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Seeing she wasn't going to take no for an answer, he let out one last sigh. "Fine...but if you get yourself in trouble I wont come along to save you." He drops a bag of payment onto the counter, looking at her alittle bit annoyed as she ended up getting what she wanted. Once hte payment was down, he tunred around and headed for the door. "Get the things ready then. I'll be waiting outside the store." Giving off a tone of annoyance in his words as he went out the door.

Once out, he took a deep breath. Things went completely oppostie of what he wanted. He didn't want to have any connections with people on this trip, mainly cause he knew it would severed when his time would be up. Opening his eyes as he looked forward, he noticed something strange. A young girl walking about eating ice cream. But that wasn't the odd part. The odd part is that he was sure he recognized her from somewhere, maybe from his world. If htat was true, then that might mean she was a keyblader. He had a slight moment of relief that he found a surviver, but stopped himself from speaking to her as he thought abit. It was mainly his fault for the disaster that struck their world, most likely, the other keybladers would have ill will to him, thinking to himself, "No...I shouldn't..."