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A teenage girl quietly sifted through the crowded Town of Crossing, avoiding people holding large items, or people in general. Her black hair lightly blew from the breeze with each step. Her body language consisted of a calm and somewhat serene sort of tone. Once she reached a serenity from all the shoppers, she sighed of relief and she took a seat on a bench that wasn't occupied. She fixed her hair so it wouldn't look as messy as it did, and she calmly looked around to watch people.
She pulled out a small wallet that was hidden within a pocket of her dress and counted the money that she had. It was enough to get her some food to survive the day since she lives in a dorm. She peered at the stores surrounding her but none interested her much at the time. She put the money back in her wallet and returned it to her pocket.
"What a day..." She murmured, observing the writing on her palms from school. Her friends tagged her palms and wrote her name in different colors and ways. Miyami, in every color they had at the time. It was starting to smudge and rub off onto her fingers, but she didn't mind that much.