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Knights of Sacris


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Knights of Sacris


In the world of Sacris, the human race is dying. The creatures of mythology have been around forever, but once the human race began to grow these creatures began to attack more and more often. Humans were at a loss as what to do to keep from going extinct, but the six towns decided to get together and try and find a solution. What they decided on was to make an order of Knights based on the six elements; fire, water earth, air, life, and death in order to bring balance to the world. Each town individually represented one of these elements and each town began to send their children to join this order. Thankfully things seemed to work.

Now it’s been 100 years since this order was created. In the past 100 years the towns grew into cities, some more advanced than others. Each city at a certain time of year has the elders of the human race come and visit. When they come the city presents their 18 year old children to them in order for them to decide on the jobs these children will now take. Some are chosen to work out in the fields, others are chosen as doctors, and then you have those rare few that are chosen to become Knights. Some this is all they dream of becoming, others fear being chosen to be a Knight because of the threat of death being a constancy.

This is where you come in; you have been chosen to become a Knight. Whether you wanted this or not doesn’t matter, your fate has been chosen and there’s no going back. Now all that’s left is to accept this fate and begin your training. Little do you know, however, is that your life is about to get turned upside down. The leader of the Black Knights, the Knights of Death, is plotting to exterminate all of the other Knights and bring chaos back into the world. It shall soon fall upon you to save the human race from extinction once again and destroy the Black Knight.

The Cities

Thanatos, City of Death:
Thanatos is always dark and dreary looking which tends to scare people off a lot. However the only reason this city is like this is because of all of the industrial work that goes on. This is where they make a lot of mechanical things, like robotic arms and everything of that sort. The process of making these things causes a lot of fog which is why the city always seems so dreary.

Lavi, City of Life:
This is the capitol of the humans and the most well off city. This is where the Knights are based out of and once they are chosen to become Knights this is where they move to. The people that live here are generally the wealthiest and can at times be snobby. They all have a good heart, however, and are proud to help save the human race.

Eldur, City of Fire:
This is the city that produces the metals for the mechanics in Thanatos. This city isn’t near as well off as Thanatos and Lavi, but it is by no means the poorest city. The people here live comfortably.

Vanduo, City of Water:
This city is the main source of fish which is a popular food, especially in the capital. It definitely is one of the poorest cities, being right on a main body of water it makes them easy to attack. They have never really had the finances to build up the city and because of this they are continuously getting attacked which causes for the population not to grow very large.

Terra, City of Earth:
There are two major things produced here, the first being crops. All the major produce in all the cities comes from Terra. Another thing that is made here are weapons and because of this fact it makes this city a rather well off city. They tend to get protected a lot more because the weapons are important to keep the rest of the world alive.

Ilma, City of Air:
This city produces electric power for the rest of the cities. It is an average city in terms of wealth, yet the city looks extravagant only because a lot of the population is big artists. When designing the city on the mountain it was inspired a lot by their artistic minds. It is not often attacked due to it being so high up in the mountains.

Character Sheet:

Characters available:

Knight of Life: Farrah D'Veacon-Taken by SarcasticZombie
Knight of Fire: Open
Knight of Water: Olabode Elliot-Taken by That Ginger Guy
Knight of Earth: Open
Knight of Air: Toliko Forasin-Taken by Ditta24

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