for them?" Asking himself that in his head.