Knights of the New Rupublic

Knights of the New Rupublic

The Skywalker line has ended and the remnants of the Sith have decided to make their move. Will you save the Galaxy or plunge it into darkness... The choice is yours.

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The Skywalker line has ended and with it the last thing the Sith truly fear. From the shadows of deep space they have emerged once again to destroy the Jedi and not just control the galaxy, but enslave it. That is were you come in. Be you Jedi, Bounty Hunter, Merc, Soldier or smuggler the fate the galaxy is up to you. Will you become the hero or the villain as billions of lives hang in the balance.

Ok, so you can play as one of the options listed above. If you want to play as a Sith, please make it a secondary character or your interaction with others will be limited, you'll get bored and then eventually just stop posting all together. Someone can play as the dark lord of the sith and another character or just make appearances from time to time. Some understanding of Star Wars is recommended as you might not understand references others make, but hey that's what Google's for, pretending you know something when you really don't. Anyway, as you can assume there will be force powers and such. This is the important part! If your a jedi you have force powers that others don't which is great, but there's a catch to it. While you can defy gravity a bounty hunter/Merc can have a jet pack or a smuggler can have a ship. Several tools are available to Bounty Hunters and smugglers as well; flamethrowers, guns, and several other gadgets are at your disposal while a jedi only has that one weapon. (If you don't know what that one weapon is, stop reading immediately and leave as this is not the roleplay for you). Soldiers can also use contacts and tend to be better equipped defensively speaking, like armor for example

Jedi Classes: Guardian focuses more on lightsaber mastery and less on force mastery. Consular is the exact opposite focusing more on the force and less on combat. Sentinel falls in between and balances out combat and force.

Jedi Ranks: Padawan, Jedi, Knight, Master. Masters are able to order the other ranks and are the most experienced in the Order. Only the Sith Lord and his Apprentice could stand against one. The Sith Lord falls between the Knight class and the Master class in strength

Force Powers: All classes of Jedi can use all light side powers and three neutral powers. Only Masters and the Sith Lord can use both Light and Dark side powers. Knights can use two dark side powers and Jedi can use one from the dark side.
Light side: Heal, Speed, shield, Enlightenment, stealth and valor
Neutral: Push, Pull, Lightsaber throw, mind trick, Battle Meditation, Jump, Telepathy (Small distances).
Dark side: Lightning, Choke, Insanity (Basically illusions), Drain (Take life force), Crush (Implode victims body)
Extra: Sever Force. This involves multiple Jedi Masters and allows someone to be stripped of the force. Only done when believed absolutely necessary.

Rules, actually read these as some effect your character:

1. No god-modding or just saying things. For example, "I am the strongest out of all of us after all." Yeah, you've seen it.
2. If you choose to be a Master don't make your character in his twenties. I realize everyone wants to be powerful and young, but its not happening. The Sith Lord can be young, but not under 25.
3. You can be any race you want. But if you pick something really obscure like Ithorian its your choice and prepare to loss every fight.
4. Romance and cursing is allowed, but take it to the PM's if it goes farther which would really creep me out if it actually did.
5. No more than two characters per person.

Character Sheet: Basically just use RP gate ways template.

Age: Put in description
Rank: In synopsis along with Class if Jedi.
Appearance: Drawn or computer, i.e. anime, pictures are fine. I don't like using real pics.
Equipment: For Jedi its fairly straight forward. Robes and Saber. For other classes it might get a little more complex, but it'll pay off in the roleplay.
History: If you put "will come out in RP" just because your too lazy to write one, you might as well stop where your at. The Sith Lord should involve something dealing with leaving the Order and rebelling against them.
Race: Put in description.
Powers (If jedi): In description

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Star Wars Galaxy

Star Wars Galaxy by Lycos

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Coruscant by RolePlayGateway

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Considered to be Galaxy's capital planet and home to the Jedi Temple/

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