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Not noticing her next to him until she spoke out to ask if he knew her, he turned to her and simply replied, "No..never seen her before...", before walking off. "Let's go...we have to make a stop before leaving." He says to her, having a different tone of voice then before this time as he goes ahead, expecting her to follow.

Back on Keyblader's Home World

Within a dark room in the now ruined castle, several black robed men stood around the table, talking to each other. "So..has our "guest" spoken yet?" "I'm afraid not...that pathetic Master is abit stuburn then the others. He wont tell us where he sent the boy." "Hehehe, what else were you expecting from a "nobel keyblader of light"." "We could just let his dark half do tha talking for us?" Just then..a tall looking man spoke out. "Now now, let's not go that far, brothers. Even if he doesn't speak, it's only a matter of time till we find him. The energy he holds within him is fairly easy to track after all." The others mutter to themselves, agreeing with that one's reply, when suddenly, someone barged in through the doors. "Master, I bring news! It seems that one of the sealed beings within the doorway managed to break out!" The tall man shows off a smirk in the small bit that can be seen under his hood. "My my..and with only a crack of the doorway open? This is very good indeed." He points at two of the other robed men. "You two, find this darkness weilder and bring him here. He is after all a special guest of ours." The two he pointed at walked forward into the light that came in from the open door to the room. One stood tall and muscular and the other was alittle bit shorter then him and normal looking, both of them wearing black robes. "Very well...." The large one replies as the otehr one chuckles. " Can't wait to see what this guy is made of." The two fo them vanished through dark portals.

Reapearing infront of Yurael, he looked at him, their faces covered by the hoods of their black cloaks as the large one spoke. "So your the one that broke from the slightly opened doorway. We would like you to come with us." The other one folds his arms "Yeah..our leader has you as a very special guest. You should be thankfull to him for opening your "prison" for you too hehe" They stood their waiting for his reply.

Back at Town of Crossing
Walking up to a fountain at a plaza that is much less crowded then the market area, Sikes stops and looks up at the sky before turning back to see if the girl followed him or not.

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