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Sikes looks at her as he answers back. "Well, first we need a way off this planet don't we? Plus, to do that, we need some kind of portal or something." He looked at her, wondering if she understood what he ment at all.

As he stood waiting for her reaction, a scream was suddenly heard not to far off. Turning to see what had happened, only to see a terrible sight. A dark portal had opened by a stand as swarms of dark creatures began to crawl out of it. The creatures moved around, having a sort of wild animal look to them, but walked up straight, having sharp claws and fangs, arching their backs forwad abit as they began to attack the people, savagely devouring them.

" did they find me?", Without a second of hesitation, Sikes called out his Keyblades, aiming them both at the incoming swarm as a small ball of light and dark gathers at both of their tips, releasing a sudden burst of energy, striking down several of the creatures. Looking back at the girl, he quickly spoke out seriously, "Well you said you can fight right? Then prove it now before we set off."

Robed Men

Both of them smirked under their hoods as the tall one spoke. "Very well"

Back in the dark room, the "Master" stood at the other end of the dark portal, ready to greet their "guest". "Welcome, I trust my men gave you a nice welcoming?" He chuckles as he sees their guest.