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The regular guy gave off a fake scared reaction, "Now now, no need for violance..yet anyway." Chuckling abit as the large one spoke out. "You can belive what you want, but the truth is, our master wish for your assistance aswell. You might notice this...but your not at your full power now. That's becasue only a crack of the doorway was opened before alittle "bump on the road" kept us from continuing. Now the choice is us and the doorway will be fully opened, returning all of your powers once again to spread across all the worlds...or...stay on your own until the power you managed to keep runs out." The regular guy chuckles, "Besides..not like we have different goals in anyway. Master and our brothers all have the same desire as you do." The large one raises his hand, aiming it next to Yurael as a dark portal suddenly appeared. "The choice is yours...but I recommend you choose the one that leads to all our goals." They once agian stood silently, waiting to see if their "guest" accepts their invitation.