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In another realm where darkness reigned supreme. A large steel door floated in the pitch black and all of a sudden a radiant purple light shined through and the door began to crack open. The steel door opened slowly as screams were heard from the darkness inside this mysterious door. The door smashed open and stood a man at the opening of the door with a two handed sword strapped to his back. The man had red scarf wrapped around his mouth and nose and had black steel armor with a black cape and long black slacks with brown leather boots. He also wore red chain mail underneath his armor. His long black hair flowed in the onslaught of power from the darkness blasting from the door. The screams inside the door grew louder and more disturbing as the man began walking in the pitch black in midair from the door. The door closed behind him and the screams were silenced. The man looked in the above in the pitchblack and saw a glimmer of light begin to open in the pitch black. The man floated to the light and went to the other side.

Once he reached the other side he ended up in a vast desert in the middle of nowhere. The man had a sinister laugh and claimed "This is Yurael's World Now!" Yurael was a man trapped in darkness for hundreds of years and now he is set free and he plans to unleash his wrath on the world and make Darkness destroy all life. Yurael shall be the executioner.