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Sikes glared right back at this irritating girl as he let out a sigh, realizing he had no real choice but to tell her if he was to get his items now. "Fine!...My home world is Keyblader's Domain. I was training there until some of the Masters that have been currupted tampered with my heart and turned it into a "key" to a doorway. That doorway now consumed my world in darkness as I was sent here. Now..I have to get back and use this "key" of mine to seal that door before the darkness spreads more, eventually consuming all the worlds." He decided to leave out the "risks" that he was carrying with him, not beliving that he was be with her long enough to care about it at all.

Now that he told her what she wanted, he leans in closer to her, looking directly into her eyes right back, "Now then...mind letting get my items so I can be on my way?" He asks her, alittle annoyed by this girl now with all she made him tell her when he didn't want to tell anyone of this at all.