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Zukki trotted back into the covered shop, digging through shelves and drawers to retrieve a number of knives, potions, needles, and other needs and stuffed them into a bag with a list of "recipes" to make more of them. This was great! Finally, it was her time for adventure! Her! Zukki, the merchant girl was long gone! Hah hah!Shrugging her coat over her shoulders securely, the girl grabbed her hat from the table top and topped it on her head, just off the center point as she ran out of the store, pinning a note for her parents to find with a small blade on the door before it swung closed. Would her parents be angry...? Well, yeah, but at least a note might slow their anger a bit... At least before her father saw so much missing.

"'Kay!" Zukki smiled, leaping the counter and jogging to stand beside the boy, looking over to him. "Where to first- Huh?" The girl's gaze shifted to the girl that he was looking to, a curious brow arching before she looked back to Sikes. "You know her?"

((OOC: SORRY! I went on this retreat thing and left this be 'til I came back, thinking there would be interaction between Sikes and Miyami first. But, *bows down repeatedly* SORRY!))