The Human WorldKali Vandel

A Sie completely loyal to the royal family

a character in “Kingdom of the Secret Soul”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


A grey striped short hair cat with purple eyes.

True Form:
A young girl with pale blue skin and silvery white hair. She is overall petite and childlike. She has many cat like features including claws, grey ccat ears, and the same catlike purple eyes as her Glamour. She generally wears a short lacey white dress that ends just above her knees.


A young Sie that has grown up a servant to the Royal family and has risen through the ranks to be very close to all of the Royal Heirs. She primarily assists Goerd but will side with any of the Heir depending on which one she feels is most likely to win the throne. She is a very elusive person that sees hears and knows everything that is going on at a time. However she is not quick to spilling her guts but is easily bought over. Normally she stays quiet in the backround around Sies but greatly enjoys scaring young Seers.


Her parents were very poor and lived on the streets of Dul, the Royal city, when they found out they had a daughter they sent her to the palace to be a servant. As a young girl she started as the lowest of servants in the royal household but upon discovering her talents of spying and information gathering she slowly rose through the ranks. Soon she was a personal assistant of the King and when he died she was left to join one of the Heirs. She chose Goerd seeing that he was much more worthy of the throne than his siblings. She serves Goerd obediently and knows how to stay out of the way when he doesn’t need her.
She has been visiting the Human world more recently as a cat and enjoys watching the humans. Whenever she happens to see a Seer she jumps on the chance to make them look insane or at least get a good scare out of them. But she respects intelligence and when a Seer is able to show their worthy she will share information with them.

So begins...

Kali Vandel's Story