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Zukki bustled about her family's little shop, smiling and greeting the most recent customer as she nodded to their order. A set of daggers, 12 piece wooden and steel. Pretty fair order, not to big, not to small. So, the girl went towards the back once more, unraveling a crimson cloth on the counter top. One by one, she gently laid the blades onto the cloth from their drawer. How pretty they were... How they gleamed in the light and how the wood shined... I wonder if these will be used in a fight... She would ponder excitedly, making a fake jab with the thing like it was a play toy.

But, Zukki had to put it down, hearing the customer call to her. So, as quickly as she could, the girl laid the final blade down, rolled up the cloth and tied a black ribbon around it to hold the roll in place. "Here you are! Good luck on your adventure!" She grinned, the customer leaving a pouch of coins as he wondered off, waving over his shoulder in a silent thank you. If only she could sneak off with him on the adventure...